Top 10 Best Carbon Monoxide Detectors in 2019 Reviews

According to medical associations, the number of people who die or become hospitalized due to carbon monoxide poisoning has been rising each year. These are bad news, and that’s why carbon monoxide poisoning has earned a new name a “silent killer”. In these cases, children, adults, and teenagers and in some cases an entire families have passed on. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless and a deadly gas, that emanates from combustible fuel sources. They include charcoal, oil, kerosene and natural gas when they are being used for cooking or heating. When one inhales carbon monoxide, it is absorbed into the bloodstream, where it displaces oxygen with carbon dioxide. The results, it that one becomes unconscious and eventually it can lead to death. Luckily, there are now the carbon monoxide detectors you can always use to check the level of carbon monoxide in the air. In some countries, it is a must to have a carbon monoxide detector while in other areas it is optional. But whether there are legislation that makes it a must have gadget in your country or not, if you care about your health, a carbon monoxide detector is a must have gadget. That is why we have compiled for you the top 10 best carbon monoxide detectors in 2019 reviews

10. First Alert CO600 Carbon Monoxide Detector

First Alert has dominated this market, most users have fallen in love with this manufacturers’ product, and you too will love them. The CO600 model is easy to use the detector that heightens your security by ensuring you are alerted when the CO levels go overboard. It is simple to use, as there are only 2 buttons- a silence and test button. It comes with a 7-year warranty and end of life timer. It has a loud bell and features the latest technology to assure you accuracy.

9. Kidde KN-COSM-BA Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

With this detector not only will you be alerted when the Co levels are very high but also you will be notified when smoke levels are very high. Although smoke is not as dangerous as carbon monoxide is, it causes us unnecessary discomfort. The alarm type is also unique and classic, for this one it is not a bell but a voice alert, that tells you what is wrong. It is battery powered, where the battery compartment is at the back, so you cannot install it without batteries.

8. First Alert BRK SC9120B Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

This is a superior unit from First Alert that will keep you alert when either carbon monoxide or smoke levels are high. It is easy to install and also to use, as there is a separate test and silence buttons while the alarm indicators for smoke and CO are different. It has a battery backup so that even when there is no power, you are always alert.

7. X-Sense DS51 Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

This detector from X –sense can detect both smoke and CO effortlessly, mitigating any chances of carbon monoxide poisoning to you and your loved ones. It has separate alarms for each of the hazards while the bell is loud enough to hear. It is simple to install as you only need two screws and anchor plugs. After the hazard has been addressed the unit resets and starts blinking to indicate a ready mode.

6. Yondwin Brand Carbon Monoxide Sensor/Detector

Heighten your safety when at home by investing in this detector from Yondwin. It is has a simple design and is designed to alert you when carbon monoxide levels are extreme. When high CO is detected, the LED starts flashing and the alarms sounds. It has a test and reset a button, which you use to test if the unit if functioning properly. When the unit is operating properly, there is a green LED that flashes after every half a minute.

5. Kidde KN-COPP Carbon Monoxide Detector

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe from carbon monoxide poisoning, by buying this detector by Kiddle. It has a digital display that shows you the exact amount of carbon monoxide in the air. When you buy this unit, you have three options of mounting it. To add to its reliability, you plug it into a source of power, but it has a battery backup, so that even in a case of a blackout you aren’t exposed to any risk. It is very reliable and accurate since the level of carbon dioxide detected in the air is updated after every 15 seconds.

4. First Alert CO400 Carbon Monoxide Detector

This carbon monoxide detector by First Alert takes the detection to a higher level, as it features the electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor that is very accurate and reliable. It is battery powered and has an alarm to notify you when the carbon monoxide level exceeds the minimum levels. It is easy to use, using the two different buttons, one for silence and the other one for test. It has a 5-year warranty, a strong statement of the quality and performance of this unit.

3. Kidde KN-COPP-B-LPM Carbon Monoxide Detector

This KN-COPP-B-LPM CO detector has a digital display that indicates to you the carbon monoxide level in the air, mitigating any incidence of carbon monoxide poisoning. It is battery powered and is easy to use. It features a peak level memory that records the highest amount of carbon monoxide concentration from the last reset. It has an alarm that is set to ring immediately a high amount of CO is detected. For reliability, the amount of CO in the air on display is updated after every 30 seconds.

2 .First Alert CO615 Carbon Monoxide Detector

It has a dual power of source that is electricity powered, but also has a loaded battery, which ensures that even when there is power outage; you won’t be exposed to any risk. This detector has a digital display that is easy to read and accurately shows you the amount of CO in the air. It is also designed that the display is always on, so that when you want to check the CO level or battery level, you will not need to push any button. This unit is also designed in a way that it records the highest amount of CO detected after any reset.

1 .First Alert CO605 Carbon Monoxide Detector

Protect you family from the silent killer with this CO605 detector from First Alert. Just as the manufacturer is known for producing quality products, CO605 CO detector doesn’t disappoint you. It has a double source of power, which adds to its reliability so that even when there is no power, you are secured from dangerous carbon monoxide levels. It is easy to install and use. When you want to change batteries, you won’t have to dismantle the whole unit, as it has a battery compartment at the front.

From our reviews, we noted that First Alert and Kiddle CO detectors are some of the best. They have stood the test of time and up to date, they enjoy massive positive reviews. From these top 10 best carbon monoxide detectors in 2019 reviews, identify one that will serve you well and falls within your budget range.

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