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Top 10 Best Breast Pumps Reviews

Feeding our loved ones is one thing that comes naturally to all nursing moms. I mean, who would like to see her infant contracting diseases, growing at a slow rate and facing malnutrition? I bet none. However, we must all agree that breastfeeding can turn out to be very painful, hard and at times, downright impossible. It is at this time when the need to get a quality breast pump becomes inevitable.

So, what exactly is a breast pump?

For the newbies in the mother’s world, a quick explanation on this must-have tool is necessary. A breast pump is utilized in expressing the breast milk and storing it to feed your infant using a bottle.

Breast pumps can be classified as, single or double pumps, and regarding manual or electric pumps.

a) Single pumps express the milk one breast at a time while the dual pumps express the milk from both breast concurrently.

b) Manual pumps feature a handle that is used in creating suction required to express the milk. Manual types are designed to be lightweight and are cheaper as compared to the electric models. They are ideal for regular use.

c) Electric pumps generate suction from batteries or a primary source of power. They come in a similar design structure as the manual pumps and only differ in the absence of a handle. With a quality electric pump, you can regulate the suction speed and strength. They are more efficient and easy to use but are more costly, bulkier and noisier as compared to the manual pumps.

That said, with the many different brands of breast pumps flooding the market today, identifying the best becomes an upward task. Luckily, with us in the research sector, you have a reason to smile. We have got the best of these products covered in this report on the top ten best breast pumps in 2019 as presented below.

10.Bellema Mango Portable Single Electric Breast Pump

The bellema manufacturers are always dedicated and motivated by customer satisfaction, and this is just another product that is designed to suit your needs in the best way possible. It features two-phase pumping, the first one being stimulation and finally the expression. It is lightweight and therefore portable and easy to use. It sources its power from 4 AA batteries. It comes with a soft, gentle silicone cushion for the most comfortable milk expression. It features a closed design for maximum hygiene. It is also easy to apply and clean after use. Its memory feature saves your favorite setting. Thus, you don’t to reset it time and again.

9.Philips Avent Single Electric Comfort Breast Pump

Are you worried about a BPA-containing product? Then Phillips Avent manufacturers have got that covered for you. This product is 100% BPA- free therefore your health will never be at stake. It comes with a comfortable pumping angle thanks to its unique structure. It features three suction modes that include, low, medium and high and allows you to start the pumping from the soft and slow stimulation mode for the best experience. It is designed to be lightweight for easy handling and transport. It is also sturdy and compact therefore lasts long to serve you more.

8.Bellema Melon Double Electric Breast Pump

Just like all the other previous brands of Bellema manufacturers, this product never disappoints. It comes with a 2 phase technology; stimulation then expression. It is developed with 25 custom pumping options. Its Quiet system makes it suitable for discreet pumping. It features some silicon cushions to provide a gentle breast massage and a good feeling while expressing the milk. It’s easy to install, operate and finally, clean after use. As a guarantee of quality, this product is FDA approved and all its parts are designed to be BPA free. To wrap it up, it comes with a one year warranty.

7.Philips Avent Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump-2015

Are you fed up with using tiring breast pumps? Then this should be the right pick for you. It comes with an extremely comfortable and suitable pumping position thanks to its unique and accurate structure. It is fitted with a soft cushion that continuously stimulates milk flow gently. It offers you the chance to choose from three pumping settings that is, low, medium and high and starting the pumping with the gentle stimulation configuration. To add on to your comfort, 25 and 19.5 mm cushions are also available for a separate fee. It is designed to be 100% BPA-free.

6.Philips Avent Bpa Free Manual Breast Pump.

Are you extra sensitive to certain materials? Then this is the most suitable brand for you. It is designed from silicone, a material that is known to cause no allergic reactions. Its patented soft massage cushion ensures comfortable milk expression and pumping. It also features a unique quality system for a fluid, efficient and gentle milk pumping.

5.Spectra Baby Usa Double/Single Breast Pump

This product is ranked among the top advanced hospital breast pumps that come with a rechargeable battery. Its closed system ensures maximum hygiene by separating the milk from the pump. It comes with a night light for easy use in the dark and a pumping timer to avoid pouring the treasured breast milk. It operates calmly producing no noise. It is designed with the customers comfort in mind as it comes with a fully variable pumping program and a letdown mode to suit different bodies correctly. It is both an excellent single as well as a double pump. It comes with a powerful suction and yet very comfortable that you won’t notice this power.

4.Spectra Baby Usa S2 Breast Pump-Double/Single- 3.3 Pound

This product is designed to deliver its services exactly as it promises. It brings about a sense of comfort and security that comes with owning a quality breast pump to ensure continuous milk supply to your child as well as an easier pumping operation. It provides maximum hygiene thanks to its closed design that comes with a barrier between the pump and the milk. It features a suction power of up to 300mmHg and can also be used as both a single or a double breast pump. Thanks to its digital controls, you are now in a position to regulate the pumping rhythm and speed with ease making this product ideal for your body. No significant noise is experienced while using this pump ensuring that the conditions are conducive for you and your child.

3.Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump

This product is designed by Phillips avent to suit you need in the best way possible. It is plastic-made, thus not as delicate compared to the glass brands. It provides a comfortable and conducive pumping position thanks to its superior design. It massage cushion is soft and textured to stimulate the milk flow quickly. It is compact and sturdy in addition to its lightweight design making it durable and easy to handle while expressing your breast milk. It comes with a large adversity as it is compatible with many feeding products especially those from Phillips Avent like milk storage and feeding bottles.

2.Philips Avent Isis Manual Breast Pump

This product ranks among the highly rated products in the market for some reasons. It has been clinically proven to be better performing than the electric pumps. It comes with a let-down massage cushion that ensures a fast smooth and natural let-down. It blends the massage with a mild vacuum while other products only work with suction. Manual pumping has never been this easy! It only requires little compressions around the handle after the let-down begins. Its massagers work well with a silicon diaphragm to express milk consistently and gently.

1.Medela Harmony Single Manual Breast Pump

With over 50 years of experience in breast pump development, the Swiss Company Medela are dedicated to giving you nothing but the best. This product is an advancement to favorite Harmony Manula Breast Pump; that was out in 2004. It comes with a more advanced design with new upgrades like a better bottle teat style that eases the transition from the breast to the bottle; A Calma nipple allows your kid to stop for a breath from time to time while feeding. It maintains the usual behavior of a child while sucking a real breast. It allows the standard breast rhythm where a few short sucks are followed by intense and longer ones.

All these products are of the best quality, and the final choice is left to you. It is important to analyze your budget before deciding to go for a given brand. Don’t go for an extremely high priced product that will end up ruining your kid’s budget.

Good nursing time!

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