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Top 10 Best Air Mattress In 2019 Reviews

When you are planning to buy an air mattress, the first thing you will need to keep in mind is that these products will always range from one to another. There are different manufacturers, who design different air mattresses, with varying features. The type of air mattress that you choose must be capable of fulfilling your comfort and reliability needs. It should be steady enough to last for quite a long time. It should also be able to hold a heavier weight, without leaking. You should also consider the reliability, in terms of inflating and deflating the mattress. The major thing is to have a mattress that is strong enough and above all, it should be as comfortable as it is expected. It is always recommended to choose a mattress that can serve you for the longest time possible. Here is a look at the top 10 best Air Mattress 2019 reviews.

10. Intex Premium Comfort Airbed

Intex Premium Comfort Airbed

This mattress has been made with high-quality polyester fibers, which will not stretch as you are sleeping on it. This will also help to prevent the occurrence of leaks. It comes with an integrated pump, which you can plug into the socket and it will inflate within a short time.

9. Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest

Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest

This is also one of the top air mattresses in 2019 and it is a twin air mattress that is comfortable and quite durable. The air mattress is designed with edges that are slightly raised. This comes handy, especially if you will have a baby on the mattress, which will prevent them from falling off. It is also quite easy to store and comfortable as well.

8. Insta-Bed Queen Air Mattress

Insta-Bed Queen Air Mattress

Another super luxurious air mattress is the Insta Bed Queen raised air mattress, which has been designed with a sure grip to hold it firmly to the ground. There is also a carrying case and a customized pump that is fitted in the mattress. The top is quite warmer than the plastic mattresses and it will serve you for quite some time, with a warranty of 1 year.

7. Coleman Double High Airbed

Coleman Double High Airbed

This air mattress has been designed in a way that makes it easier to store and unpack. It also has an airtight system, which assures you of a long lasting mattress with enough air to support the weights. It can work well for camping and at home as well. The pumping system is not electronic, so the pump comes separately.

6. Intex Classic Downy Queen Air Mattress

Intex Classic Downy Queen Air Mattress

This is a queen size mattress that comes with 2 pillows and there is also a carrying case for faster portability. It is comfortable enough, with a unique color, which makes the room look calm and cool enough. The pillows are also comfortable enough.

5. Intex Premium Comfort Airbed Kit

Intex Premium Comfort Airbed Kit

This mattress has been developed with a high, Dura-Beam technology and it has a sleeping surface that has been covered with soft flocking. This helps to offer more comfort and the sides will help to keep the sheets from slipping off. It has an integrated pump that deflates and inflates the mattress with a button to control it.

4. Intex Pillow Rest Twin Air Matress

Intex Pillow Rest Twin Air Matress

This bed is a great choice that will offer you the comfort and reliability that you need. It comes with a fitted pump and pillow. It inflates faster and also deflates fast enough. It has been made to feel more like a water bed.

3. Serta Raised Air Bed

Serta Raised Air Bed

This mattress comes with 2 pumps, a carrying bag and a flocked top. This assures you of reliability and comfort. You can inflate and deflate it easily and it has been designed with a high-end technology, making it comfortable and sturdy enough.

2. Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress

Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress

This mattress has been made with the Insta Technology, which ensures that it doesn’t leak, even when holding a heavier weight. It comes with 3 levels, the firm, medium and plush, so you will choose as it pleases you. It also has a fabric cover that protects it from scratches.

1. Sound Asleep Dream Series Air Bed

Sound Asleep Dream Series Air Bed

This is the best air mattress in 2019 and it has been designed with 40 separate air coils, which enhances the comfort and the sleeping surface. It can inflate within 5 minutes and deflate in the same time. It can hold as much as 500 pounds and is 19 inches high, off the floor. The pump is electronic and you only be needed to plug it into the socket.


These are the top rated mattresses, which you can buy and be sure of having a piece that is both comfortable and sturdy. They can last for a long time and they are basically designed to hold heavy weights and still stand strong enough. Some come with a warranty that runs for about one year, so you can be sure of finding a mattress that will serve you for quite some time.

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