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Here, we bring you with the best charging dock Nintendo Switch selected for you from the market. The reason for us doing this is to help you get the best charger for you Nintendo Joy – Con switch controller without having to struggle much on the market. If you are a gamer and you love this, then you need to have this best charger.

Buying Guide

Before you can buy this product, of course, we have selected for you among the best products that you can find on the market. However, that is not enough. You need to be conversant with the product specifications and features. This will ensure that it fits your needs and interests. Most of the buyers do only consider the price that comes with the product. At the same time, they forget the fact that price should be the last thing after you have known the product inside out. Though it is a factor to consider also, do not be moved by that to make a choice that may not be the best for you. However, we have picked the best product that has performed well on the market.It as received impressive reviews and recommendations from consumers.


As we already mentioned, it is of great significance for you to identify the product that you are looking for based on the features and not just by looking at the product design. There is so much that you should check when buying the product and that should entail the features among other specifications. For this product, the features include the following:


When we talk of the capacity, we simply the number of Joy-Cons charged at once by one single dock. Of course, this excellent product can charge up to four Joy-Cons at a time. Therefore, there is no need of having to wait for one to get fully charged so that you can charge the other. This feature makes things easier as you can save time by charging all your devices at the same time. In fact, different docks come with different charging capacities, and we found this suitable for charging more than one, of course, four and is also effective and efficient for the purpose.

Simple and convenient

The dock comes with a USB cable and that make things even more simple, comfortable, and convenient. What you only need to do is to connect the cable directly to the console of your device or even another device. Once done, you are now charging your product, and that is the simplicity that we are talking about. Of course, just as you can charge your smartphone, this charger is also easy and straightforward to use, and you do not need to struggle with it.

Weighted base

Another important feature that we should note with this supercharger is that fact that it comes with a weighted base. What is the importance of this? Of course, every physician will tell you the importance of having a base area enlarged or widened. If you want to know that, this is the information that I am giving to enlighten you on the same. The heavy base means to enhance the stability of the charger, and that means, your dock is always stable when you are using it. There is no need of you having to look for a design that does not allow for stable charging when you have the best option for you here.

LED lights

The presence of LED lights is also an additional feature that makes things work even better. Of course, the lights will show you when the device is charging and probably you will know when it is full. That means you can also use it when it is dark or in a dark room. For us to make things clear, as we have said, the LED lights is to guide you to know when you should remove or stop charging your device. In this case, the light indicated red when the charging is continuing and green when the device is full. That means you do not have to worry about overcharging the device since the lights will always guide you.

Easy-slide design

The easy-slide design enables you to connect all your Joy-Cons, of course, four for this case, and you can quickly remove them when they are fully charged. The easy slide feature is to help you charge your device or Joy-Con with ease. That means you just insert or slide your device and slide out when fully charged. This feature is just awesome in the fact that you do not have to struggle with things. Therefore, if you are looking for such a charger like this, this is the best option that we have selected for you from the market based its impressive and functional features.

USB powered

A USB cable powers this dock, and that is the goodness of it. What you only need is the product itself and the cable, and you are ready to go. Of course, the cable comes with the product, and you do not have to worry about where you can get it for your charger. Therefore, if you are for this, then you are for the best product that will never come to disappoint you.

If you can read the reviews that customers are saying regarding this impressive product, then you will know the importance of having it. I am sure that you will come to notice the significance when you have it, and you will also become one of the witnesses of the same.

In summary, as we have mentioned before, this excellent product received a positive rating by consumers. The product is affordable and therefore, you do not have to struggle since it will surely fit your budget. As mentioned, the product is available on the market, and you can order it if you need the best.

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