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Chill Bag – The Best Couple 8 Feet Bean Bag in 2019

Make your stay at home pleasurable and enjoyable by replacing the old couch with the best and perfectly comfortable and a giant bean bag. Couple 8 Feet Bean Bag is the best as compared to your old sofa since you just need to place it in the basement, or even in your bedroom or living room. It is the best thing that you need when you are tired, watching your favorite movie, or even gaming with your laptop.

If you have never felt the comfort that this impressive sack offers, then you need to reconsider your priority issues in life. Of course, no one wants to stay uncomfortable. No one wants to stay pressed with the old couch. That is to say, you need the rejuvenating power that comes with this excellent product.

Buying Guide

Before you can inquire about the price, please hold as we uncover for you the features that you should expect. That does not mean we are scaring you away but rather, we want to make you aware of the thing that you are about to purchase a bean bag. Here, we are going to deal and to highlight everything about the product that you need to know. Let us now face it. The features that you should anticipate for this product include the following:


When we mention this fact, we mean that the sack is suitable for use everywhere in your room that you see fit. As for me, I would prefer it in my living room or bedroom. That means when you are weary and you want to relax, you do not have to strain on the couch. Here, this excellent product is suitable for everywhere, and thus you can decide whether to use it for the bedroom, living room, or even in the basement of your room. The fact that will always remain is that this product is comfortable and you might find yourself in deep slumber when you relax on it.

Machine washable


The other thing that you need to be aware of is the fact that you can easily wash the cover by machine. In this case, there is no point when you will have to struggle to clean the cover since you can unzip it easily and wash it your way. When washing, it is recommendable that you use cold water and air-dry it. Doing that will make your sack look new and thus making it perfect for great and healthy comfort and enjoyment.

Double stitched Bean Bag

This cool bag comes with this amazing features, and this feature makes it last for long. Of course, the double-stitched nature that comes with this fantastic product is what enhances its durability. This feature is what you should always consider when buying a product of this sort since you do not want to spend all your hard-earned money on something that you can use for weeks, and it is gone for good. In this case, you have the right product that will serve you for years.

Fashionable color options

If you do not love red, there is blue. That means you can always find the exact color that you need. In this case, the product comes in different colors for customer choice. For my case, I would prefer the red color. The symbol of love so that my living room will usher my visitors with love. Of course, that is my opinion. I do not know about the color that you want but what I know is that you can always get the perfect color that you want.

Super-soft microsuede

This feature is what impresses me most. As I mentioned earlier, I do not want something that will look like a burden on my back, or that will strain my back. I do not want something that will risk my spine. That means I want the best out of the product of this type. For this product, the super soft micro suede is what inspires me to make a purchase since I am looking for a product that will give me the comfort that I want. With this feature, you will never have to strain your back since this feature takes all the pressure away and what remains is the only comfort.

Durable inner liner

This feature is perhaps what you have been expecting to hear. Of course, we cannot fail you by not mentioning it. The product comes with this feature coupled with a child safety zipper thus making it even more appealing, comfortable, and durable. The double inner liner makes the product to last for long since the memory foam stays protected. Therefore, if you want to experience the blend and comfort that is brought by this great bean bag, then you should make a choice of acquiring it. Of course, you should not be confused by the fact that you hear beans then you think there are beans inside. No. That is not what we mean but just a symbolic name and in it, you get an ultimate comfort that you need.

Unique size

Of course, we have just decided to unravel everything for you so that you will surely know what this product is before proceeding to buy it. Coming to the size, I just found it fit and suitable as it comes with the dimensions of 34 by 96 inches height and width respectively. In addition to that, the diameter is also measured 96 inches, and you can just think what comfort you will get by such a huge sack. On the weight, the product weighs 130lbs and is thus the best option. Once you have read on the specifications like this, I would expect you to go straight to where you can buy it, and of course, it is possible to order it just here.

In conclusion, this excellent product is an ultimate comfort that you need. The chill bag is suitable for your living room or any other place that you can relax best with minimal disturbance. The product has been proven to meet the right standards and is one of the best that you can find on the market. Therefore, what you need to do is to make up your mind if you are looking for ultimate comfort.

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