Top 10 Best Car Waxes in 2019 Reviews

With the weather getting worse and unpredictable every passing second, protecting your automotive from the sun, pollen, road grime and bugs through waxing is paramount.

That said, getting the perfect car wax could turn out an upward task to many, as hundreds of different brands flood the market today.

So, what exactly should you consider before deciding to go for a given product? Let’s find out.

· Pastes or liquids?

There is no significant difference between paste and liquid brands of car wax. In our research, both types had similar ease of application and lasted equally over almost similar durations.

· Premium/ standard?

On our research, premium quality didn’t hold up more than the standard brands. In fact, some of the low priced car wax brands worked better than the highly tagged. Thus, the price shouldn’t be a factor to consider when selecting the perfect product.

· Consider your vehicle’s age.

If your car is still new and its finish is still intact, then a light spray should work for you. However, beware that the easy sprays aren’t durable and may wear out fast. Easy sprays are ideal for special event application or weekly.

A dense spray will help in maintaining your car fresh over an extended period of time. If you own an old vehicle whose finish is already oxidizing, going for a high scorer brand will be wise. It should help you clean up, restore and maintain your car’s finish.

To ease with your selection, we have gone a step further to identify the top ten best car wax in 2019 and compiled a comprehensive report as presented below.

10. S100 13700w Carnauba Paste Wax-6.2 Oz.

Ever thought of a product designed from a blend of beeswax and carnauba? Then you have to try this product. It’s perfect blending makes it the best for eliminating stains on rubber and plastic parts of your car and the powdering that result from rubout. It gives your vehicle a perfect shine in addition to its fair price in the market. It’s time to give your car an ultimate impressive look.

9. Meguiar’s M26 Mirror Glaze Yellow Hi-Tech Wax.

This product is developed within professional and careful steps to bring you a priceless value for your money. It is a formulation which combines high-grade yellow carnauba with some polymers, silicones, and other special waxes. It effortlessly improves your vehicle’s paint color, creating a deep shine that makes it look new.

8. Meguiar’s G7016 Gold Class Premium Liquid Wax-Carnauba Plus.

The answer to the best dark, quick, and wet-looking shine is finally here with us. With an easy application and removal, this carnauba plus product provides a warm and generous protection. The plus added in this formula ensures no residues or streaks are left after use as compared with other brands of car wax. The deep shine and the extreme darkening of dark parts will leave you to amaze. It goes well with all car paint colors.

7. Meguiars G18211 Paste Wax.

This product of Meguiar manufacturers is designed with a ThinFilm technology that ensures quick and easy removal and application even under glaring sunshine. Its synthetic polymers provide long protection with an incredible reflectivity that gives your car a deep shine. It works on all paints and will improve your vehicle’s color and maintain the finish for a longer time.

6. P21s Concours Carnauba Wax 6.2 Ounce.

This car wax brand ranks among the top for some reasons. It contains no abrasives making it incredibly simple to give you smooth, shiny and durable surfaces. It leaves a clean and beautiful surface, free of white residues on plastic parts or within your vehicle seems. Its application is effortless and is easy to remove. It takes it few minutes to give stunning results. All you need is applying it, waiting a minute and wipe off a little. No fingerprints remain on the surface upon touching and doesn’t attract dust or dirt.

5. Meguiar’s G7014j Gold Class Paste Wax Carnauba Plus-11 Oz.

This other brand of Meguiar is designed to give the clearest coat and is easy and safe to apply and remove. It is developed from the best quality carnauba wax and is fortified with high-grade long-lasting synthetic polymers to ensure it masks on and off smoothly to provide a dark and stunning carnauba glow.

4. Chemical Guys – Wac_201_16 Wet Butter Wax (16 Oz)

Would you like an unmatched stunning surface shine and an intense wet look on your car? Then look no further than this product. It is designed to be easy to apply, shine greater, and lasts longer than other brands in the market. It is developed from Carnauba, resins, and polymers that work hand in hand to give your car a lifelong incredible look. It’s made easy to apply and remove. With excellent UVB and UVA protection, you are always assured of a high-level protection from scratch and glaring weather condition.

3. Meguiar’s G17516 Quick Ultimate Wax.

This product is designed with a high-grade hydrophobic polymer technology that gives your vehicle a stunning, wet-look shine. It can be used on hot surfaces or direct sunlight without leaving any residues or streaks. It is very easy to use, and quality results can be achieved within 15 minutes. Its ultimate water beading and protection from the sun and other harmful weather conditions last long.

Its non-whitening, synthetic formula guarantees you maximum results in minutes.

2. Nu Finish Car Wax-Liquid.

Latest consumer survey magazines indicate an exceptional love for this product from many customers. It’s popular for its incredible durability, protection, and gloss improvement, and its cost ranking, among the most friendly retail prices we have for car waxes today. It does not require intense rubbing, or any advanced buffing formulae to achieve maximum effect. It can also be applied in direct sunshine. It is also extremely flexible as it can be used on different vehicles, boats, and airplanes. It provides an all-weather resistance to your vehicle.

1. Meguiar’s G18216 Liquid Wax-16 Oz.

Among the highly rated products is this product of Meguiar manufacturers. It is designed to provide a durable protection to your vehicle that goes beyond water-beading. It features a Thin-Film technology that ensures smooth application. It requires use on a warm surface and in direct sunlight for the best results. It comes with an additional free microfiber towel and an applicator pad. It features polymers crosslink(synthetic) that act as a protective barrier and amplifies and reflects light to produce an incredible mirror-like and deep shine.

A great car wax should give you a car a stunning deep shine and polish effortlessly and without digging deep into your pocket. Car wax makes your car look stylish and fancier. It also saves you much repair money that you could invest elsewhere.

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