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The $100 Pocket Cinema – ECsee Technology Mini Projector

‘’Here, I am exposing to you something that will make you feel the power that technology has brought to you, the $100 Pocket Cinema. It is nothing other than the best of all mini projectors. In the past, you have seen big and bulky projectors, but this one comes in style. It is too small to fit into your pocket without any hassle.’’

‘’One of the tiny projectors that fit into the palm of your hand, the size of your phone and you can carry it easily in the comfort of your pocket. If you want to use it in the dark environment, it all depends on you.’’

Let us describe it better

You may not easily understand the power and the capacity that comes with this great mini projector. It is until I show you its strengths that make it the best cinema camera that you can believe it. Of course, the world is changing, and there is no need to remain stuck or resistant to change. To make things work better and simpler, technology has given us so great that we need to appreciate. If you have been looking forward to the same or wondering how or where to find, you are lucky on this page.

To make you believe that this is a super mini product, let us focus on the features. What you need to know is the power of this small pocket cinema. Being small in size, and being the fit to your pocket does not mean small in capacity and strength. The features include the following:


Before buying any camera or projector, the resolution is the feature that everyone is concerned to know first even before other things are considered. It plays a crucial role in giving the right and clear view. For this case, the resolution for this powerful cinema is 854 x 480 and is thus the best for its cause. That is to mean it is not just small, but it is much powerful just like the big sized projectors. It also supports the high resolution of up to 1080p.


‘’You have the option of either using the battery of plugging in directly into the wall socket. The battery capacity is 3.7V and 1500 mA. It is, therefore, a powerful battery and you can use it where the electricity is not accessible.’’ When you use the battery, the sound is affected depending on the source of power. For the battery, the sound goes up to 50 percent, and when connected to electricity, the sound goes to the full capacity of 100 percent. This feature change is meant for saving the battery, and thus you can use it for a reasonable length of time.

Size and weight

You have heard that this is a mini powerful pocket cinema and you might be interested in knowing the actual measurements. Of course, the actual weight may surprise you since it is very light and there is no effort required to transport it. Just like your small phone, you do not feel the weight of this excellent projector that comes with great design. The actual size is 130g. That sounds shocking if you have never imagined there are projectors of this weight. On the size, the dimensions are measured 78 x 71 x 24.5 mm. That is in the form of length, width, and height. Can it fit into your pocket? Of course, it will.

Image size

Now that the projector is tiny and you are like, can it affect the image size and quality? You are right to ask that. Of course, there is nothing that will be affected when it comes to the quality. On the image size, the projector has a capacity of displaying standard size image of up to 14 by 150 inches. That is more than enough for a cinema hall.

Projection distance

As we have been mentioning and repeating, the fact that this projector is the size of your phone does not mean that it is limited in its function. Of course, you will enjoy everything that you know about the big projectors. For this one, the projection distance is just amazing, and it goes up to 35.5cm to 430 cm. That can be a short throw, but it works very well in that distance and capacity. The short focus lens makes it suitable for shorter projection distance and broader situations.

Other features

Some of the other features that are also worth to mention include the integration of DLP technology display, LED lamp, 800 lumens brightness, 10W power consumption, and a lamp life of up to 20,000 hours among other features.

What are the advantages?

Are there any benefits of using this mini projector? Why can you buy this projector and not the other? Of course, you would want to know the benefits that you will gain from this pocket cinema over the big ones that are available on the market. In this case, the following are some of the benefits or advantages that you will get. It includes:

  • Ease of operation. The mini cinema comes with UNIC multimedia system that makes it easy to operate by anyone and therefore, getting on the go with this product is not a problem.
  • Suitable for various places. You can use this awesome projector in any of the situations that include quick office, living room theater, for gaming, bedroom cinema, and open air film among other places.
  • Slide design. This design has been integrated with the power switch such that, when you poke slide gently, it starts immediately.
  • Portability. The sleek and compact design is a feature that we do not want to forget. Of course, this is what brings the whole difference and makes it suitable for travel. Being the size of your phone means that you can carry it comfortably in your pocket. Also, the built-in battery makes it suitable for use anywhere unlike the large projectors that only operate in the presence of electricity.

In conclusion, this small size, high-resolution $100 Pocket Cinema is the best projector ever on the market. It is worth its value for money and is the best for travel purposes and different situations as we have mentioned in this article.


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