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Top 10 Best Bath Towel Sets in 2019 Reviews

You can never have enough towels especially if you have a big family or you constantly have visitors coming over to your place. Towels are a must have items in our daily lives. Best bath towels reflect how well or the housekeeping skills of a mother or wife to her family. There definitely factors that govern on the quality of towels. Some of these factors will include, value, will your bath towel remain intact without tearing after several washes? Also, does your bath towel shrink? A good bath towel should shrink less. Faded bath towels do not improve ones’ bathing experience. Having quality towels is beneficial to one’s comfort and retaining a smooth skin. If you are in search of the best quality bath towels for your home and family and you are almost on the verge of giving up and just settling down for any random towel you will find on the shelf next time you go for shopping, well worry no more. Here are the top ten best bath towel sets that will be worth considering when buying a bath towel.

Bath Towel Sets Information

Product NameByItem Weight
Bergamo Luxury Bath Towel from LunasidusLUNASIDUS5.5 pounds
Lavish Home 8 Piece Of Plush Bath TowelLavish Home3.2 pounds
Utopia Towels 8 Piece Towel Set5Utopia Towels4 pounds
Amazon Basic Quick Dry 3 Piece Cotton Towel SetAmazonBasics1.4 pounds
Salbakos Turkish Luxury towel SetSALBAKOS2.5 pounds
Royal Wash Cloth Towel SetRoyal1.7 pounds
Superior Egyptian cotton 6 Piece Towel SetSuperior1 pounds
Divatex home Fashion Deluxe Towel SetDivatex Home Fashions5.5 pounds
Luxury Hotel and Spa Bath TowelChakir Turkish Linens5.5 pounds
Pinzon Bath Towels made of Egypian CottonPinzon by Amazon1 pounds

10. Bergamo Luxury Bath Towel from Lunasidus

  • Brand: LUNASIDUS
  • Item Weight: 5.5 pounds

Made out of pure the rich Turkish cotton the bath towels are meant to provide top quality service to home with their superior ability of being super absorbent and being soft to your body making you wanting to be wrapped in them for quite a while. These towels do not shed or take long hour to dry after washing them.

9. Lavish Home 8 Piece Of Plush Bath Towel

  • Brand: Lavish Home
  • Item Weight: 3.2 pounds

Has got 8 colors to choose from. These pure cotton plush towels will wrap you in so much comfort you may want to remain in them for a while longer. They just bring life to any bathroom they are kept. Change your bathing experience with these soft, stylish absorbent and lavish home plush towels. Each set comes with 8 pieces.

8. Utopia Towels 8 Piece Towel Set5

  • Brand: Utopia Towels
  • Item Weight: 4 pounds

These Utopia bath towels comes 8th the best top 10 bath towels. With 8-piece towel set, it has two bathing and two hand each and four washcloths. They have got a variety of colors that you can choose from. The set is purely 100 percent cotton that will leave you feeling comfortable. Get the most value for your money with a set of the top-rated Utopia Towels set. With these towels, you will pamper yourself and bring that baby softness feeling. You will also love the fact these pieces are soft, so they will be gentle on your body and are durable. They retain their softness even after multiple washing.

7. Amazon Basic Quick Dry 3 Piece Cotton Towel Set

  • Brand: AmazonBasics
  • Item Weight: 1.4 pounds

This is another great set of towels that will be worth your money. The set is readily available in the market for purchase. Having gained popularity over the years, this towel is considered as the most popular bath accessories in the market. These bath towels also stand out as they’re of high quality, which adds to their durability and performance. The towels are purely made from cotton and its smoothness and softness in one factor you might want to consider buying this towel.

6. Salbakos Turkish Luxury towel Set

  • Brand: SALBAKOS
  • Item Weight: 2.5 pounds

This towel is one of the many sets that have got plenty useful benefits for its customers. By the time you are done with all the towels in the set, I am quite sure your bathing experience will have changed for the good. These high-quality towels are made of cotton. When purchasing the set, you will receive 6 pieces that will suit you family needs. There are several color options to choose from which I am sure you will find it challenging to pick one because they all look pretty and amazing. They are totally machine washable.

5. Royal Wash Cloth Towel Set

  • Brand: Royal
  • Item Weight: 1.7 pounds

Are you in search for that perfect wash cloth or bath towel for your day-to-day use? Finding a good set of wash cloths could be hard at times, some these clothes tear out quickly, many are too thin or rough. You might also find others being too thick that will actually take days to dry. This set of wash cloth towels can be used for several purposes. One is they can be used as a wash cloth and second as hospitality cleaning towel. They are lightweight, super absorbent, made of natural cotton and are soft enough not to cause any irritation. They are machine washable and they dry quickly. For the best wash towels for household tasks, have a set of the Royal Wash Cloth Towel Set.

4. Superior Egyptian cotton 6 Piece Towel Set

  • Brand: Superior
  • Item Weight: 1 pounds

This set is one that comes with 6 pieces of one of the top quality bath towels. I have made it now a habit to always ensure to read reviews of any product that I am intending to buy at the first time. Reviews are a rich source of information on a particular product. It is incredibly fascinating what people say about these towels. Their experience with the bath towels have totally changed their bathing experience. This is due to the towels’ luxurious, and soft feeling that leaves its users wanting to remain wrapped up in this towels. They are machine washable and they never shed no matter their color. They are 100 percent cotton. Every day will surely feel like a vacation with these bath towels.

3. Divatex home Fashion Deluxe Towel Set

  • Brand: Divatex Home Fashions
  • Item Weight: 5.5 pounds

This yet another set of high-quality bath towels. The set is worth every dime. The softness is just heavenly. The set comes with 10 pieces with each having the same high quality in it. These towels are 100 percent cotton made. The breakdown of this set is like this, it has 2 bath sheets, 2 hand towels, 2 bath towels and 4 wash cloths. Their color will just make you want this set of top quality bath towels. Have one of these sets today.

2. Luxury Hotel and Spa Bath Towel

  • Brand: Chakir Turkish Linens
  • Item Weight: 5.5 pounds

These bathing towels are made of Turkish cotton, so expect superior performance. They are loved bacause the aremachine washable and dries very fast, so you can always keep them clean. They measure 27×54 inches and are sold as a set of four towels. Additionally, they are impressive because of the softness, durable and luxurious, that, why they are used in the luxury hotels. These elegant bath towels are absorbent so you will dry your body with just one unit.

1. Pinzon Bath Towels made of Egypian Cotton

  • Brand: Pinzon by Amazon
  • Item Weight: 1 pounds

These towels stands out as they’re made of pure Egyptian towel. These deep and heavy bath towels will make you feel the best comfort a bath towel could provide. They are wonderfully soft and they don’t get heavily dyed with strange chemicals that may shed off when you start washing the towel. The smell nice, something which lacks in many other brands. You want to feel like a king, just try these towels and I promise you will love them. When you buy these towels, you are in for soft, luxurious and absorbent towels that will surely meet your bathing need. Wrap yourself in the softest, most luxurious towels in the whole world. They are totally Egyptian cotton and are machine washable towels.

We all know that there are companies producing towel products all over the world. Some of these companies don’t offer the best quality towels. Luckily, there are companies who have kept their promises (the bath towels I discussed above) and produced the best bath towels in the world. Choose quality today and have one of these bath towels today.

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