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Top 10 Best Braided Lines in 2019 Reviews

Monofilament lines or what most people know as “mono” have been the most used for so long. Most fishers have come to learn about the braided lines just a few decades ago. However, it’ll take you by surprise to know that braided lines were used long before the monofilament came.

Why do you need to switch to braided lines?

Several features always keep braided lines ahead of the mono. Firstly, the former is stronger than the later. Secondly, braided lines are more versatile and can be used in fishing points laden with rocks and tree logs without breaking easily. Also, these lines offer further casting, accuracy, and stability. On the downside, braided lines are pricier and are more visible in the water.

What to look for when buying braided lines

Here are a few points that’ll guide you as you buy your next braided line

Length- this depends on your fishing grounds. For deep sea fishing, for instance, you should consider having lengthy lines.

Construction material and braids- most lines are made of fiber. The most commonly used are Spectra and UHMwPB. You should also consider the number of braids in the line. They range from 2-8 braids.

10. Sougayilang 500m/547Yards Braided Fishing Line

  • By: Sougayilang

Our first fishing line comes from Sougayilang Fishing Shop. This line is available in different colors including green, black, yellow, and gray. There’s also a multi-colored version. These different colors fit well in low light fishing situations. The line consists of 4 ultra strong strands that give it more strength for big fish hunting. Notably, Sougayilang features a small diameter and has a smooth finish. This makes it resistible to abrasions even when subjected to rocky grounds. I would recommend this line first, because of its superior construction and second, because of its friendly price.


  • It’s ideal for different fishing grounds
  • It’s 4-stranded and, therefore, strong enough
  • It resists abrasions


  • Concerns about improper packaging

9. Spiderwire Ultracast Invisi-Braid Line

  • By: Spiderwire

Next in line is this Spiderwire Invisi-Braid. Spiderwire is amongst the big names that most fishermen reckon with. This particular line is made of a translucent color that’s practically hard for the fish to see. This is all that a fisherman requires. In addition, this line is made using high-end nylons, high-quality fibers, and fluoropolymers. For this reason, you’ll be able to reel your heavy catch into the boat with much confidence.

In the same note, the material used offers impressive knot strength. Consequently, it provides easier handling. However, be aware that this line has a larger diameter than previous lines from this brand. On the upside, this also adds to its durability and functionality.


  • It’s practically invisible to the fish
  • It’s ultra-smooth for easier handling
  • It doesn’t tangle or kink


  • It’s a bit pricey

8. Bravefishermen PE Braided Dark Green Fishing Line

  • By: Bravefishermen

Bravefishermen is another great fishing line coming at a very affordable price. It’s a sturdily constructed line that you can depend on when fishing in populated fishing grounds offering different types of fish including bass, bullseye snakehead, and muskellunge.

One thing that you’ll certainly love is its color. It never fades away even with much use. Its strength is backed up by its’ near-zero stretch resistance. In addition, Bravefishermen has a smaller diameter compared to Spiderwire. Consequently, you benefit from accurate casting.


  • It’s super strong
  • It has a thin diameter
  • The color is abrasion-resistant


  • It’s packaged in a small spool which may lead to wastage

7. Power Pro 150Yd Marine Blue

  • By: 

For those who have used this Power Pro 150Yd before, you know that it’s a standout amongst most of its competitors. Regrettably, the manufacturer seems to have missed the mark in their latest bunch. The strands have poor twists. For this reason, the line forms nest easily which could take some lengthy time to free.

If you’re lucky enough not to fall for this bunch, you’ll benefit from a line that casts easily and also reels easily without much noise. This is made possible by its smooth surface design. In addition, Power Pro 150Yd is available in different colors; blue, yellow, and green. This makes it easy to identify easily which line is on the reel.


  • It’s made of strong fiber with little to no stretch
  • It’s incredibly smooth and extremely quiet


  • It has poor twists and tangles easily

6. Suffix 832 Advanced Braided line

  • By: Rapala

Our next entry in this list is Suffix 832. This line offers much strength and sensitivity in its HMPE fibers. Notably, this is one of my favorite braids. I always come back to this after a few frustrations from other brands. One thing I like about it is that Suffix offers it in different diameters for different preferences. It features a patent pending construction design bringing together 8 high-quality fibers and superior weaving.

As a result, you benefit from increased flawless casting distances and minimized vibrations. Unfortunately, some of the lines hold less than the manufacturer recommends and may break easily.


  • It’s stronger and durable
  • It has small diameter


  • It experiences frequent break-offs at times

5. KastKing Mega 8-Strand Braid Line

  • By: KastKing

If you’re not new to fishing, then, you’ve probably come across this brand as you hunt for your fishing lines. In case you didn’t know, this is amongst the best qualities on the market. It has been able to outcast and to outlast other big names including Spiderwire and Suffix.

KastKing Braid Lines are known as being pricey. Luckily, this new entry, Mega 8, is currently selling at half the usual price. It uses 8 strands derived from UHMWPE fiber which is currently the world’s strongest. The line has low ductility and reduced friction. This results in greater casting capabilities and improved precision.


  • It’s from a renowned company
  • It offers better precision
  • It’s stronger


  • It’s pricier

4. MagicShield Super Dyneema Braided Fishing Line

  • By: MagicShield

For those working on a tight budget but still want a reliable line that won’t let them down, MagicShield is worth your attention. Notably, this fishing line found a place in this list not only because of its affordability but great quality too. This line doesn’t tangle or twist easily which are the 2 main features a fisherman looks for in a line. This results to accurate casting.

MagicShield is 500 meters long. It’s made of Dyneema Spectra Fiber and has been coated with durable black color. Notably, this color won’t fade away easily even after numerous casts.


  • It’s inexpensive
  • It’s made of strong Spectra fiber


  • Concerns about poor shipping

3. Shoreline Marine Braided Line

  • By: Shoreline Marine

Shoreline makes a statement regarding affordability and functionality. Unlike most of the lines that we’ve reviewed so far, Shoreline uses just 2 braids. However, do know that the 2 have been professionally woven and won’t kink or rotate easily even under heavy load. This line has received an overwhelming 5-star rating with very minimal negative reviews. The best thing about Shoreline is that it can be stored either wet or dry thanks to its braided jacket.


  • It’s inexpensive
  • It’s both super strong and flexible


  • Concern about a broken spool during shipping

2. Piscifun Braided Line

  • By: Piscifun

Our second best braided fishing line comes from City of Industry, California. This company is barely 5 years in this niche. Its owners Ben and Peter are fishing enthusiasts who strive to offer the best to the fishermen. Their line is available in 150, 300, and 547 yards. This is an unbeatable model constructed using 4 strands for stability, strength, and durability. Piscifun also has minimized stretch and is, therefore, highly sensitive.


  • It’s smooth
  • It doesn’t form backlashes


  • One user reported that it broke easily

1. KastKing Super-Power Braided Fishing Line

  • By: KastKing

It’s not surprising that our wining contender in this list comes from Kastking. This fishing line has a small diameter. It offers better casts and has less friction. You’ll also benefit from a low memory fishing line that won’t tangle with ease. Moreover, like most of its brothers, this braided line is also constructed from UHMwPB fiber and is, therefore, strong and sturdy. On the downside, this line leaves your hands with a black material with each cast. This black substance on the line’s surface later erodes leaving the line bluish in color.


  • It’s braided from strong fibers
  • It has low memory


  • It’s a bit pricier

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