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Top 10 Best Blenders 2019 Reviews

Blenders represent a modern convenience that should not miss from any kitchen. These days, a lot of recipes actually have ingredients that need to be prepared with a blender as it can save time. Most of them are powerful enough, efficient and easy to clean but like with any other product, some are easier to clean than others. Here is the top 10 best blenders reviews in 2019.

10. Hamilton Beach 51101B Personal Blender

Hamilton Beach 51101B Personal Blender

The Hamilton Beach 51101B might not be the most powerful blender on the market but it surely is affordable and compact.

The Hamilton Beach 51101B is ideal for the ones that have a limited budget and not that much space in the kitchen for another appliance. It is compact and quite stylish. The unit uses a 175 Watt motor which might not seem that much but it is enough for such a compact blender. Also, the ones that do not like it in black will be happy to know that there are 4 different colors available.

9. Waring Pro PBB25

Waring Pro PBB25

Waring Pro PBB25 is an excellent blender for the ones that can afford it. It is a bit more expensive but it very reliable.

The Waring Pro PBB25 is not only a great looking appliance but also an highly durable and powerful blender. It has a 390 Watt motor which can even crush ice with great ease. Even at low speeds it will chop trough everything. From the outside, the blender looks like a premium product with its aluminum elements and attention to detail.

8. Cuisinart CBT1000

Cuisinart CBT1000

When it comes to raw power the Cuisinart CBT1000 takes the crown being one of the few blenders that offer 1.3 HP of chopping power.

Cuisinart is no stranger when it comes to building reliable products. The Cuisinart CBT1000 is not only good looking in terms of design but powerful as well. It offers 1.3 HP of blending power, a sturdy aluminum build and an extra durable jar. The unit even comes with programmable functions to make it even easier to use.

7. Waring Pro WPB80BC

Waring Pro WPB80BC

The Warring Pro WPB80BC is one of the manufacturer’s more affordable models that still manages to provide decent quality and power.

The Waring Pro WPB80BC is a decently looking and powerful blender. It comes with a 500 Watt motor, adjustable speeds and a rather large jug which makes it a good pick for a large family. All the parts are easy to remove, it is easy to clean and generates very little noise.

6. Oster BCBG08-C

Oster BCBG08-C

Looking at the more compact blenders that still offer decent power, the Oster BCBG08-C seems like the better choice for multiple reasons.

The Oster BCBG08-C offers a balanced combination of power and compact design. It is a rather small blender but still offers 450 Watts of cutting power. The exterior design is quite attractive with its chromed body and glass thermal jar. With its stainless steel blades, even ice gets crushed in just a few seconds.

5. KitchenAid KSB560

KitchenAid KSB560

KitchenAid is one of the more popular brand due to the quality of their products. The KitchenAid KSB560 does not disappoint.

The KitchenAid KSB560 was built to last. Its construction makes it resistant to scratches, shocks and even breaks. It is powerful, has 5 adjustable speeds and has an attractive design. The ones that want even more diversity will be pleased to know that it comes in 16 different colors to chose from.

4. Vitamix 1363

Vitamix 1363

For some, the Vitamix 1363 can be a bit too big but it compensates its large size with power, functionality and durability.

Vitamix built a blender that could withstand even the most intense usage. It is a bit bigger than the average and can take a bit of space in the kitchen but it provides 2 HP of pure power. The jug is also quite big and can hold up to 64 ounces of liquid. The full package comes with an instructions DVD, a recipe book and a standard manual.

3. Vitamix 1710

Vitamix 1710

The ones that are looking for a professional blender might want to have a look at the Vitamix 1710. Its features and quality are more than premium.

The Vitamix 1710 is quite similar to the 1363 in terms of exterior design. In fact, the look almost the same but there are a few key differences that set them apart. It comes with a slightly more powerful motor and includes all the accessories required to start using it straight away.

2. Blendtec Home HP3A

Blendtec Home HP3A

The Blendtec Home HP3A is a blender made for the ones that want performance wrapped in a premium package which explains its rather higher price.

The Blendtec Home HP3A is not for everyone. It was built to handle almost anything that is thrown into it. It has a powerful 1560 Watts motor and no less than 25 programmable cycles. The outside of the blender is made of industrial grade materials that make it both durable and light.

1. Blendtec Home HP3A WildSide / FourSide Jars – White

Blendtec Home HP3A1111

Some might say that the Blendtec Home HP3A is actually an industrial grade blender. Its durability and features make it one of the best appliances that money can buy.

Blendtec products are known to be premium in both quality and pricing. The HP3A is their top of the line and one of their best built blenders. It is extremely powerful, compact and with plenty of features. It comes with a LCD display and easy to use controls. All the materials used to build the blender are of industrial grade making it extremely durable.

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