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Beam – The Best Projector that fits all the light sockets

The beam is a brand name and therefore, it refers to a projector that you can use it in your home. This projector is straightforward and digital, and it fits any of the light sockets that you have in your house. If you are looking for the best projector of this type, then I would recommend this excellent type for you and for sure, you will enjoy its usefulness and efficiency.

What makes this projector special?

The idea of simplicity is what has taken the shape of the 21st century. The idea came as a result of brainstorming as the innovator reveals. The conventional projectors that are there on the market are big and bulky, but for this one, the projector is just straightforward and easy to operate. The bean design suits your interior, and that difference is what comes with this fantastic product.

Buying Guide

Even before deciding on whether to buy this product or not, you should always be knowledgeable and informative about the features that come with it so that you can proceed to make the right choice. The reason why we are availing this particular product for you is so that you can get insights and full information regarding the product such that when you go to the market, you can make the right choice. The following therefore are the features that come with this fantastic projector:

Easy fit

As we have mentioned, the projector has been designed to make things easy and straightforward for you. Here, you do not have to struggle with issues, and therefore, the projector fits any of the light sockets that you have in your house. Therefore, you do not have to install other power settings, but you can utilize the light sockets that have already been installed for you. That means you only need to buy the product and the rest is just to make use of it as you want.

It is responsive


Here, we mean that the projector can respond to your needs and can show you the right things that you should do at the right time. For example, if it is morning time and you need to wake up, the projector will remind you of that. Of course, this feature is not found in the bigger projectors that you see on the market.

App integration

The projector is digital and comes with unique ability to use the modern software and apps. With the app feature incorporated, this smart thing makes it easy for the user to have a full control of the projector using the phone or table. That means things have now been simplified so that the user will not struggle to make things happen. Therefore, this beautiful projector is worth its value and you should embrace it if you want to experience the power that comes with it.

 ‘’Control your beam with Android or Apple app! The beam is so easy to set up and can connect to your Wi-Fi at home. Of course, with this, you can have the opportunity to install every app that you need from the beam. You can watch a movie on the Netflix, YouTube, or HULU, or even check what your friends’ notifications on Facebook.” That report is from one of the users who has had an experience with this fantastic product. Of course, with the beam, you can do anything as you have heard from one of the users. You can download your apps as you need, watch movies, and do anything that you want with it.

LED lights

Apart from serving the projector functions, this remarkable product is also the best for being used to provide light during the night. The projector comes with LED lights fitted to make things work better for you. That means you do not have to disconnect it from the light sockets so that you can put up the bulbs. In this case, the projector serves multiple purposes and is the best that I have ever encountered on the market. If you want to experience its unique power, then you need to make a choice and acquire it. Also, you will realize that the product comes with affordable price thus there is no struggle or strain in trying to obtain it.

Airplay and Mira cast

These two features are unique and essential in the fact that you can easily share your best memories instantly using this unusual feature that comes with the projector. Of course, it is not only photos that you can share with your friends via the feature, but you can also share the videos or anything else that you may want to. This feature makes this product useful, and I have come to admire it due to this excellent functionality.

8GB storage space

As we mentioned, this product is not just a projector that you know as it comes with other incredible and impressive features that you need to know. Before you can buy this product, you need to be aware of everything in and out of it. In this case, we have said that you can download or watch videos and movies online and download apps that you want. For that to be effective, the projector comes with a storage space of 8GB and therefore, you can save your apps, videos, and photos just like you can save them on your phone or tablet memory.

Other features

Of course, there are always other small but effective features that we do not want to leave out since they play critical functions and are very useful. In that connection, some of the other features that we can say for this product is the integration of Wi-Fi feature and the Bluetooth ability. That sets things easy for you to connect the device to your phone thus you can do anything that you want when you are connected. Also, the Wi-Fi integration makes it easy for you to connect and to download apps and other things that you want online.

In conclusion, this projector is one of the greatest achievements in the field. Therefore, for you to experience the power that comes with this excellent product, you need to make a choice as we have always said and you can surely get it at an affordable price.

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