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Top 10 Ab Rollers in 2019 Reviews

What’s an ab roller?

An ab roller is also known as an exercise wheel. It’s called an ab roller since it’s ideally meant to strengthen your abs. It involves a sturdy rod going through the center of a freely rotating wheel. It’s inexpensive and requires little space for practice and storage.

How useful is an ab roller?

Ab rollers work by strengthening your abdominal muscles as well as those muscles at your lower back. This is an ideal way of preparing your body muscles for other vigorous activities. Regular exercise with this fitness tool also helps in strengthening your shoulder muscles, hamstrings, and chest. Most people also use it to flatten the tummy and to step up their 6-pack game.

Can ab rollers be injurious?

If used correctly, an ab roller is the safest way to flatten your tummy and carve your muscles. Rolling exercises seem simple until you bend your knees for the wheel. Newbies may find it rather difficult. However, simple exercises to strengthen their major muscles make it easier with time. People who suffer from lower back pains should consider visiting their doctor for some advice on whether it’s safe for them.

Over-exercising with this tool, especially for the beginners may lead to stressing of the lower back muscles. Also, unguided exercises may result in muscular and back injuries.

Which are the best ab rollers today?

10. Go Sport-It Ab Roller + Knee Mat + BONUS Workout Guide

  • By: Go Sport-it

This could be the only roller you’ll ever buy, courtesy of its superior and ingenious construction. Go Sport-it roller features 2 wheels that are non-slip for stability and stamina development. It’s made of premium material that makes it durable and long lasting. Moreover, its handles have been rubberized to offer you gorilla grips as you tone your abs and unleash your six packs. This Ab roller also comes with a free knee mat and a bonus workout guide. Its outstanding quality is also backed by a whopping 12-months money back guarantee.

9. Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Sport

  • By: Perfect Fitness

As you seek for an effective Ab roller to define your abdominal muscles and shoulders, pay some attention to Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Sport. Besides it possessing a superior design, past reviewers confirm that its durability and performance can’t be rivaled. Note its ergonomically designed handles with a slight angle at the tip to ensure that you’re stable through the workout session. Its rubberized wheel has treads to prevent it from slipping on any surface. Perfect Fitness features a professionally-wider wheel for stable roll outs even for the beginners.

8. SKLZ Core Wheels Dynamic Strength & Ab Trainer

  • By: SKLZ

It’s time to get your workout session to a whole new level. SKLZ is here to see that you get those chiseled abs and strengthen all your major muscles with every exercise. This package comes with 2 rollers, not 1. The 2 rollers feature a professional-grade and are versatile. With these 2 rollers, you get to use most of your muscles through a variety of exercises. Unlike others, SKLZ has wheels on each side of the handle. This helps in enhancing stability and allowing push-ups variations. Besides, you get a free training guide and a one-year warranty with this purchase.

7. BIO Core Ab Roller

  • By: Epitomie Fitness

You no longer need a gym membership to get those ripped abs. Bio Core Ab roller by Epitome Fitness is a portable abdominal carver that has been built to last while targeting not only your abdominal muscles but your chest and arms too. Bio Core is amongst the few rollers that utilize high-grade rubber for the wheel. This feature helps in rolling in a variety of floors and holding on to your rolling position without slipping or skidding. Further, its handles utilize thick memory foam that’s comfortable on your hands and prevents your palms from hurting while working out. You also get a free workout mat.

6. URBNFit Ab Roller

  • By: URBNFit

Urbnfit ab roller is a heavy duty exercise tool that has been designed for use by everyone. Its metallic shaft traversing through dual wheels is sturdy and supports weights exceeding 450lbs comfortably. It’s made of a thick plastic material. The traction treads on the wheel make it safe for use on any surface and don’t slide. Its padded handles provide a firm, comfortable grip and minimize hand fatigue. It also has the best bang for your bucks.

5. Wacces AB Power Wheel

  • By: Wacces

Your core should praise you for this. Wacces has been thoughtfully designed to make it easy to use even for the beginners. In fact, you’ll require no professional training with it. Pay attention to its ergonomically designed handles. Note the finger slots and the treads which offer you unbeatable grip and assures you maximum safety as you engage in vigorous training. This double wheeled roller also comes in several colors to choose from. It’s made of lightweight material and disassembles in a breeze for portability.

4. Speed Abs Complete Ab Workout System by Iron Gym

  • By: Ontel

Improve your core with super fast results with this professionally designed ab roller. Unlike most traditional exercise wheels, Iron Gym utilizes a wide wheel for more versatility and improved results. It brings into focus not only your core abdominal but also your arms and shoulders. It has some inbuilt carbon steel springs that provide resistance as you roll out. The handles are slightly slanted to activate your arm and upper body muscles. Moreover, the wheel utilizes hard rubber for safety and increased metabolism.

3. Elite Sports Equipment Wheel Roller

  • By: Elite sportz equipment

Elite Sports has a simple, straightforward construction. It has been highly rated since it does what it’s meant to do; giving you a total body workout for a flat tummy, sexy abs, and a v-shaped back. It’s an excellent choice for beginners and the pros alike. It’s dual-wheeled to boost your momentum and for stability. The padded handles are ideal for even the small-size arms. Besides coming at an unbelievable price, its size and weight are also convenient when you need to carry it with you.

2. Valeo Ab Wheel

  • By: Valeo

For close to 3 decades now, Valeo has been specializing in offering some of the most reputable workout tools there is today. Needless to say, their ab wheel is commanding a massive 5-stars rating and has been highly recommended by gym enthusiasts and trainers. Thiers is a noteworthy ab roller featuring 2 sturdy wheels with treads for a non-skid workout experience. The wheel doesn’t wobble and is extremely easy to assemble. The ergonomically designed handles have finger slots for maximum comfort and prevent slippage. Even more, this roller comes with a detailed instructional fitness guide.

1. Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

  • By: Perfect Fitness

It’s time to do it like a pro. Perfect Fitness has one wheel that’ll roll out the excess fat around your tummy while strengthening your core. This is a unique model different from most rollers today. It features a carbon steel coil which creates some resistance as you roll out and aids rolling back. The ultra-wide rubber wheel is an excellent addition and helps in rolling forward, backward, right, and left. This helps in engaging all the muscles in the session. This purchase also comes with a foam kneepad to prevent hurting your knees.

Having an ab roller at home is a noble idea especially when you don’t have time for the gym. The best thing about wheel exercise is that it incorporates most of your body muscles at a go. The rollers are also inexpensive, durable, and bring noticeable results quite fast.

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