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Top 10 Best 4k Monitors In 2019 Reviews

Planning to get a new 4K monitor for your computer this year? The 4K monitors have seen their prices decline rapidly in the past few years making them easily affordable. They have become an ideal choice for people looking to change their old computers monitors. A 4K monitor can be a great addition to your computer this year. We have compiled a list of the top ten best rated and reviewed 4K monitors in 2019 to help customers choose the right one with ease.

10. Dell Ultra Sharp UP32 5Inch Screen LED-lit Monitor

The Dell UltraSharp starts our top ten lists with its four times resolution in full HD offering viewers excellent clarity. The monitor comes with an ultra-high pixel density that ensures users get to see even the finest of details. It has PremierColor that provide users with excellent color quality and 99% and 100% Adobe RGB and sRGB coverage respectively. The screen is large enough to allow for multitasking.

9. Samsung UD970 Series U32D970Q 31.5 Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor

The Samsung UD970 series is another great 4K monitor for those looking for an excellent addition to their computer. It has one of the best color details with exceptional clarity on every shade of the gray. Other features include the white balance correction and a dual color mode. It is very slim and very light making it easy to move around. It undergoes a meticulous pre-calibration process with an ergonomic style making it unique monitor in 2019.

8. Dell Computer P2815Q ultra HD 28-Inch Screen LED Lit Monitor

The expansive 28-Inch screen monitor offers a full screen large enough to hold all applications. It is an excellent choice for people who love multitasking whenever doing various activities. The picture quality is an exceptional one with a dynamic contrast and brightness ratio. Users can achieve sharper details when watching fine details with a resolution four times those of a full HD.

7. Dell Ultra HD 4K monitor P2715Q 27 Inch screen

Compared to other Dell models in the top ten, the Dell Ultra P2715Q 27 offers users several viewing options. The panel head can easily be mounted on the Dell arm or wall and adjusted with ease to suit any sitting position. The monitor can also be adjusted to suit the desired height of the viewers. It has 99 percent sRGB cover coverage to ensure users get very bright and accurate colors.

6. Acer B286HK6 ymjdpprz 28-Inch UHD Screen 4K monitor

The Acer B286HK6 ymjdpprz model offers users excellent image quality with finer details being seen clearly. This is achieved due to its 4K2K resolution that is four times the 1080p resolution. It works very rapidly with a 2-microsecond response to ensure users take very minimal time when setting their computer up. The 28-inch screen monitor offers excellent clarity when viewing photos and videos. This coupled with a five speed USB ports, users can rest be assured they have a good display.

5. Asus PQ321Q 31.5 Inch Screen Monitor

The Asus 4K monitor comes with a large screen size of 31.5 inches which is sufficient to perform various duties at a go. The screen can be split up, and different running applications operated. It also comes with an advanced IGZO technology for excellent resolution helping users achieve high clarity. It is also power efficiency and will not consume excess energy hiking the electricity bills. It comes with inbuilt Display port and an optional dual HDMI.

4. Phillips 28 inch screen Ultra HD Led Monitor

The number four on our list has all the features one would like to see on a 4K monitor. With a clear 4K UHD resolution of up to 3840 by 2160 at 60Hz, users have a monitor to be proud of. A video card PC is needed to enjoy this excellent port display. The Phillips supports up to 1.07 billion colors offering users a unique picture image. It also has a dynamic contrast ratio of 50,000,000:1 and a multi-view that allows users to connect to more than one PC.

3. Acer XB280HK bprz 28 inch Screen HD 4K2K Ultra Monitor

With a faster response of just a second, users can experience fast gaming experiences. Transitions in a fast running action are rendered smoothly to the users without any ghosting or smearing experience. It is highly advanced and comes with an NVIDIA G-SYNC technology that can synchronize the monitor’s rate to the rate of the GPU. This coupled with the Ultra 4K2K HD resolution makes this monitor a great buy for 2019.

2. Asus PB87Q 28-Inch Screen LED-Lit Screen Monitor

One of the best 4K monitor one can buy in 2019 with numerous features. It has an ergonomic stand that allows for tilting. There is also a pivot that enables users to adjust the height of the monitor. It comes with features like the ASUS exclusive SplendidPlus, GamePlus, VividPixel and Quickfit technologies. It has one of the fasted responses of one microsecond. It has an excellent picture quality and clarity and a great choice for people looking for a 4K monitor.

1. Planar UltraRes UR8450-MX—ERO-B-T 84 Inch Screen Led Monitor


This is the best 4K monitor you can buy in 2019. With an incredible 84-inch screen display, users can have pleasant experiences. It comes with resolutions of 3840 by 2160 which offers users excellent displays. It is very light considering its large screen size and very ultra slim when mounted on the wall. There are touch models for 2D and 3D available for users. The LED back-light saving energy feature ensures not much energy is consumed. The power supply failover offers reliability for users making it a significant purchase in 2019.


Customers in the market for an exceptional 4K monitor can rely on the list above to select one that suits their needs. These are the best on the market currently and have been positively reviewed with most users enjoying their experiences. They offer value for money. Go ahead and buy with confidence.

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