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Sony a9 – The Best Full Frame Interchangeable Lens and High Speed Mirrorless Camera

Meet the highly anticipated camera, Sony A9. It will shake the market once it will be released anytime soon from now. In case you are not aware, the camera is anticipated have its debut in May of 25th 2017. That means you should be on the lookout to witness the power vested on this highly expected and powerful camera. Since when I learned of photography, I have never been in the mood of anticipation or expecting something that has not landed on the market but when I got this information from an expert reviewer, I was filled with great curiosity. They say it will transform everything known about photography into an exciting experience and I am yet to witness too.

If you are going with me, perhaps you should be asking yourself some of the questions about the features. Indeed, I got to understand that this will be one of the world’s best witnessed camera that comes with improved features that will shake the world to the roots. To hit the nail head on, this camera will surely be one of the greatest achievements in the field of photography and more are expected from it.

To expound more and make you understand what this excellent camera aims to achieve in this world, let us focus our energy on the features and surely, you will know that things have changed and technology has continued to feed us with developments that leave us mouth open. The curiosity that I have regarding this product will surely kill the cat as they say. But for now, let us just expose ourselves and soak each other with what is known regarding this excellent camera. The features include the following:

Dust and Moist Resistant

Perhaps this is a common feature for other camera brands, and you are wondering why this is so with the highly anticipated camera. For sure, the design, material, and quality are what differs. The Sony A9 comes in robust magnesium alloy on its body. Its body is designed with the same alloy and is thus lightweight or easy travel.

The sealing, the number of screws that secures the lens being increased is to ensure that the moisture and dust entering are prevented and the lenses durability and rigidity are enhanced. Therefore, this camera, once it is received, will rock the market since it will be one of the very durable cameras where you have the chance to change lenses according to how and what you want to achieve with the camera.

CMOS Sensor

This feature has never been witnessed the way it is expected for this stunning camera. This will be the world’s first full-framed camera with a stacked CMOS sensor. The sensor comes with the integrated memory all aimed at reaching the new heights of image quality. Under this, the high-sensitivity is also, what is incorporated and therefore, there is high expectations regarding the quality of the Sony A9 camera, its effectiveness and efficiency.

Crafted Controls

While looking through the viewfinder of your camera, you can meticulously monitor the operation with the embedded controls that are aimed at achieving the best results. You will find the rear and the front dials that make it easier for swift control, turning and for handling. What you should know regarding the deals is the fact that they are lockable to avoid the interruptions or dial errors during the operation.

‘’What I know from experience is that, with the evolution of cameras, photographers are always on the look for more improved features for enhanced functionality and results. Photographers now want to make their work effortless. The buttons or control dials embedded in this camera with the lockable feature is a plus maximizing the output quality.”

AF-On Button

Perhaps you are wondering or new to these terms. When we mention AF, we mean Auto-Focus. That is to say; you can set your camera to focus on itself by use of a button. Whether you are shooting movies or stills, the autofocus is meant to enhance faster and easier focusing. This feature is, therefore, one of the things that make this camera the best when it comes.

20fps Continuous Shooting

If you want to capture speeding objects that run at high speeds, it is possible with this Sony A9 camera. The difference comes when it comes to the quality of the results. With the high resolution of 24.2MP, the details are always captured even for the speeding objects that you may think is impossible to capture.

Dual Media Slots

The incorporation of the dual media slots is a plus for this upcoming camera. This is meant for the storage of movie and stills. In this case, the movies are stored in one and the stills on the other or both to act as a backup. In case you lose the contents of the other card, you can still access it with the other card. Also, RAW and JPEG images are also stored on the two cards. Therefore, there is no point that you will have to worry about losing your contents.

Full-frame 4K Video

The full-frame image sensor is what the world is anticipating so much on this excellent camera. This high-resolution camera has the capacity of recording videos across the full width. When you are shooting with this camera or format, the full pixel readout of the camera is what is being utilized and without pixel binning. We cannot exhaust on this without mentioning the rarest on this end. That is the capacity of the camera to record full HD videos at a speed of 120fps and up to 100Mbs.

On Hand Review Video

In conclusion, this highly expected Sony A9 camera will rock the world for the quality photographers have been looking for. Of course, the majority have already placed their orders just by the promising features. Be on the lookout to experience the real touch of the best camera ever. That will inevitably become a number one camera endowed with the best functionality features.

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