Top 10 Amazing Places To Visit In Canada

Canada, which is the second largest country in the world, has a lot to offer to both explorers and her visitors. Canada is a home to culturally rich and vibrant cities, along with the breathtaking natural wonders. The western part of Canada where Victoria, Vancouver and Montreal cities are found is dominated by the Rocky Mountains. In central Canada, the most visited areas and sites are Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Niagara Falls. In the eastern part of the country, there is the Gros Mornes National Park, where the cities of St Johns and Halifax, are found. If you don’t want to be like everyone else, and you decide to go to the North, you will be fascinated by the remote beauty and also have a chance to see the polar bears. Whitehouse and Yellow knife cities are also on this side to host you. The following is a collection of top 10 amazing places to visit in Canada in your next trip

1. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls attracts millions of visitors each year, making it the most famous tourist attraction in Canada. So when going to Canada, this is a must watch feature or else you will leave with Canada’s half picture. These falls are located along the American border, just an hour drive from Toronto. There is a perfect spot to watch the falls falling from a height of 57mtrs. If you are with your family, a walk down the Clifton Hill and a visit to the falls and gorge will be a lifetime experience.

2. The Rocky Mountains and Banff National Park

Located in the heart of Rocky Mountains, Banff Mountains provide you with a rare view of Canada’s natural endowments. In this park, you will experience glacier and snow capped peaks. Lake Louse is a must visit feature when here. It is in these green waters that you will see a reflection of the mountains surrounding the lake. Take a walk on the shores and feel the breeze. That’s not all, there is Banff town, where you can shop, eat and drink. If you are here during winter, there are the two most famous ski destinations, Sunshine Village and Lake Louise Ski Resort. Where you can visit

3. Toronto’s CN Tower

This iconic landmark is located in Ontario, along Lake Ontario. Toronto’s CN standing at 553mtrs is not just the tallest in Canada but is also appears among the tallest world structures. It is here where you will find a 360 degrees revolving hotel, where you can taste Canada’s finest dishes while looking over the lake and the entire city. The Toronto Tower is visible from all city sides. It is not a must you go up the building, but you can opt to view the tower when at a distance. At night remember to watch the tower lit in different colors.

4. Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

This is Canada’s biggest indoor aquarium that opened just a few years back. If you want to see sharks with you bare eyes, you have that chance here. There is the Danger lagoon here where you will enter through a glass tunnel and see sharks swim overhead. For those who want to see something unique and colorful, there is a display of corals and fish, like the delicate jellyfish; all these in the Rainbow Reef. If you are a fish enthusiast in this aquarium, you will see all the fish that populate the Canada’s oceans, rivers, and lakes. If you are a student, you will learn more than you can imagine, in an interactive and a fun manner.

5. Sea to Sky Gondola

Another spot that you cannot afford skip during your Canada’s is Squamish area, located midway between Whistler and Vancouver. This is a gorgeous destination, where you will find beautiful sceneries and a lot of outdoor activities. While often people pass here when travelling over the Sea-to-sky Highway that has now changed with the entry of Sea-Sky Gondola in business. So you will enjoy the scenery more intimately and also have a chance to follow the hiking trails. This is also the perfect gateway for those who would like to mountain bike or go rock climbing, in summer, while during winter it also serves a gateway to those willing to ski touring or snow snowshoeing.

6. Whistler


It will only take you two hours from Vancouver to get the village of whistlers and this famous resort. Luckily, Whistler has developed into both a favorite summer and winter sports destination. So whether it is summer or winter you can get here for mountain biking, golf or to enjoy the life in this lively town. The village got into the world limelight in 2010, after it was chosen to host winter Olympic games. There are world-class hotels and dining areas, and the mountains view is breathtaking.

7. Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Are you passionate about human right movements? If so, there is recently a newly opened museum at Winnipeg that continues to attract national and international focus. The concept behind this museum is unique, and it was seen when deciding what will be featured here. You will get useful insights, personals stories and other wide range of themes relating to human rights. The museum building is in itself an attraction. It has an impressive design that brings out the Canada general landscape.

8. Calgary Stampede

If you want to feel and taste the Calgary Stampede, you need to visit western Canada in July. This is an event that takes place for 10 days, whose popularity has immensely grown. During this time, many summertime travellers and locals plan their holiday here. The situation is usually like in western towns, where people don cowboy boots and jeans. While at the Stampeded Grounds, there are thrill rides foods and games. To spice it up, you will find popular country music performing here.

9. Gros Morne National Park

If you want to discover Canada’s hidden treasures and natural landscapes, then arrange to visit this national park. However, be prepared as the park is more remote than many of the other parks. Here you will find, waterfalls, cliff walls, and amazing rock formations. You can take a boat to have a better glimpse of the scenery. You can also hike, or kayaking, and if it’s winter; it is a perfect spot for ski touring.

10. Bay of Fundy

This beautiful scenery is located between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, in eastern Canada, famous for amazing tides. This area has the highest variation between the low and high tides in the world. Other popular locations along the Bay of Fundy are rock formations and cliffs, at Fundy National Park, Grand Manan Island, and Hopewell Cape.

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