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Best Cocktail Muddler & Mixing Spoon: Making Cocktails Burst with Flavors

Everyone wants the perfect cocktail for their own selves. As a matter of fact, poorly made ones are simply something to be fed up. With the new cocktail muddler and mixing spoon from Arctic Chill, you no longer need to look any further. With its fine quality and excellence in mashing cocktail ingredients–your cocktails are about to be the perfect one that it can be

Specs and Features

The 10” cocktail muddler and mixing spoon is designed to have a grooved head. It can mash herbs, spices and citrus fruits finely, which then allows you to let your drink burst with flavors. It is made of stainless steel with polypropylene head to ensure great quality.
With its make and proper care, it will not leave any disgusting after-taste in your drink even after being used for a long time making it the right tool that you need in every drink making session you have in mind.
Its 10” body makes muddling the ingredients more conveniently. It allows the users to muddle all the ingredients of their cocktails on the shaker more directly without having to deal with hands scraped on the side.
As the product is made to be of easy use, even cleaning it every after use is made easier. The users can wash it through dishwasher to make the task free of hassle and effortless for them. They can also hand wash it as recommended.

The Arctic Chill cocktail muddler and mixing spoon is guaranteed to last a lifetime. It made use of the finest and best materials to ensure that it will stand the test of time. with proper use and care for it, customers have the guarantee that this product will be great little investment for them.


The combo deal is an economic one. Getting two great products in one purchase price is a big thing. An amazing tool will help you deliver a delicious and bursting with flavor drinks. Both the muddler and the spoon is of good quality, sturdy and with a solid weight.
It really does the job. It is capable of crashing anything for your drink and is well engineered. Cleaning it is also easy and can be effortless in the part of the customers if they want to. it also comes with an unbeatable price rate that is worth every penny you spend for it.


Some customers complain about its teeible design. According to them, the design is hollow and collects water when you wash it. The water collected is said to drain into the cocktail drink. Others complain about the black flakes it produces and are mixed with the drink after being used overtime.


Overall, the 10” cocktail muddler and mixing spoon combo deal is great offer from Arctic Chill. It comes with great features and has a lifetime guarantee. Additionally, they are being offered in a reasonable yet very competitive price that is hard to resist.
Also, the easy cleaning feature it has is something that all drink makers love. Despite having problems with the other customers, this is still a great and amazing tool to make your cocktail drinks burst with more flavor to the delight of who they will be served for.

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