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Cambridge Soundworks Angle 3 Plus – The Longest Playtime Bluetooth Speaker

Cambridge Soundworks is perhaps what you are looking for if you are in need of the excellent wireless speaker. This speaker has been engineered with the best technology that makes it a great product on the market. As I was searching for the best product of this type on the market, I found this one as the suitable choice, and I have brought it here so that you can also understand what the speaker offers to you. In this case, after reading this excellent review, you will have understood clearly every feature pertaining the functionality of the speaker.

Buying Guide

What should you consider before buying this product? I have always advised buyers to consider every feature that comes with the product, and you are not the exception. If you want to know the inside out of this product, you should rely on the features rather than the price.


When you analyze the market, you will come to note that the products that receive high demand are the one that comes with excellent and functional features. As I did for this product, I found so many but amazing features that I should share with you. I know you are looking for the best Bluetooth speaker and you want the best information regarding the same. Therefore, sit back and have a look at the following features:

HD sound and Richer bass

Yes, we all need quality. That, in other words, come when you are looking for the speaker that come with the same feature. Quality is always a priority consideration for every product. This excellent speaker, therefore, of course, you will prove my choice of words. This product is, therefore, a good speaker in that case. I was saying that this speaker comes with great quality sound. In that case, we can say HD sound. In addition to that, not only will you enjoy the quality sound that comes with this wonderful speaker but you will also enjoy the richer bass that comes with it. If you love background music with base enriched sound, then this is the right speaker for you.

Also on this feature, what enhances the sound is the incorporation of the dual 1.7-inches precision drivers that are crafted with neodymium and hence the quality is excellent. There are so much that we can say about this feature but let us rest our case on the fact that we know about the quality.

Water resistant IPX5

Being waterproof means that you can use it comfortably for outdoor purposes. Whether you are going to use it for the beach, picnic camping, or poolside, it is all up to you since the speaker is suitable for every outdoor activity. What you should know more is that this excellent wireless speaker is splash proof, sand proof, dust proof, and rain proof just to mention. Of course, you can expect good performance even when it is raining. Therefore, if you are looking for a wireless speaker that portray the same feature, then you are fortunate to find this amazing brand.

30-hour battery playtime

Can’t you imagine the fact that you can play music for all day and some more hours with just a single charge? This feature is just fantastic, and it makes me think that I need to go straight and have it for myself too. Of course, most of the speakers do come with powerful batteries, but this is an exception. Does that mean the speaker saves on power? Maybe that is the reason, but the fact is, the battery can last for up to a maximum of 30 hours of continuous playtime.

Easy connection

Of course, you might be worried of how you can connect the speaker with your devices. As we have mentioned that this is a wireless or a Bluetooth speaker, it is simple to operate just like any other device that you have interacted with it. Like when you are connecting your phone Bluetooth with another device or phone, this is just as simple as that, and no technicalities involved. The speaker is compatible with devices such as phones, laptops, tablets, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPods among other Bluetooth devices. Therefore, it is simple to operate with it.

Highly portable

The 13 ounces that come with this product as its item weight makes it ultra-portable. Therefore, this speaker is perfect for outdoor functions and therefore, whenever you want to travel with it, it is always an easy task. In this case, there is no reason why you should worry about the weight since it is always manageable and thus you can take the speaker to any place you may want. Of course, most of the people are looking for the same product with this feature, and therefore, you are not the exception. You also need to have a product or a speaker that will not give you stress whenever you want to transport it.

Sleek and stylish design

The stylish and the elegant design is almost related to the previous feature that we just described. However, we want to make this different in the fact that, yes, being sleek in design enhances portability, but, the reason why I mentioned it here is to make another impression that I observed about the product. For this case, the elegant and stylish design makes this speaker look attractive and beautiful. Of course, and I am sure, you are not only looking for an effective and efficient speaker, but also the one that is presentable and unique in style. If that is the case, get to know this factual feature. For sure, this product portrays attractive features, and you need to have a grasp of it.

In conclusion, all these are the functional features that come with this excellent wireless speaker. The speaker can serve multiple purposes including the outdoor ones as we have mentioned. In addition to that, the price is the product is affordable and therefore, you can take advantage of it. Once you have it, you can stay and enjoy the best HD sound and richer bass that we have talked about at anywhere you want.

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