Top 10 Best Brushless Cordless Hammer Driver Drills in 2019 Reviews

The drill/driver market has been under constant change, first, with the introduction of hammer actions in a drill. Basically, a hammer option is to enable users to drill materials such as stones, mortar, block, brick or concrete easily. When drilling through metal, steel or wood, you will not need a hammer. Although most people rarely use the hammer option, at some stage you will need it, hence the need to be equipped with this two in one tool.

When you want a hammer driver drill for use in areas with limited or no access to power, the best option is a cordless drill drive with the latest impressive brushless technology (brushless tools offer a balance of longer run time and more power than brushed tools). Below are theTop 10 best Brushless Cordless Hammer Driver Drill in 2019 reviews.

10.M18 Fuel Compact Brushless Cordless Drill Driver – Milwaukee

Another top spot contestant is this unit by Milwaukee. The M18 Fuel compact is tool can be used on the toughest materials as it gives you up to 650 in-lbs. of torque power. The tool runs on two Red Lithium batteries (M18) giving you longer run time. The powering option also makes it more durable than the common 18v batteries. The tool weighs 4.3 pounds for easy use with less strain, hence less fatigue. It has 24 different setting to control the clutch giving you the discretion to choose the speed and power to use on each of your different tasks.


The M18 FUEL by Milwaukee comes with POWERSTATE brushless motor that gives the tool an incredible speed, more power and impressive durability. It has a narrow head; hence, you will comfortably drill even in tight places. It also has the REDLINK technology that ensures that even when it is running at its peak power, it is protected against getting overloaded. It weighs 7.4 pounds. Hence, you won’t get fatigued easily, and the user has better control when drilling.

8.Bosch CLPK233WC-02 18-volt Wireless Charging 2-Tool Combo Kit with 1/2-Inch Brushless Drill/Driver, Impact Driver, 2 Batteries, Wireless Charger and Bag

Its brushless motor in this unit gives it two times motor life, longer runtime, and superior efficiency, and has minimal maintenance needs. It has a wireless charging feature, making it possible to charge the batteries without removing them from the unit. It also has an electronic motor protection system that is put to protect the tool from overloading and contributes positively to its durability.

7.Ridgid R86116SB 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Brushless Hammer Drill Kit

The R86116SB unit was the premier unit to be released by RIDGID in its brushless tools production. It is a lightweight tool and has a compact design, making it a good option for tougher applications, since the user has a firm grip. Its brushless motor delivers 50 percent more motor life and runs time than when brushed. It has a belt hook that is reversible, making it easy to be used by both left and right-hand users. When buying you get both the battery and the charger, together with belt hook.

6.DEWALT DCD990m2 20 volts 3-Speed Drill/Driver Kit

It is a high efficiency and high powered brushless, drill and driver. It is a 20 volts powered tool using batteries. Its motor is 650 watts making it a good option for fastening applications and superior drilling needs. The brushless motor will offer you 33 percent more power capacity compared with the brushed tools. It has a compact design, weighs 4.6 lbs and measures 9.9 inches; it is hence it is easy to use the tool, without much straining. It has led light providing visibility when in dark areas.

5.Makita DDF480Z 18V Cordless Li-Ion Brushless Drill Driver

The DDF456Z from Makita is a superior cordless drill and driver that comes with a unique design. Its length is 185 mm and has an enhanced drip and dust proof design. This makes this unit usable during harsh weather conditions. It also has XPT system that contributes to 1.4 times more work compared to a brushed tool. It also allows for speed control using a trigger. You will also be able to keep track of power remaining in the batteries by using a press button.


This Worx unit boasts of 2 lithium batteries and a state of the art brushless motor, that delivers 50 percent more run time, 25 percent more power and 10X longer motor life than a brushed tool. It only takes 45 minutes to charge the tool. It has all metal gears and a heavy duty anti slip chuck for increased durability. It also has an LED to enable the user to see the working areas when it’s dark It weighs 1.58kg hence easy to use without much struggle.

3.DEWALT DCD995M2 20-Volt

The DCD995M2 by Dewalt is a high performance brushless and cordless driver/drill. It is built to deliver a high-powered performance and high efficiency. It delivers 650 watts hence a good option when you want a superior drilling experience. Its brushless motor enables the tool to deliver 57 percent more power that a brushed unit. It has LED to enable the user to see the working surface at night or when working in confined sections.

2.Makita XPH06Z 18Volts LXT Lithium Ion

Another unit from Makita that brings out Makita’s engineering excellence. It is designed to deliver more power and performance, while at the same time the manufacturer works to reduce its size and weight, compared the Makita’s previous models. It has an LED indicator that shows the battery level when the tool is in use. To mitigate chances of the tool destruction when it is being used, especially from, over discharging, overloading or overheating, it has a STAR protection controls. It will take you less than half an hour to charge it, and the integration of XPT technology makes the product durable.

1.Makita XPH07Z

The 18V XPH07Z model from Makita fits the bill to be at the top of the best units list. It is the best hammer driver drill for use in demanding driving and drilling applications in metal, wood and masonry. It has longer run time, longer life, better speed and power, courtesy of the Makita brushless motor. When you are working in harsh conditions, consider this unit. It is a battery powered unit (lithium ion) although it is not included when buying the unit.

With these Top 10 best Brushless Cordless Hammer Driver Drill in 2019 Reviews, we hope your shopping experience will be better.

Do you disagree with any recommendation? If you do, let us know. Also, if there is a tool you would like to recommend, do not hesitate to let us know.

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