Top 10 Best Air Conditioning Manifold Gauges in 2019 Reviews

If you are a technician in heating, air-conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration, manifold gauges are necessary requirements. They are useful in determining gas pressure and liquid pressures in the cooling system. Also, these instruments are used in testing the vacuum when one is conducting a pressure test.

There are different types of manifold gauges available today. The most common ones are analog. They require the user to refer to the conversion chart. However, if one has spent more time with analog ones he can tells reading directly without reference. On the other hand, these days we have digital manifold gauges that display direct results, eliminating the need for conversion charts. To properly service and diagnose any air-conditioning you must have these tools. In connection to that, we have reviews of the top best air conditioning manifold gauges in 2019.

10. Robinair 48510 R134a Aluminum Manifold Set with 72inches Hoses

  • Brand: Robinair

You can use this manifolds for again and again every day without compromising the results. They are constructed from aluminum to increase their durability as well as reduce weight. Identification is easy through color coded hand grips. There is reduced wear due to excellent design that improves the flow rate. The gauges are by lenses to improve the readability on the scales. The device is enclosed in a case to prevent dust when not in use. Also, it comes with 72 inches R134a hoses.

9. Yellow Jacket 49968 Charging Manifold

  • Brand: Yellow Jacket

This Yellow Jacket manifold is built to offer extra durability. It features a sturdy body made of aluminum alloy to withstand heavy pressure and reduces overall weight. Instead of three hoses, this one comes with four. Its function is for the diagnosing vacuum pump and refrigerant tank recovery. The larger 3/8 port enables faster evacuation hence saving time. The device is contoured for ease of handling and coded with color for identification purposes.

8. Yellow Jacket 42006 Series 41 Manifold

  • Brand: Yellow Jacket

This tool comes with beautiful gauges with color coded scale. Also, the gauges are easy to read hence reducing the chance of error occurrence. The outer casing is steel made enhanced with polycarbonate crystals. The Yellow Jacket 42006 Series manifold features 1% accuracy for actual reading when diagnosing critical charge system. The body is constructed using forged brass that gives it extended durability. Hoses are sturdy and can work on UL recognized 4000 psi-275bar and 800psi-55bar working pressure. The double sliding O-ring piston minimizes damage.

7. Performance Tool W89730 Air Conditioning Manifold Test Gauge Kit

  • Brand: Performance Tool

When you but the performance tool manifold gauge kit, it comes with high-performance gauges and other accessories. The body is made from brass giving the device an extended lifespan. The hoses are long enough as they are 50 inches. The gauge also features high-quality brass fittings that ensure you conduct all activities without safety compromise. The lower side has pressure capacity of 0-120 PSI, while the upper has 0-500 Psi. The case ensures that the equipment is dust proof when not in use.

6. Yellow Jacket 42001 Manifold

  • Brand: Yellow Jacket

When using this device you can be assured of accuracy and durability. It is designed to be compatible with R22/R404a/R410a. The rugged body made of forged brass increases its durability. The gauges have a steel cover coupled with polycarbonate crystals. Also, gauges have an accuracy of 1% for the precise reading. The full porting of the device enables full flow. In some models, they come with 60 inches color coded with a quarter flare fitting.

5. Fieldpiece SMAN460 Wireless 4-Port Digital Manifold

  • Brand: Fieldpiece

If you want the highest accuracy, Fieldpiece SMAN460 digital manifold is what you need. It is equipped with outstanding features, thus advantageous than other analog devices in the market. When working with it, it calculates all calculations and displays them on the large screen. It has a real-time diagnosis and charging enabled by wireless measurement. The rate of change is capable of being monitored by micron gauge which has an alarm and stopwatch that user can set. After completing all work, the device sends all the readings, pre and post work checklist on the Job link app. It has a large 3/8 full bore and also VAC port. It uses 6 AA batteries which can last for 350 hours.

4. FJC 6761 R134a Aluminum Manifold Gauge Set

  • Brand: FJC

This manifold gauge is great. It combines high performance and accuracy. When you want to service or overhauls you air condition system, the device can’t let you down. The gauge is durable as its body is aluminum made. You can see how the refrigerant is moving as it has a sighting glass. Once you buy it, it comes with 72 inches hoses. These pipes fit correctly with a coupler. This gauge design allows ports access professionally with ease. It has an attractive clamshell.

3. Fieldpiece SMAN360 3-Port Digital Manifold

  • Brand: Fieldpiece

This is another easy to use and very accurate digital manifold gauge from Fieldpiece. It features a hanging hook to enhance safety when working. As you work, there is no manual calculation, the device does all calculations and display them on extra-large screen. This eliminates the need for conversion charts. The gauge has 45 refrigerants that are easy to update via USB port. The inbuilt micron gauge enables the technician to choose preferred micron level, whereby the alarm will ring. You can perform simultaneous superheating and subcooling while obtaining calculations on the micron gauge. This device uses 6 AA batteries.

2. HVAC R12 R22 R502 AirConditioning Diagnostic Manifold Gauge Kit with Quick Coupler High and Low

  • Brand: Biltek

Now you can use this HVAC R12 R22 R502 manifold gauge kit to carry out all diagnostic and servicing. You can use it in air conditioning with high charging rate, testing, and evaluation. The kit features a Freon tester with quick couplers. Whether you want to diagnose or service your home or automotive air conditioner, this manifold gauge kit is perfect. It’s designed for R134A, R12, R22 & R502 refrigerants. The maximum working pressures are 500PSI and Burst pressure 2500PSI. The hoses are long measuring 60 inches.

1. Yellow Jacket 49967 Titan 4-Valve Test and Charging Manifold

  • Brand: Yellow Jacket

Enjoy lightweight and efficiency with Yellow Jacket 49967 Titan. The forged aluminum makes the device light easy to handle. It features four unlike the others with three. The extra hose connects to high/loses s the refrigerant tank and also the recovery unit. Its handles are contoured to improve the positioning. Sighting glass enables the technician to observe refrigerant movement and situation when charging and during recovery. At the top, it has a sturdy hook that holds it in place when working.

When you want to diagnose your air conditioning system be it in your vehicle or home system, the above manifold gauges proves excellent. Don’t let the simple hitches in these systems curtail your refreshment. It only takes a few minutes with the right manifold gauge to troubleshoot correctly and service your air conditioner.

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