Top 10 Best Bath Brushes in 2019 Reviews

One of the reasons why we bath is to remove the dead skin layer. However, sometimes we don’t achieve this because we don’t use the right bathing accessories. That brings up the need for a good bath brush. With a bath brush, you will remove the sweat layer, impurities on the skin, and dust, leaving the pores open. Also, when you use a bath brush, your blood circulation increases, minimizing inflammation, and also allows for deep penetration of moisturizers, lotions, and oils. But more important is the fact that you will feel relieved and relaxed. Luckily, these bathing accessories are cheap and readily available. We conducted the independent review on most of what is on the market and came up with the top 10 best bath brushes in 2019 reviews.

Bath Brush Details

Product NameByThumbnail
Swissco Deluxe Bath BrushSwissco
Purelation's Bath Body BrushPurelation
TopNotch Bath Brush with a long handleTopNotch
Pixnor Bath BrushPixnor
Bath Blossom Bath BrushBath Blossom
Aquasentials Exfoliating Bath BrushAquasentials
Simply Natural Brushes, Bath BrushSimply Natural Brushes
Rengora Bath BrushRengora
Ecotools Bath BrushEcoTools
Bürstenhaus Redecker Bath BrushREDECKER

10. Swissco Deluxe Bath Brush

  • By: Swissco

Get a glowing skin, facilitate skin growth and blood circulation by using this bath brush when bathing or showering. You will love the handle angled design, which is designed to help you effortlessly clean your back. The 16.5-inch long brush has bristles made of synthetic and boar mix. This makes it soft on your skin without diminishing the cleaning quality. The bristles are moderately hard; in a way that you won’t be hurt when dry brushing your skin.

9. Purelation’s Bath Body Brush

  • By: Purelation

Made of 100 percent natural boar bristles, Purelation’s Bath Body Brush is one of the best when you want to reduce body acne and make your skin smooth. The natural boar bristles are better compared with nylon fibers or plastic, so expect superior performance and enhanced comfort. The 14-inch handle brush makes it easy for you to clean even those body parts you struggle to clean, improving body blood circulation and reduce cellulite courtesy of dry brushing. When you buy it, you also get a cotton bag where you keep your brush after using it.

8. TopNotch Bath Brush with a long handle

  • By: TopNotch

You can use this brush on different occasions. When bathing or showering. When doing dry body brushing. You can also use it as a back scrubber or as cellulite massager. This long lasting brush is hygienic and easy to clean and maintain. By just rinsing after use, it will serve you for a long time. The 14 inches bath brush has nonslip ridges, and designed in a specific angle, making it efficient when scrubbing your back. It comes with medium bristles and attractive colors, and can be used by both men and women.

7. Pixnor Bath Brush

  • By: Pixnor

Pixnor bath brush is a long handled brush, made of artificial polystyrene fiber. The brush is made with medium stiffened bristles that can’t hurt your body or cause discomfort, as they give you a stimulating bath and efficiently removes the dead skin layer. With this bath brush, you don’t require any other type, as you can use it on your knees, legs, and feet when scrubbing or softening your skin. It has a long handle that also has a cord suspension for fast drying after you are done bathing.

6. Bath Blossom Bath Brush

  • By: Bath Blossom

This bamboo bristles bath brush has enough reasons why you will fall in love with it. The bristles are made of the finest bamboo, which doesn’t develop mildew. It has a 16-inch handle, making it one of the best to clean and scrub even those body parts you have always struggled with. When you want to enhance blood circulation in your body, brush your skin when the brush is dry. This will not only promote blood circulation but also promotes the growth of a healthy and glowing skin. It is easy to clean after you are done, just rinse it and hang it using the cord on the handle.

5. Aquasentials Exfoliating Bath Brush

  • By: Aquasentials

Aquasentials manufactured this bath brush with the user in mind. While you need a brush that will scrub your body efficiently, it must be soft on your skin, and that is what this brush is designed for. Its total overall length is 15.5 inches, so you can use it to clean the body parts that give you a hell of a time. To get the best performance, use this brush with shower gel or soap. The head is round and the handle is angled just as your back is, for additional comfort and convenience.

4. Simply Natural Brushes, Bath Brush

  • By: Simply Natural Brushes

When you want a bath brush that will serve you well both when dry or wet brushing, this one by Simply Natural Brushes won’t disappoint. It has a 16-inch handle, which makes it efficient for cleaning hard to reach body parts. The manufacturer gives you a lifetime warranty, so be guaranteed of unmatched performance, without hurting your skin. It is made of Bamboo so that it don’t swell, crack or encourage the development of mildew.

3. Rengora Bath Brush

  • By: Rengora

Rengora bath brush is perfect for any man or woman, who would like to make their showering and bathing experience better. It will save you the agony of bath brushes that have bristles that fall out and hard hurting bristles. It has smooth bristles that are balanced making them feel soft and at the same time scrub your skin effortlessly. It has an angled design so that it can reach your back well and other areas that you struggle cleaning. It is also has a perfect gift for your loved ones.

2. Ecotools Bath Brush

  • By: EcoTools

This bath brush by Ecotools is made from sustainable and recycled materials. It has soft, synthetic bristles, which gently scrub your skin clean without causing any pain or discomfort. It has an overall length of 18.5inches, long enough to reach your back and other body parts. Apart from using when bathing, it is also a good dry brush, when you want to scrub your skin. It has a bamboo handle, which promotes hygiene, as it doesn’t encourage the development of mildew.

1. Bürstenhaus Redecker Bath Brush


This bestseller with massive positive reviews by Redeckter is fit for anybody looking to effortlessly clean their bodies. It has bristles made of natural Beachwood, which is firm to remove any dirt on your skin, and to ensure that your skin is not hurt. It has a long handle, making it the to go bath brush to clean those body parts that are hard to reach. You will find it useful when bathing or showering, facilitating better skin growth and blood circulation. The bristles are hard when dry, but they soften when wet.

We hope after reading the above reviews, you are able to make a sound decision on the specific brand and model of bath brush you will buy. Identify the features to look for so that it will meet your needs and choose one that impresses you.

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