Top 10 Best Air Cleaners in 2019 Reviews

Every day, the air we breathe is full of contaminants, to eliminate these pollutants an air cleaning machines are necessary. They are designed to be effective in eliminating very tiny particles some measuring a few microns. These air cleaners prove useful devices as the help in removal of dust, microbes, smoke particles and other larger particles through a combination of filtering principles. In the market, there are over a thousand brands available to the consumers. This scenario leaves customers in a state of confusion not knowing which one is better than the other. In this review, we are going to offer information regarding top air cleaning devices in the year 2019.

10. Airfree Onix 3000

This gadget looks small in shape meaning it is highly portable. Despite its small size, it is very mighty. Airfree Onix 3000 comes with air free thermodynamic sterilizing system enabling it to very efficient. It is capable of eliminating up to 99.99% microorganism, dust, and allergen; this has been confirmed through extensive research done worldwide by leading laboratories and other research institutions. The gadget is easy to maintain, quiet, does not emit ultraviolet rays and ozone, and it is energy efficient. The effective range is 650 square feet.

9. Winix WAC9500 Ultimate Pet True HEPA Air Cleaner with PlasmaWave Technology

The machine is one the highest rated from Winix. It enjoys one of the finest technologies are known as PlasmaWave. Besides that, it boasts 5-stages of air cleaning system. These series of filters ensures that this device achieves 99.99%cleaning efficiency of suspended air particle and microorganisms. For the pet lovers, the problem of pet odors and fur are taken care. Other notable features include three smart sensors to monitor the quality of filtered air. These sensors operate automatically. Winix WAC9500 also possesses easy to maintain washable pre-filter and four fans. Despite having all these features it is considered energy efficient and bears Energy Star certification mark. It is designed to be used in a large room.

8. Sharp KC-860U Plasmacluster air purifier

Standing at number 8, Sharp KC-860U Plasmacluster air purifier is another advanced device. Besides its core purpose of cleaning the air, it can humidify. To clean the air it employs powerful fans in collaboration with a 3-stage filtration system. Through the combination of these filtering systems, pollutants like dust, bacteria and allergen are effectively eliminated making the room to have a clean air smell. The device is quiet regardless of the presence of fans. To maintain high-quality air output, it is equipped with smart sensors. It has certifications from Energy Star, AHAM and CARD. This device has a cleaning range of 347 square feet.

7. Blueair 203 HepaSilent Air-Purification System

For peoples with limited space, this device is designed to sort them out. Despite its compact appearance, it has a marvelous performance. To eliminate any mess in the air, it uses HEPAsilent technology. This technology incorporates electrostatic and mechanical filtration. Efficiency is superb as it can remove anything as small as 0.1 microns. Within an hour, it can filter air five times ensuring 99.97 cleaning efficiency. To increase its efficiency, filters are supposed to be changed regularly. This is provided by the presence of a magnetic timer, which acts as a reminder. Blueair 203 is certified by AHAM and CADR. Machine Has a cleaning range of 240square feet.

6. Honeywell 50250-S 99.97% True HEPA Air Purifier, Round

This air cleaner is mostly dedicated to eliminating bad odors. It is fitted with activated carbon filters, which have the capacity to sieve up to 0.3 microns. Filtration is further enhanced by the presence of HEPA filters made of Glass-fiber. It can be able to clean air up to 99.97 by eliminating harmful materials suspended in the air. To avoid compromising air quality electronic filters indicators to notify you when to change filters. It has a cleaning range of 390 square feet and is AHAM certified.

5. Rabbit Air MinusA2 SPA-780A [Odor Remover]

Rabbit SPA-780A is a sleek designed air cleaner. Besides the aesthetic look, it is a highly designed to deliver clean and healthy air. Boasting six-stage filtration system coupled with BioGs, it will knock out all allergens and other microparticles present in the air. While in operation, the noise is minimized while its filters can live for an extended period without replacement. The device has a range of 815 square feet and comes with 5-year warranty.

4. Whirlpool Whispure Air Purifier, HEPA Air Cleaner, AP51030K

Whirlpool AP51030K is a uniquely designed device. It comprises an outer-grilled wall to filter large particles. The machine uses three-filter system filtration system with carbon filters to remove bad smells. It can clean air up to 99.97%, thereby ensuring almost every particle and microorganisms are eliminated. It has a range of 500 square feet, cleaning air 3.4 times per hour. Additionally, it houses four fans.

3. Airocide Air Purifier APS-200

This air cleaner utilizes one of the most advanced technologies while cleaning the air. NASA and FDA developed Airocide technology used in this gadget. It works by reaction of highly reactive catalyst thereby of attracting all particles including dust and microorganisms thereby killing them. Since no filters are needed, it is cheaper to maintain than other cleaners are. The most important thing is to change reacting material when necessary. The other benefit of this device is that it does not generate ozone.

2. Alen BreatheSmart HEPA Air Purifier with White Cover

Alen BreatheSmart HEPA Air Purifier is an ideal machine for a large area air cleaning purposes. It possesses HEPA pure filtration system with washable pre-filters. In addition, electrostatically charged materials and ozone ionizer ensure 99% cleaning efficiency. Smart auto sensors are installed to monitor air quality. The presence of Whiwspermax technology provides smooth and silent delivery of clean air while intelligent sensor helps to auto adjust to the surrounding environment. This machine has a cleaning range of 1,100 square feet and it is Energy Star certified. This machine comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

1. IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier

In this device, expect to find hype HEPA technology. Mostly these machines, they are installed in heath facilities. Its ability to sieve chemicals and other harmful particles is unbelievable. It features state of the art technology like programmable control panel, remote control, and timer and filter health indicator. Despite all these features, its operations are quiet. IQAir HealthPro Plus has a cleaning range of 1000 square feet. It comes with 5 years warranty.

As we have seen in the review, a market is full of choices, which are utilizing the latest technology. When opting to buy an air cleaner, it is advisable to for the one that will cater for all your needs. Moreover, consider the cost and type of technology applied to the machine.

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