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The Best Handheld Gimbal DSLR Camera Stabilizer Under 700$ – Zhiyun Crane

‘’Come on! Why should you remain with the traditional stabilizers or clamps when you have the digital and highly portable one, the Gimbal DSLR Camera Stabilizer, that comes at an affordable price? If you want to experience greater love with your camera, then this is the right stabilizer that you should have. It is a new one on the market, and I have come to adore its features as it beats the old ones by far. It comes with a hard case for protection. If it happens that it get into contact with rainwater, you should not have to worry since you are always safe.  The case comes with many few things inside that include nuts for attaching the camera and other few accessories that we will explore as we move along.’’

‘’ In the package, there are excellent supporting contents for this practical and efficient tool that are useful for embedding and fixing your camera to ensure that it is steady and ready for the function. Some of the contents of the box include the lens support, the crane gimbal, support screw for the lens, mounting screw for the camera, USB cable, 18650 batteries and charger, battery box, user manual, carry bag, and the per gear clean kit.’’

What are the features?

We are now at a point where you ought to know more about the product and who knows? You may fall in love with it. Surely, you will. Wait and see what this valuable product has to offer. Also and without any further ado, let us have a look at some of the features since we cannot finish them in this single review. It includes the following:

Unlimited rotation

When you are doing your video shooting, you need to have something that you can quickly rotate to take or capture even the moving objects. Without this excellent feature, you might find it difficult to make all the rotations with your body. If that is the case, you might end up hating the task for no good reason. However, when you have this great stabilizer, you will always admire to move out with it and have all the shooting without getting tired of it.

The reason behind that is because; this new stabilizer comes with an incredible 360 degrees 3 Axis rotation. The magnetic grade automotive encoders that are attached on each of the motors and the gimbal can sense even the slightest of the movements from 0.02 change in degree intervals. Therefore, shooting is always very accurate and enjoyable. You will also have an opportunity to enjoy the firm positive grip, high flight photography, upright, and low angle shooting.

Handheld Gimbal

When we talk of the gimbal, we are talking about the new feature that comes with a camera control interface abbreviated as CCI. The CCI enables the user to have control over the shutter and focus by the use of control buttons that are embedded on the gimbals handle. It also comes in three operation modes for simple, quick, and tool-less mounting system that saves on effort and time.

Microcontroller Unit

This feature is the first innovation in the industry and serves a great purpose to the camera user. Of course, everyone wants to have the best and accurate results when it comes to the output of the camera. For this case, the stabilizer comes with integrated three 32-bit microcontroller units that run in parallel with a powerful 4k hertz.

In addition to this excellent feature, the microcontroller is embedded with the efficient altitude algorithm control and algorithm servo control. With this feature, the gimbal is then in a good position to produce precise and high-quality output as it controls the camera to ensure 0.01 degree of accuracy, and within a span of 0.25 millisecond.

Wireless control module

We are living in a digital world where everything has turned wireless. Everyone is looking for the simplest way to do things and in the easy way possible. With the use of smartphones, almost every other device can have a relationship that is either direct or indirect. You may want to have a gimbal that can allow you to control with either smartphone or a remote control. Of course, this product comes with the same feature and is up to your disposal to enjoy it. With this, you can connect the wireless feature so that you can use your phone app or remote control to monitor the shooting process. This makes the task effortless and enjoyable.


The gimbal features the best tray that can support the 18650 and 26650 batteries that can last for up to a maximum of 6 and 12 hours respectively. Of course, this is a long span of time, and you have all the opportunity to shoot your videos for that long. With that feature, you can plan your day since you know how long the batteries are going to last and for your information; this is the longest time that is rare among the other types of stabilizers.


Portability is a great feature that everyone has to consider before making a purchase for any product that needs to be carried from one place to another. Of course, you would not want to incur additional costs of transport whenever you travel with your machine. In that situation, the Zhiyun crane comes in a sleek and compact design and folding ability that fits into its small case. Therefore, it is very easy to travel with this excellent product.

The actual weight of the stabilizer itself is 950g. It also has a capacity to support heavy cameras, and for this case, the compatible camera for this stabilizer weighs between 350g and 1800g. Together with the screws and other accessories that are in the box, the weight is still manageable, and you can easily carry it along with you from one place to another.

In conclusion, we can easily say that this stabilizer is the best of all and the technology behind it is what makes it a rare product for videographers. If you are a fan of this, then you have to make a bold choice of acquiring one, and surely, you will enjoy every minute of it.

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