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Top 10 Best Ab Wheels 2019 Reviews

If you are like most people, you feel that you could stand a little less chubbiness around the belly area. Most ab workouts include doing things such as sit-ups which can be rough on your body, especially if you are not in the best of shape to start with. The easiest way to tighten and tone muscles according to most gyms and fitness experts is to roll your way to a flatter tummy. There are many ab wheels on the market today because of this. None of them are very expensive and all of them promise results. You too can have a belly that does not hang over the waist of your jeans. Simply read on to discover the top 10 best ab wheels to get you on the road to a six pack.

10. Ab Wheel by South Solutions

Ab Wheel by South Solutions

This is an ab toning wheel that can help you work out your back muscles, hips, chest, arms, legs and of course your tummy. It has contoured grip handles to ensure that you do not have to worry about your hands slipping off and you still get a comfortable, smooth workout for your entire body. The wheel is also designed to not slip out from under you and to give you stability.

9. UrbnFit Ab Roller

UrbnFit Ab Roller

Your entire abdomen will feel the effects of this roller wheel and you will soon see toner muscles. It is very portable so that you can take it with you on vacation or when you are away on business. The design is simple to use and it will work great in every home gym for toning your stomach and working out other areas of your body as well.

8. J/fit Core Ab Wheel

J:fit Core Ab Wheel

This wheel is made with extra wide and more ergonomic handles than most so that you can do inch worm exercises as well as rollouts, lat/diagonal pulls and rolling planks. The wheel is texture to ensure that it will not slip while you are using it and it will require you to assemble it by attaching the handles. The wheel is 7 inches in diameter total.

7. Sunny Health and Fitness Roller Slide

Sunny Health and Fitness Roller Slide

This ab wheel gives you a set of 4 small wheels and one single larger wheel inside a plastic case. The larger case and more wheels will prevent any possible risk of the wheel turning over while you are stretched out and holding onto the handle bars. However, it still gives you all the basics of normal ab wheels including slimmer toner muscles in your back, arms, shoulders, waist and abs.

6. Core Wheels Ab wheel

Core Wheels Ab wheel

Great for any workout level and the sturdy design used in this ab wheel is trusted by even the US Navy SEALs teams, major gyms and Pilates studios. The reason why is that a rolling exercise will engage more muscle groups than any other type of abdominal exercise routine. Within minutes a day you can have stronger abs, core and even arms. Corewheels comes with a DVD which will show you how to properly use these wheels and a poster that shows you the six variations of exercises.

5. Ab Wheel by Champion

Ab Wheel by Champion

A double wheel for stability while in use. The handle bars will not allow you to lose your grip, even if your hands are sweaty. The tread on the wheels will ensure that the wheel does not get away from you when you are performing exercises that make you stretch out in front of you. It is just a simple design meant to tone and tighten your entire upper body.

4. Everlast Duo Exercise Wheel

Everlast Duo Exercise Wheel

This is one of the coolest looking ab wheels available. It has dual wheels for extra stability while you are working out your belly muscles. It will also strengthen and sculpt your arms, back and more when you give this wheel a test run. Ab wheels are great for all fitness levels because you do only what you are comfortable with, depending on your abilities.

3. ProSource Fitness Ab Wheel

ProSource Fitness Ab Wheel

Two wheels give you increased stability while you do workouts that target your back, arms shoulders and abs. It has comfortable and easy grip handles for you to hold onto to ensure that you can work out like the pros. It assembles in seconds and working out can begin immediately. Your work out results will last a lifetime.

2. Red Ab Wheel by Valeo

Red Ab Wheel by Valeo

This has two wheels that are made with no skidding in mind as well as stability. It also has easy to grip handles to hold onto so that it does not slip while you are holding onto it, even if you have sweaty hands. The red color is also appealing to many people who want to strengthen and tone all their muscles with just one piece of equipment.

1. Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

This ab wheel goes well beyond what you would expect from other ab wheels. It uses a kinetic engine carbon steel spring to enhance and step up the effects of your abdominal and arm workouts as well as an extremely large wheel that stabilizes you as well as allows you to curve from left to right and back to the center with ease. The grips are made of rubber non slip handles that are ergonomically designed with stability in mind. There is also foam knee pads included so that you do not have to worry about it hurting your knees.

Every exercise routine requires commitment from you. The top 10 best ab wheels available will not do their job if you do not do yours. Commit to working out and you will fair even better in reaching your goal.


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