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Best Round Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool Reviews

When the summer comes knocking the door, it is the time some people remember the importance of swimming pools. Constructing a pool is costly; thus, the only option is to visit a public swimming pool or a beach. However, not all people are in a position to access these pools. These days there are available pools which are cheap to buy, install, maintain and dismantle. They are known as above ground swimming pools. They vary in shape and sizes. Some are rectangular, oval, and round. If you are in limited of space, you can make use of these over ground types. They are advantageous compared to in ground ones as children cannot be able to access them, thereby, avoiding the drowning risk. In this to understand better the right one for you let us assess the top 5 best round frame above the ground swimming pools in 2019.

5.Intex Ultra Frame 14 Foot X 42 Inch Above Ground Swimming Pool

With this Intex Ultra frame pool, summer will not be going to give you a headache. It is built from a heavy-duty metal to offer the fun for an extended period. If you are in constraining of space, this pool is the absolute answer to your woes. It only requires an area of 15ft square for the full setting up. The side walls are reinforced using a high tensile steel frame to offer the required support. Safety of the users is a guarantee. The inner cover material is sturdy to last for a long time. It is made of durable PVC material. The lamination material features triple layers. Filling water in the tank is very convenient through 110-120v filter pump. It also comes with a ladder for easy access and the instruction DVD to guide you on the assembling. The pool is large enough, and it can comfortably accommodate four people. It has the water capacity of 3357.0 gallons, and water depth of 37 inches. Other included accessories upon purchase are maintenance kit, pool cover, and surface skimmer.

4.Intex 8ft X 30inches Easy Set Pool Set-Above Ground Swimming Pool

The pool is made to accommodate 2 to 4 people. It is amazing above the ground pool, as it will keep you excited always. The pool is made to fit any situation without requiring assembling. You only need a flat place, and inflate the top ring. It comes with 110-120 volts filter pump. You don’t need to wait for the whole day for you to refresh. Within ten minutes, the pool is ready for use, as it does not require assembling. It features a heavy duty wall material to withstand the high pressure from the inside. The wall is has three layers, and they are corrosion resistant from chemicals like chlorine. For extra strength, the wall is equipped with drain plug for easy inflation and deflation. The pool has the capacity of 639 gallons of water equivalent to 80% it total capacity. Hygiene is highly enhanced through the dual suction outlet that facilitates water circulation. Set-up and repair DVD are available the pool when you purchase.

3.10feet x 30inches Intex Easy Set Pool

If you have a space lying idle in your backyard, and it cannot accommodate the in-ground swimming pool. The 10’×30” is the ideal pool for your family. It will help you to go through summer without paying extra money to private swimming pools. It has a wide area for relaxing with a wall having 10 feet diameter. The wall is sturdy to withstand the pressure and pool based chemicals. It consists of three layers of hard PVC material. When purchasing, it is sold without the filter pump, thus needs to be bought separately. It is easy to set up as you don’t require any tool. You only need 15 minutes, and the pool is ready for use. Water from the swimming pool is conveniently taken away via drain plug avoiding flooding the compound. It features a suction outlet for maintenance of pool water hygiene. It can hold 1,018 gallons of water. On purchase support DVD and set up are provided.

2.Intex 18feet X 48inches Easy Set Pool Set

This swimming pool is broad enough to accommodate six people. It features some of the sophisticated features to ensure maximum satisfaction to the users. Wall to wall diameter is 15 feet enabling a large area. The setup is easy, it only requires 30 minutes and is ready for the water. You just inflate the top ring and then add water, and you can refresh yourself. The pool comes with a ladder for easy access; powerful filter pumps 1500 gallons per hour, ground cloth, and cover to protect the pool from dirt. The safety inside the swimming pool is enhanced through installed ground fault interrupter. The feature is responsible for auto shutting the pump if there is an electrical problem. The walls are durable and chemical tolerant made of sturdy PVC. It has the water capacity of 5455gallons. The pool comes with maintenance DVD and the operating setup. It is suitable for 6years and above.

1.Intex 12feet X 30inches Round Metal Frame Pool Set

With this extra-large above the ground swimming pool, summer heat is taken care. The pool strength is guaranteed by a strong steel frame that is rust proof. Walls are made of sturdy plastic to ensure that it withstand pressure; the wall is triple layered. The Krystal Clear cartilage filter pump provides clean and safe water. It can deliver 530 gallons per hours and comes with one year warranty. While in the pool, electrocution is prevented by circuit interrupter. Water hygiene is achieved through the new dual sanction that allows free circulation of water. Draining water out of the pool is simple though connectivity with a garden hose pipe. The pool is large and can hold 1,718 gallons of water. With only 30 minutes it is ready for use and comes with care DVD and operation set up. The pool is suitable for 6 years and above.

By having the above reviewed round frame above ground swimming pools, it is possible to escape the summer wrath. Even without enough space, they have proved to be important and must have. Do not let the summer heat smothers you. These pools are ideal for your whole family.

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