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Top 10 Best Beach Carts in 2019 Reviews

Hauling beach camping equipment on your back can be a weighty task. What makes it even worse is when you have to slave under the weight of a whole family’s outing paraphernalia over a long distance from the parking lot to the favorable camping site. Fortunately, that’s where beach carts come in. These units differ from other household carts since they are meant to trot easily over soft sand. What do you need to know before buying a beach cart? First and foremost, consider the beach gear you’ll be hauling. Consequently, go for a cart that’s roomy enough for your equipment. Secondly, you’ll have to consider the wheels. Believe me; you’ll wish that you carried your items on your back rather than dealing with wheels that keep on seeking refuge deep in the sand. Lastly, go for a cart that can be easily folded for storage. Or rather, it should easily fit in your vehicle.

Which Beach carts should you look out for in the market?

10. Heavy Duty Wheeleez Beach Cart

  • By: Wheeleez
  • Item Weight: 29 lbs
  • Product Dimensions: 38 x 26 x 16inches

Our first top pick comes all the way from Benicia, California. Before digging deeper into what makes Heavy duty Wheeleez worthy of your attention, let me inform you that this is amongst the priciest carts you’ll find here. If you’re not willing to spend close to 400 bucks on a beach cart, this isn’t your thing. Luckily, we have carts from both ends. You’ll still find cheaper ones. So what does this cart has? Let’s see.

The first feature we like about Heavy Duty is its 16.5’’D by 7.9’’W wheels. These will doubtlessly maneuver across the beach sand without sinking. Secondly, this cart has enough capacity to carry up to 220lbs of beach accessories. You can use it to bring a cooler, towels, and fishing equipment, etc. However, do know that its large size will relatively grab much space in your truck or SUV. Do we recommend this? A big Yes! Though huge and space-taking, Heavy Duty is reliable and durable and will make your time fun and easier.

9. Tommy Bahama 2016 Beach Cart

  • By: Tommy Bahama
  • Item Weight: 17.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 5.2 x 19.3 x 32 inches

The next in this list is this Tommy Bahama that came in the market sometime last year. Coming at slightly above 50 bucks, this is doubtlessly an affordable way of lugging your beach gear. This cart differs from Heavy Duty Wheeleez in that it folds flat for storage. This, therefore, makes it easy for you to fit in your truck with much ease. Tommy Bahama is spacious enough to carry 100lbs of beach stuff. You’ll be able to load up to 4 beach chairs and other beach accessories. Its stroller-like design, with its dual steer front wheels, makes your time in deep sand easy and hassle-free.

Is it worth your bucks? Yes and no. This cart has enormous space which allows you to carry almost everything you require. Secondly, it folds easily for compact storage. However, its wheels offer a love-hate relationship. They feel flimsy and fall apart under heavy weight.

8. Folding Beach Cart Wheeleez

  • By: Wheeleez
  • Item Weight: NA
  • Product Dimensions: 29 x 15 x 12 inches

This is yet another amazing cart by Wheeleez. The best thing about this unit is that it also doubles as a utility cart at home. With it, you can use to carry lightweight items around. Again, this is a strapped open unit. This means that you can load a cooler of any size and other beach amusements and drag them along effortlessly. Its only downside is that you’ll have to replace the straps. The original ones are quite a joke.

7. Rio Beach Wonder Beach Cart and Table

  • By: Rio
  • Item Weight: 10 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 36 x 15 x 18 inches

Rio Beach Wonder is more affordable than most of the carts we’ve reviewed before. However, I wouldn’t recommend it if you’ll be trotting too much stuff to the beach. This means that it’ll serve you better if you’re carrying stuff for utmost 2 people only. Going by what its previous users had to say about it, Rio Beach Wonder Cart offers enormous space. However, it’s cheaply made and tips over regularly. Secondly, its wheels aren’t wide enough. They’ll give you some hard time if you’ll be pulling it in deep sand. Otherwise, it’s good for the money but requires some energy and patience to deal with.

6. Rio WWWC5-4670 Wonder Wheeler Plus

  • By: Rio Brands
  • Item Weight: 12.9 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 29 x 17.2 x 4 inches

This Wonder Wheeler Plus has pretty much features that you would be looking for in a beach cart. It costs slightly under 80 dollars and has 75-pounds holding capacity. That’s a bit small space for that price, right? However, Rio WWWC5-4670 compensates that by being able to take you not only to the beach but also to the laundry, to the stores, the hardware, etc. Secondly, its steer-wheels make lugging a cooler, a few chairs, and other beach stuff easy. Were it not for the small space, this would have been a great cart. However, you can still have it if you have fewer items. You’ll surely love it.

5. Rio Brands Deluxe Wheeler

  • By: Rio Brands
  • Item Weight: 18 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 20 x 8 x 32 inches

For those who like hauling tons and tons of paraphernalia for beach camping, I’d highly recommend this cart. Its 100lbs capacity is enough to carry a good amount of miscellaneous necessities which would otherwise have been hard to bring along. Notably, Rio Brand Deluxe is self-organized. It has several compartments for various items. This makes it incredibly easy to locate each item. Is it worth your bucks? Yes, especially because of its huge space and durability. However, the wheels fall apart and may require your craftsmanship.

4. Mac Sports Folding All-Terrain Beach Wagon Cart

  • By: Mac Sports
  • Item Weight: 24.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 36.2 x 21.4 x 24.6 inches

This is amongst the best of the best beach carts we have on the market today. In fact, it’s my favorite since it’s extremely spacious (150lbs) and has a sturdy construction. What makes it even better is its easily foldable design making it easy to transport and to store. Its huge and wide wheels are all-terrain. You can also use this cart around your home and for other outdoor activities besides beach camping. On the other side, this wagon is heavy though not as much as what it’ll carry for you.

3. BeachMall Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart

  • By: BeachMall
  • Item Weight: 16 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 17.5 x 31 inches

You’ll be surprised by the tons of beach accessories that this cart by BeachMall is capable of hauling. You’ll also love its compact design when folded. And amazingly, you’re spending just a little over 70 bucks for it. On the downside, the front wheels wobble and plow into the sand a lot. Fortunately, its rear wheels are wide and push the front wheels through the sand easily. This cart holds up to 4 beach chairs, a cooler, and other beach equipment. Do I recommend it? Yes.

2. Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler Wide Beach Cart

  • By: Rio
  • Item Weight: NA
  • Product Dimensions: 32 x 20 x 5.5 inches

The deluxe design featured in this cart will leave other campers. Hey, I need that too,’’ look. It has a 100lbs load capacity and rolls easily on almost any type of terrain including soft sand. These 2 make the hallmark of an ideal beach cart. This cart boasts a rear pouch where you can store small items. Its sets up in utmost 10 minutes. It also folds easily after camping. This means that it won’t take much of the available space both in the car and at home.

1. Mac Sports Collapsible Wagon

  • By: Mac Sports
  • Item Weight: 22.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 35.5 x 20.2 x 22.5 inches

This Mac Sports Wagon tops our list of the best beach carts in this year’s reviews. Are you ready to know how it made it through? Let’s go. Firstly, this wagon has been constructed with a heavy-duty Denier Fabric for durability. Probably, with great care, you won’t be purchasing another one soon. What about weight load capacity? This cart has a superior frame capable of holding up to 150lbs. That’s doubtlessly more than enough for your beach gear. The only downside is that these frames are riveted not welded and may let you down easily. However, they make folding and setting up this wagon easy.

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