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Omnicharge – Omni 20 Pro AC/HVDC Power Outlet Portable Power Bank

This top power bank, Omnicharge, is one of the best among the ones that are available on the market. The power bank is suitable for charging laptops, phones, smart devices, and cameras among other devices. Of course, if you are looking for the best product of this sort, this particular one has been brought to you based on the powerful features that it displays and the recommendation by most of its users.

Buying Guide

When you are looking for the best power bank on the market, you should always understand the fact that the market is where you will find everything including the cheap goods. In that connection, our work is to help buyers find the best products that they are looking for quickly. We, therefore, save you time and energy that you could have used effortlessly on the market. That is the reason we are bringing to you this best product for your consideration. Even after mentioning all that, you still need to consider the features that come with the product that we have picked for you. In this case, the features of this stunning power bank include the following:

Compact design


The design that comes with this product makes it convenient for travel. That means you can easily carry it to anywhere you want just in the comfort of your bag. Of course, no bulkiness will you have to expect and therefore, you can use it anywhere. If at all you are planning for a camping trip or picnic, of course, you can take all your devices with you without having to worry about the power issues. Once you have it, all other power problems become a forgotten story.

Fast charging

The fast charging is also a feature that you should anticipate from this excellent product. Of course, you do not have to wait for the whole day to have your device full of power when you have the most efficient and effective product that comes at an affordable price. In that connection, you need to make a choice and acquire it if that is what you have been looking for on the market. That means when you plug in your device, whether it is a smartphone or a laptop, you only need to give some few minutes, and you are ready to use it. You do not have to be patient all the time waiting for your phone to charge fully yet you can do it faster with this excellent device.

Easy recharge

Since you can use this product to charge your devices, the product itself can also be recharged, and therefore, you can charge it your way. I mean the way you want. In this case, you can use either solar or electricity depending on which in more convenient for you. In addition to that, you can also use the car battery to recharge it. The other feature that we should mention here is hat fact that, as we said you could charge your way, we mean it. That means you can use any charger available whether it is a USB cable, laptop adaptor, or even a 12V car outlet. This feature makes things much easier for you.

Constant and accurate

This excellent feature enables you to track or to monitor every information on how this product is interacting with your device. Here, you can control how long it will take to full charge, the remaining capacity to reach a full charge, the battery power, and the temperature of the battery among other things. This device ensures that you stay updated with the whole system and you will be in a position to track everything about the device that you are charging. This product is, therefore, the best for great results.

Patented power protection

This feature is of crucial importance when it comes to caring of your devices. In this case, the product comes with 11 layers of patented protection that caters for the different needs of the user. Some of the protection that you get from this supercharger or power bank include the ones related to temperature, algorithm issues, short circuit, overcharge, and automatic power off among others. Therefore, if you are looking for the product or a power bank that comes with enhanced protection to safeguard your devices from damage, then this is the right choice.


Here, I have used the term to mean the usefulness of the product in serving a variety of devices. For this case, you can use the product or the power bank to charge any device that you need. Whether it is a camera, a phone, a laptop, or even a MacBook, this product can serve all that we have mentioned amongst others. Therefore, you need it to avoid the issue of having to purchase several power banks for different devices. What you also need to know is that this product comes with power and is rated 20,400mAh. That capacity can serve the devices that we have mentioned.

Other features

Everywhere you will find us describing a product; you should know that we cannot handle every feature at once since we cannot exhaust. The ones that we leave out does not mean that it does not exist. However, you need to check the product on the market if you are looking for the extra features. Here, we just have to mention some of the few extra features that we found should be even helpful in making your consideration. Those features include the wireless charging, the integration of the OLED screen, the solar charging ability, and the availability of the AC/HVDC power outlet among others.

In conclusion, if you are going to make a choice of acquiring this product, I should inform you in advance that you are making a valuable decision that you will never come to regret. As you have seen from the features that we have been able to discuss, you will come to understand that this useful product is what you need to free yourself from the wall. I mean, you do not have to rely on the socket. You can even charge your device while on your camping trip.

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