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Top 10 Best Automatic Fish Feeders in 2019 Reviews

If you are a fish farmer, of course, there is no way you can avoid this excellent machine. You should live in the fact that sometimes you are out for trips, shopping, or holiday and you should take control not to starve your fish. Therefore, you should acquire one of the best automatic fish feeders, and that should not be a much struggle since this guide has all it takes for you to make the right choice. With the top 10 best automatic fish feeders available here, you should never complain of the same since this variety must give you at least one that is suitable for you.

Automatic fish feeders buying advice

When searching for one of the best automatic fish feeders, you cannot just fall for any product, but you need the one that will satisfy your needs. You need the best that will fit your budget. Therefore, you cannot acquire that if you are blank on the features and the other details regarding the product. If you are new to the same, or if you want to know what exactly will be beneficial, then you must consider the following factors in line with the features of each of the products:

  • Capacity of the feeder
  • Ventilation features
  • Programmable settings
  • Ease of use

Capacity of the feeder

The first thing that you need to check when selecting one of the best automatic fish feeders on the list is that of the capacity. What capacity is enough for your needs? Is the same capacity adjustable or not? By answering the two questions, then you can be in the light of choosing the best product that will satisfy the needs of your feeding. Of course, capacity is important since you would not want to have a product that will run short of food while you are still away.

Ventilation features

This factor is something that you should not ignore since it plays an important function and helps in keeping the fish food dry. Therefore, if you should always keep your fish food dry, then you need to look for a product that has the same feature. Another thing or feature that helps in keeping the food dry is the moisture prevent design, and you should also check the same when you are searching for your best automatic fish feeder on the list.

Programmable settings

The other thing that you need to check as a factor before you can go with any of the products here is the programmable settings. Remember, this product is automatic and therefore, you should ask the following questions: how many times do the product dispense food in a day? At what intervals do you want the feeder to dispense food to the fish? If the product satisfies to answer the two questions and you find it fit, then you should not hesitate.

Ease of use

Of course, you do not want to have a feeder that comes with ambiguities, and hence, you should consider how the product is easy to use. This will help you save time and also make it easy for you to avoid the feeding mistakes. It is a fact that you want something that is accurate and therefore, setting up the feeder should never be something to take your time. The other thing that I can mention is that you also need to check whether the product comes with the user guide with instructions on how to use the feeder or not.

10. NICREW Automatic Fish Feeder

 NICREW Automatic Fish Feeder

  • By: NICREW

NICREW is a brand that gets us the best one of the automatic fish feeders. Therefore, if you are looking for one of the best quality product that will be helpful for the same function or work, then this brand gets you all that you want to achieve with this excellent feeder. The features that you should expect to find with this automatic fish feeder should be the integrated ventilation that is made possible by the fan built-in the product. Therefore, you ought to get the same feeder without hesitation if you want value and quality.

The other side of the features and some of the benefits that we can mention about this product are just what puts it at the apex on the list. We need to mention the fact that the integrated ventilation that comes with the same product helps in keeping the food dry and hence is the best fit for fish feeding exercise. The adjustable slider, alternative rotation, and off button are the other beneficial qualities about this automatic feeder.

9. Robest Aquarium Automatic Fish Feeder

Robest Aquarium Automatic Fish Feeder

  • By: Laifoo

Perhaps you want to have the best automatic fish feeder, and you have no idea on how the same can be of value for that purpose. Of course, you should not worry about that since this type of feeder come with every feature that will make your feeding effortless and enjoyable. While you are working, shopping, or out for travel, this product will be of great significance since it is automatic and hence can regulate itself when it comes to feeding.

The best thing about the same feeder is that you should not worry about the costs since the tool itself come with the capacity to conserve energy and hence is the best. The other thing about energy is that the feeder uses 2AA batteries and hence giving you the convenient powering option that you can find easily. The intelligent mode being the main feature makes this product automatic, and you can set it to feed your fish from 1-4 times a day and at exact time intervals. The floating feeding ring come with the product as a bonus.

8. Your Supermart Programmable Automatic Fish Feeder

Your Supermart Programmable Automatic Fish Feeder

  • By: Your Supermart

This brand gifts you with one of its best automatic fish feeders, and that should be one of the choices to make if you want the same. The name gives us one of the features, and that is the programmable nature that comes with the same. Therefore, you can enjoy the same service when out of your home so that you cannot starve your fish. Of course, there come times when you will not be around your home, and that calls for the same machine if you are a fish farmer.

The frequency of the feeding that comes with this spectacular is that you can program it to feed your fish for some times that you want to depend on the allowance available with the product. The other thing is that the feeder recommendation is that you use certain food types and that should cover pellets, flakes, small strip foods, and many others. Adjustable capacity is another benefit that you have with this product, and hence you can adjust the same to fit your pond needs. The feeder is the best for fish or pets.

7. Heneng Automatic Fish Feeder

Heneng Automatic Fish Feeder

  • By: heneng

This fish feeder comes with features and qualities that you need to consider since it can make the best for your fish farm. With the programmable feeding settings, you can set the same feeder to feed your fish one or two times a day. Of course, when you are away on vacation, you should always take precautions not to starve your fish since you can end up losing on your objective. Therefore, it is important that you get this product and stay safe and with the peace of mind knowing that your fish are guaranteed of care while you are not around.

The benefit about this feeder is that you can set it up easily and hence nothing will bar you from getting the best out of it. In addition to what we have just mentioned, of course, this product come in two-way and you can either choose between the manual and automatic. Of course, the latter is what you want because you can manage the first when you are at home. The moisture prevention design is also an added feature that helps in keeping the food dry at all times.

6. Mylivell Automatic Fish Feeder

Mylivell Automatic Fish Feeder

  • By: Mylivell

This brand is the best when you are going for a holiday or just to relive you on daily feeding basis. With the programmable settings, this product comes with the best capacity to feed your fishes up to four times a day and depending on the frequency that you want. Therefore, if you are planning a vacation and you have no one to take care of your farm, then you must get this product so that you do not starve your fish while you are away.

The adjustable dispensing option helps you in planning the amount that the feeder can dispense so that you avoid wasting too much of your feeds or in other words to prevent overfeeding. The large feeder container is another thing that you ought to consider so that you can know how long the food will last and for this case, you can have the best capacity to last for a reasonable length of time. The feeder is easy to set up, and hence nothing should worry you on the setup process.

5. ADA Automatic Fish Feeder

ADA Automatic Fish Feeder

  • By: ADA

This type is one of the best automatic fish feeders that come with the best features, quality, and price. Therefore, with all that we have mentioned, you cannot afford to ignore the same if you want the best quality. The adjustable capacity that comes with the same product makes it suitable for you to have when planning for your travel. That means you can expand the capacity to suit the number of days that you will be away.

Time setting is one of the features of the same product is that you can set the same to dispense food at some particular intervals of time. The versatile design that comes with this excellent feeder make this product not only suitable for the fishes but also for the pets. Therefore, with the multipurpose capacity, you can use the same sometimes for your pets when you need. You also should know the fact that the feeder uses the batteries and for this case, the batteries are included in the package.

4. AQQEF Automatic Fish Feeder

AQQEF Automatic Fish Feeder

  • By: AQQEF

This feeder is one of the best, and you need the same so that you can plan your trip and avoid starving your fish. The product as you can see is the best and comes with other quality features that make it worth the value. With the programmable settings, you can do your adjustments of food dispensing to suit your needs. For this case, the product allows for up to a maximum of five feedings in a day, and hence you can achieve that with the same settings.

The ease of using this product is something that you cannot question. Of course, you will find this fish feeder the best on the market. When it comes to the source of power, you should know the feeder uses batteries and hence making it the best and convenient in areas where you cannot have access to the source of electricity. The LCD is another feature that makes the product easy to work with and to operate. Therefore, if you find it impressive with the features that we have mentioned, you should know that so is still to expect about the same product.

3. SunGrow Automatic Fish Feeder

SunGrow Automatic Fish Feeder

  • By: SunGrow

This brand comes with one of the best automatic fish feeders, and that calls for your attention if you are looking to acquire the best. The product works with different types of foods, and that should never be a worry to prevent you from enjoying the quality and the value that come with the same feeder. The product is adaptable and useful, and hence you will always find it helpful when you are out of your home. This will be beneficial in the fact that you will not leave your fish to starve.

The other benefit that comes with the features is that of the economy and for that matter, I must admit that this product conserves energy and with the AA alkaline batteries, you can use the same for a prolonged period. The other feature that we must highlight is that you will learn that the product comes with easy installation features and hence making it easy to set up. Therefore, if you want the same product, feel free to make it your favorite.

2. eBotrade Automatic Fish Feeder

eBotrade Automatic Fish Feeder

  • By: eBoTrade Dirct

This brand got my attention while doing some research and analysis of the best automatic fish feeders on the market. The reason why the product rocks are that it comes with quality features and the best value. You will find that this product comes with easy to use features and hence you will never encounter any complexity while using the same in your fish pond or farm. Therefore, you should get to acquire the same, and the price is competitive and friendly.

Coming to the other details that you should know before getting to acquire this product, you will find that the product is the best for feeding all fish types, easy to use, come with simple installation features and hence easy to operate. The other thing is that the feeder operated both manually and is also automatic. In that case, depending on the settings that you employ, you can enjoy the best quality and service while you are not around the home. In addition to what we can say regarding this feeder is that you will get it adjustable.

1. Eheim Battery Automatic Fish Feeder

Eheim Battery Automatic Fish Feeder

  • By: Eheim

This automatic fish feeder comes with wonderful quality features that make it a number one product on the list. The demand alone of something to assure you that the feeder is reliable and you would reap great benefits when you acquire the same. The name gives us some hints, and for that matter, the feeder uses the battery and hence making it convenient and the best for areas where electricity is not accessible. Of course, you should get to know that the feeder is the best whether you are away from home.

When it comes to the reliability, the product is something that you should not worry when you are away since with the settings; it does everything for you. Here, you just program the settings, the number of times that you want it to dispense food, and on what amounts. The easy start guide that you will find in the pack makes the product easy to use since it gives you the tips and the instructions on how to go about the same product for the best results. In addition to that, the integrated fan and the ventilation features make the product the best for keeping the food dry.


In conclusion, after you have considered every feature and factor for each product, the one that you have found is the best for your fish farm and you will never get disappointed since each product that is on the list come with value and quality.

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