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Panasonic GH5, Lumix 4K: The Incredible Micro Four Thirds Camera

Here, we are bringing you to the table where we have availed the newest of all Lumix 4K, the Panasonic GH5. Therefore, sit back and enjoy the best photo and video moments brought to you by Lumix GH5 as we are going to describe. This product is a new camera that replaces the GH4 type and promises more advanced features that will make you enjoy everything that you do with your camera. If you want to produce high-quality pictures or videos, you have the best camera that has just arrived.

The arrival of this new camera, Panasonic Lumix GH5 has changed the perspectives, the journalists are now looking for this fantastic camera that is one of the greatest strides in technology and has come at the right time. It is the best camera that offers excellent photo and video features for photographers and videographers.

What are the features?

Every product comes with its features or specifications that make it different from the other. For this case, we want to differentiate this excellent camera with the previous models by looking at the features that have been improved. Of course, if you did use the previous model, the GH4, you are in a better place to understand what strides come with this new one. If you are new to cameras, be convinced that the previous models whatsoever have never achieved these features, and if they have, perhaps we are in different brands. The features include:

20.3MP Pixels

Tell me if you have ever seen a previous model that beats this type, and I will show you where you are wrong. The 20.3MP Pixels offers the best camera for excellent performance. When you have this feature, you are in a better position to capture even the details of sharp images that come with the high dynamic range. Of course, this is the greatest power that will surely give you the best results, that is precise details of your images and videos.

Freeze proof, Dust, and Splash Proof

You would want a camera that can last you for years without being damaged by the drastic weather changes. You would also want to have a camera that will allow you to have the best even in extreme conditions without affecting the results. That is why we have brought this new camera on the market, and you will prove this feature once you have an encounter with this excellent camera. Therefore, you can take it to wherever you like. Whether it is hiking, whether it is swimming, or even or outdoor bonfire adventure.

4K 60p/50p Video

We should note that this is a high-resolution camera and comes with the ability to capture even the smallest of details. The camera comes with faster frame rates meaning; there is an excellent motion compensation. With this feature, you can have an option to slow down the footage inside your video without worrying about losing the details. Another important thing that you need to know for this GH5 camera is that there is no limit or duration for recording and you can even exceed 30 minutes for all record settings.

Full-Size HDMI

To make you understand this better, we can use the term live output. If you are a professional videographer, you know the importance of live production. That is the quality of the videos to display accurate results, to monitor images accurately, and at the same time to give a high quality recording of the accompanying sound. The live output is of great importance when determining the quality and is made possible by this advanced Lumix GH5 camera.

Post focus

For the experts, you know what post focus means. If you are new in this section or perhaps you have been using old school cameras, I can as well help you to understand this feature well. As the name suggest, post means after. That means you focus after you have already taken the shot. If you are still in doubt of whether that can happen, wait and see. This camera offers the same feature, and it is possible for you to make the adjustments to the focus area after shooting.

Ultra-fast motion detection

This feature seems to be self-explanatory. The ultra-motion detection if a great feature that helps you to capture fast moving objects. With the advancement in technology and the integration of DFD or Depth from Defocus, it is now possible to calculate the movement of the focal lens. In that connection, you can accurately record, calculate, and monitor even the fast moving objects very clearly.

Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi

Of course, you can easily connect your camera and your smartphone with the help of this feature that is incorporated in this stunning camera. That will enable you to transfer data easily from your camera to the smartphone. The Wi-Fi comes with a frequency of 5GHz and is incredibly fast. Another thing to note when using this feature is that you can also use it with the Android app for this camera for excellent performance.


The camera comes with a large OLED LVF. That is the high-resolution live viewfinder. With that, you can easily see the image details, icons, and the settings, and offers the best view of people who wear glasses. What you will notice with this feature is the difference when it comes to clarity and results. As we have mentioned, this high-quality camera gives quality results.

Professional Versatility

With the four recording options and a plethora of different video formats, this camera offers the greatest selection of usage in places that include TV, web, DVD/Blu-Ray, and in digital cinema production among other professional functions. This feature is, therefore, a quality that broadens the application of this excellent camera.

Admittedly, this camera comes with unique features that fulfill the user needs. When you have this magnificent Lumix 4K, you can do anything that you can imagine. Of course, and as we have mentioned, the output is always of super quality. The clarity goes to every detail and therefore, this product is worth of value for every photographer, videographer, or even journalists.

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