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Premium Reversible Quilted Throw Blankets Chevron Design Review – Best Throw Blanket

Love a soft, comfy, cuddly, thick and lightweight throw blanket? Then, I suggest you need Premium Reversible Quilted Throw Blanket Chevron Design!

Throw blankets are, of course, the favorite home items and decorations of every homeowner. Why not? This elegant design doesn’t only offers warm and comfortable feeling especially in chilly winter seasons, but also accessorizes your home. One item with various purposes! No wonder, it is continuously gaining huge popularity among people of all ages.

But of course, you need to purchase a quality one to ensure quality, long-term use. You should make sure it is manufactured by one of the reputable bedding designers in the country to make the most of your money and other important resources. In other words, you need Premium Reversible Quilted Throw Blanket to add in your home collections.

Premium Reversible Quilted Throw Blankets Description

Made by Exclusivo Mexcla, Premium Reversible Quilted Throw Blankets Chevron Design 50”x60” Machine Washable and Dryable is a double-sized throw blanket that boasts a dimension of 15.2 by 13.5 by 3.8 inches. The color of one side is gray, while the other side is white. In addition, it is made of one hundred percent polyester cover. Also, the item boasts a filling of polyester and cotton in the ratio of 1:1.

The ergonomic construction offers very cuddly, comfortable and lightweight use. Its thickness is ideal for chilly winters and summer seasons. In terms of quality, it offers super relaxation for all types of occasion. You can even share it with your siblings or other members of your family for a more fun throw blanket experience.

The blanket itself is heavy enough to improve comfort, but light enough to save you from the hotness of the season. Also, it comes in a huge size that covers your entire body as you take a rest on the sofa, chair or lounge. What’s more, you can use it on the bed of your child. By checking the material used to form the blanket, you will surely get impressed because it boasts an easy care and no fall. Finally, the blanket is dryable and has no unscrambling after machine wash.

Premium Reversible Quilted Throw Blankets Features

  • Both sides offers a great appearance; and it held up wonderfully
  • The cover is made of 100% polyester; the filling is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. This results in a super soft, comfortable, cuddly, thick and lightweight.
  • Can be used when heading out in the park or to the theater
  • Can cover 2 adults without your feet being poked out. Fits perfectly in chairs, sofas, couches and even in toddler’s beds.
  • Dryable and machine washable for simple care – no color fading, shrinkage and unravelling after washing.
  • Durable and light
  • Offers versatile use
  • Made of warm, soft and lovely materials
  • Dryable and machine washable
  • Best for chilly seasons and summertime
  • The only advantage is that, Premium Reversible Quilted Throw Blankets are comparatively high cost.


The comfort, softness and quality of Premium Reversible Quilted Throw Blankets are perfect for any occasion, but may not ideal for those who are tight in budget.

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