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How to Charge Your Phone With Fire Using Stower Candle Charger

Have you ever thought that you could charge your phone with fire? Could that be a possible idea? Let us see. Of course, you may believe that it is impossible, or you belong to the few who have tested the power vested on the Stower Candle Charger.

Fire when used in the right way with the right tools can be of great benefit to the user. Maybe you just thought of inserting your phone in the embers. That is a risky business, and you should never try that since you can part with your phone for good.

Here, we are talking about this machine that has rocked the market and is the best talk wherever you go. If you have seen it, you are among the lucky few. Honestly, when we talk facts, most of the people have no idea about this.

How is it possible?

This is the first question that comes to your mind if you have not seen this anywhere around you. Fortunately, you are going to learn from this insightful page that will give you details by details on how fire can be of help to your phone.

‘’We are using a candle that has been built in this slower charger.” An excellent user of the product has revealed the fact the Stower charger is very effective and efficient and can charge your phone.

‘’The candle heats up water at the top of the Stower making the phone to begin to charge. One minute of charge time can provide two minutes of talk time.” That is the reality when it comes to using this excellent charging.

How does it work?

Of course, everything that works comes with its mechanisms of how it does so. For this case, looking at the Stower, a significant advancement in technology, you can use it to perform other functions such as cooking, and at the same time, you can charge your phone with it. That fire is what we are talking about.

If you ever went to a science class, you may easily understand the mechanisms behind the idea. What you do is to light up the candle, then after that, heat some water and as you do so, charging should continue.

When you do not have an alternative source of power, you can easily power your phone without any hassle if you have this candle charger. That is how the modern life has simplified things. This charger can power many devices including smartphones and tablets among other gadgets.

Description of the Stower Candle Charger

I am sure that you want to have a picture of the charger, how and what mechanisms have been employed to come up with an efficient charger like this. Delving on that, the candle is below the water bath, and that is what heats the water and at the same time powering the devices that are being charged.

Even before the water begins to boil, the charging has already started, and that is to show that, this charger is very useful and efficient. When the candle is lit from below, of which the water bath is above, you may not easily notice the fire, but you need to be careful when handling. What indicates that the fire is already on is when the phone begins to charge. That is undoubtedly incredible.

What are the beneficial features?

It is also of value that we look at the features having known what this charging by fire means. The Stower charger that we are looking at comes with amazing features that make this product work well and also to achieve its dual objectives of being a cooker and a charger. The features include the following:

Instant charging

We have seen earlier that when you just place your phone on charger and light the fire, the phone begins to charge immediately even before the water begins to boil. That instant charge is what makes this product a supercharger alternative for electricity or during the blackout. Apart from being a useful instant charger, you will enjoy the full charge capacity with only one canister of fuel. That means, in one cooking, your phone would have gained the required capacity.

Reliable charging

Reliability is always the key for every operation. This is a Stower charger that you have in the power of your hands. Whenever you need it to charge your phone, you have it. Unlike the electricity, of which we are not sure when to expect a blackout, this charger is always reliable and you can use it the way you like anytime.

6-hour fuel canister

The fuel canister is also a critical feature to look at since it is of importance when it comes to power or fuel consumption. For this canister, the candle can burn continuously for up to six hours. All those times, your phone should have gained a reasonable charge to push you, and your soup will have boiled well. That means you have used one stone to kill two birds and that is the power of this excellent candle charger.

Indoor charging

If you want to charge your phone indoors, it does not matter whether you have electricity or not. What you need is this valuable product that is the power source for your cell phone. You can, therefore, charge anything chargeable by this device at the comfort of your house.

Some of the other beneficial features that we can just mention include but not limited to the fact that, this Stower makes energy available and accessible for different use and purposes, is an emergency source of light, and also is an emergency water purifier.


You can fully charge any device that is possible with this candle charger, and there is no limit since one canister can charge your phone to full capacity. This is, therefore, a wonderful idea that comes with Stower candle charger and should be embraced since it is the best alternative plan during electricity blackout.

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