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Mixmax Handheld Baby Walker Review – Best Baby Walk Assistant

Practice the walking skills of your child with a walking helper. If your child is six months to four years old, about 11 to 44 pounds, Mixmax Handheld Baby Walker is the perfect choice available in the market.

Training a kid how to walk can be considered as a quite complicated task. It depends on the kind of technique you are using. The approach you use identifies how long it will take for your child to walk independently. The traditional method – the parents holding the hands of their child – can be boring to you and to the child.

The main goal of walking helpers is to make the training a lot easier both for the trainer and the kid. Not to mention it is more enjoyable and engaging. Protection is also secured. For the best baby walk assistant, parents would surely love the features and benefits of using Mixmax Handheld Baby Walker.

Mixmax Handheld Baby Walker Description

Mixmax Handheld Baby Walker helps baby learn and master walk balancing in a hands-free and natural way. Only fewer falls are expected to experience. The vest can be easily fasten around the baby’s chest, and is padded for total comfort. The straps, on the other hand, are adjustable to the parent’s height. Mixmax Handheld Baby Walker proves to be healthier for the shoulders of babies and gentler on the back of parents.

This walking helper is ideal for children who are between 11 to 44 months. Usually, its usability depends on the standard size of child’s chest. With Mixmax Handheld Baby Walker, the comfort and security of the child can be extremely improved. It contains 3-layered material. The external part boasts cotton that is easy to clean and resistant from scratch.

While on the middle layer, the sponge is placed to pad the baby and delivery of weight. The internal part is made of very soft cotton that is kind on the skin. Adjustable straps are provided to ensure convenient height. Though the product is not intended for machine wash, parents can easily clean the walking helper for quality and long use.

Mixmax Handheld Baby Walker Features

  • Keeps with normal chest sizes of kids 6 months to 4 years old (11 to 44 pounds); vest fits 18-28
  • Made of three layers of cotton: pure cotton fabric, high resilient sponge and breathable cotton. These layers are easy to clean, prevent scratch as well as offer strong air permeability and soft touch to the hands.
  • Totally adjustable design to make children more comfortable
  • Minimizes parent’s back pain from leaning down
  • Helps the baby discover more ways to walk balancing in a more natural manner
  • Back saver for parents; no need to bend over just to assist their baby from walking.
  • Keeps children under the control of parents; offers some sort of freedom and independence for them to walk around
  • The issue that some parents found in Mixmax is that the loops that go over the shoulders can possibly slip down on a smaller child. The entire thing can drop onto the ground.


Overall, Mixmax Handheld Baby Walker can be the parent’s best friend to help their babies practice walking balancing easily and stress free.

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