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Top 10 Best Acoustic Guitars in 2019 Reviews

An acoustic guitar is a great tool for the musician and music lovers. Sometimes people own it to play during the relaxation time in their homes. These guitars, as opposed to electric ones, operate mechanically through amplification of string sound by the sound box. This implies that the type of wood used is very important in determining the quality of sound generated upon plucking or strumming the strings. It is every person’s dream to own an instrument that is producing a high-quality sound and with extended durability. So as to make your dream true the following list explores the top 10 best acoustic guitars in 2019.

10.Fender Squier Acoustic Guitar- Gig Bag, Clip-On Tuner, Extra Strings, Strap, Picks and Instruction DVD

The music just got sweeter with Fender Squier Acoustic guitar. If you music enthusiast, this equipment is a great asset to acquire. It comes with full range goodies to ensure you enjoy your guitar playing sessions. It has a dreadnought body thereby providing sweet loud tone. With it you can play all types of music styles. The spruce is laminated together with sides. On purchase, it comes with other accessories such as instructions DVD, gig bag and clip on turner.

9.Yamaha FG700S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar-Natural

The guitar is designed to be used by beginners or experienced people. It will surely give you a great moment as you enjoy your music. It features six strings that enable great tone variation. The fingerboard features rosewood that offers a great handling, die-cast turners and solid Sitka top spruce. The body is black and white accented, while featuring hand sprayed thin film of paint that looks shiny upon subject to light. Buying this guitar, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

8.41″ Inch Full Size Black Handcrafted Steel String Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar-DirectlyCheap-PRO-1 SERIES

This heavy duty guitar is designed to offer a high-quality sound. It is crafted to, be used by right handed people. Featuring in is a ping styled chrome and resin nuts. The fret board features calputa with dot inlays. The device is crafted to offer profession qualities. With a long history of providing excellent specification, it is a great tool for beginners. Top is linden, an ABS pickguard and a rear end button. Also, it comes with a calputa bridge and resin peg.

7.Hohner HAG250P 1/2 Sized Classical Guitar-For Juniors

In the music field, even the younger eligible to participate. That is why Hohner decided to create a half-sized acoustic guitar for juniors. The carefully made equipment features an Agathis at the back and insides. The wood used in construction ensures a high-quality sound. The general body is strong and comes fitted with nylon strings for easy playing by starters. It has six strings and features mahogany wood fingerboard material. The guitar is suitable for juniors 5 and 9 years.

6.Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar

The Jasmine S34C NEX is a stylish looking guitar crafted with a Venetian shape. It has a great sound production and orchestra orientation. With it is very easy to play your favorite music style. The guitar comes with amazing features such as jasmine top bracing, sapele backside and the sides and rosewood fretboard and the bridge. Neck is slim allowing a comfortable grip while playing, additionally, neck is 25.5 inches long. The satin finish gives the instrument a natural look. On the other hand, it has artificial bone saddle and nut.

5.Epiphone DR-100 (Dreadnought)-Ebony

The Epiphone DR-100 is one of most selling guitar from the company. Its popularity can be attributed to its sleek dreadnought shape, good sound and its softness to the starters. It is ideal gadget to play rocks and country music. The guitar comes with a select spruce to enhance the durability. Being made from mahogany wood it can stay for a long time as it withstands stresses. Neck is strong and features 14 frets arranged on 25inches rosewood fingerboard. With die-cast premium turners it is available in various finishes like ebony, natural and vintage.

4.Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar-Natural

This jasmine S-35 is an ideal guitar for beginners and experienced people. It features a dreadnought body and great sound coupled with ease of playing. The device has a select spruce enhanced with X bracing for comfort while playing and agathis sides and back. The neck is 25.5 inches long made of nato and satin finish. Fretboad is made of rosewood, equipped with 20 frets with 12 inches finger radius. Saddle is synthetic bone, black plastic pins and chrome covered head.

3.38″ BLUE Acoustic Guitar Starter Beginner Package-(BU-AG38)

This guitar is very ideal for the beginners. Affordability is guaranteed as it is low priced. The package ensures that no hard time for the starters. It features a linden back side while the nick is made catalpa. Fretboard features a rosewood material and it consists of 6 steel strings. The included accessories are extra strings, pick, gig bag and pickguard.

2.38″ Black Acoustic Guitar Starter Package-Guitar, Gig and Bag

The guitar is one of the popular in the market. It offers a perfect platform for the beginners to enjoy their time and built up experience. It comes with a beautiful shiny black color. The instrument is strong as it features a wooden body. Beside strength, the wood provides a glossy finish. On purchase it comes with a combo package which includes extra strings for an extended fun time, carrying case and turner. Top construction material is spruce while at the back is sapele. The fingerboard features rosewood and comes with 6 strings.

1.38″ Acoustic Guitar Starter Package-Crescent MG38-CF

The 38 inches guitar is available with a complete set of packages. It is designed to be supportive to the beginning people. Construction involves a linden binding and geared tuning. When you buy it, it comes with extra strings to allow more playing time. Sound production is of high quality. Its versatility is ideal as it can be used to perform jazz, country music and blues. The set includes extra steel strings, bag and strap.

Acoustic guitar are great tool meant for entertainment. Without necessarily being a musician, you can spend your time training and playing your favorite tones. One of the above guitars is enough to make your house lively.

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