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Top 10 Best Cheap Mountain Bikes in 2019 Reviews

Good news is that those operating on small budgets in meeting life demands can now have access to superior quality mountain bikes. With a budget of less than 300$, you should obtain a high-performance and durable mountain bike. Cheap mountains bike had a history of being mere imitations and break after few days of use. Fortunately today, things have changed, and high-end, affordable bikes are now on the market. Our primary aim in this article is erasing this misleading notion on affordable mountain bikes. We help you get the perfect cheap mountain bike that will be of great service to you for many years.

Read on below, to get a comprehensive insight on the top ten best cheap mountain bikes in 2019 that will play a significant role in getting a bike that provides a reasonable account for your money.

10. Diamondback Bicycles Laurito Hard-tail Full Mountain Bike

  • Brand: Diamondback Bicycles

Diamondback company continuously support women riders by providing them with excellent mountain bike models at an affordable price. The Laurito Hard-tail Full Mountain Bike comes with great features that encourage riding newbies and enhance the skills of professional riders. It comes with 27.-inch wheels that allow smooth riding through all surfaces by providing maximum stability. It also features a suspension fork to allow smooth movement across jolts and bumps. You are also free to choose the speed that suits you through the 7-speed derailleurs and 21- gears. Getting on and off this bike is comfortable thanks to its step-through frame. For enhanced durability, this product is constructed wholly from a hardened aluminum.

9. Nashbar AT1 29er Mountain Bike

  • Brand: Nashbar

The Nashbar Company continues to earn respect on the market regarding their ability to produce excellent bikes at an affordable price. The Nashbar AT1 29er Mountain Bike is an affordable training bike that comes with unique features. It features a robust steel frame for enhanced stiffness and durability while maintaining its trail feedback. You are always spoilt for choice regarding gears as it features a 7-speed drive train. Its well-gripped tires provide you with many years of excellent service. It’s recommended for beginners as its components can be upgraded as you rise to the professional arena.

8. Schwinn Men’s 18 Mountain Bike

  • Brand: Schwinn

Despite its affordable price tag, this mountain bike comes with unique features that facilitate its high performance on the roads. It’s expertly constructed to serve you exceedingly even on the roughest surfaces. You are free to use it for your daily endeavors in town or on your area’s bike trails or paths. It comes with Shimano components. The rear derailleur and 21-speed twist shifters on this bike are there to facilitate efficient and quick gear change. Its advanced bike frame improves the bike’s stability. Its other features include alloy brakes and alloy wheels with high grip to facilitate quick stopping as needed by the rider. To allow a broad range of gears, this bike features a 3-piece alloy crank.

7. Diamondback Overdrive Hard Trail Complete Mountain Bike

  • Brand: Diamondback Bicycles

With a total of 24-speeds, one can be sure to get excellent service from this affordable mountain bike. It’s expertly designed without leaving out any component associated with a sturdy, durable mountain bike. It features robust disk brakes that facilitate smooth stopping even during an emergency. Its 4-inch suspension fork is there to absorb all the jolts and bumps throughout your rides. It comes with large knobby wheel tires that provide maximum stability, and a secure grip that prevents slipping even on wet paths and bike trails. Whether you are a starter or an experienced rider, you will find this product as a perfect match to your needs.

6. Merax® Finiss 26″ Mountain Bike

  • Brand: Merax

A Mountain Bike from the Merax Company is always unbeatable and none comparable regarding price, quality, speed and other essential features of a mountain bike. The finiss 26, produced recently, comes with better features than its predecessors. It features a Shimano 21-speed derailleurs to spoil you with a broad range of riding speeds. Its shifters allow you to shift from one gear to the other quickly and effortlessly. Its robust frame is designed from a blend of a hardened aluminum and lightweight Magnesium for enhanced durability. Its rear and front disc brakes allow easy stopping even in the toughest ground conditions.

5. Kent Thruster T-29 Men’s Mountain Bike

  • Brand: Thruster

The Kent Thruster T-29 Men’s Mountain Bike has gone against the bike rule that state that the bigger the bike, the higher the cost. It has emerged among the largest and high-quality bikes that come at an affordable price on the market. It comes with 29-inch wheels that provide high stability and excellent performance on the roughest paths and trails. Its aluminum frame is hardened and heat treated to result in a lightweight frame. The structure increases the bike’s strength and stability. Its strategically fitted rim brakes on the rear and front wheels are there to ensure safe rides through secure stopping.

4. Generic 26″ Hyper Havoc Men’s Mountain Bike

  • Brand: Generic

The Generic company understands the need to provide high-performance mountain bikes at an affordable price to the average people. The Hyper Havoc Mountain Bike comes with excellent features that collaborate to ensure many years of exceptional services to their enthusiasts. It features a quality fork and frame. Its beautifully crafted dual suspension frame and fork come from aluminum making this bike durable, robust and lightweight for everyday use. The fork absorbs any impact while riding on rough trails. Its drive section includes a 3-piece crank and a 21-speed drivetrain. It features a reliable stopping through its rear and front pulling brakes. The comfort and durability that comes with this mountain bike can’t be found on any other bike model on the market.

3. Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike

  • Brand: Roadmaster

The Roadmaster mountain bike brings you and exclusive deal at a throw-away price tag. In addition to having 18 speeds, this bike comes with an excellent suspension fork and a 3-piec crank for enhanced performance. Its sturdy steel frame promises you effortless and comfortable rides on various surfaces. Its reliable linear pulling brakes are there to facilitate smooth stopping at any time. The wheels have a large surface area to enhance stability. Also, the alloy rims on this bike boost its durability and facilitate easy control. You are always assured of maximum safety on pavements and muddy trails through the heavy-duty tires that are well-treaded.

2. Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle

  • Brand: Mongoose

A person looking for an affordable, sturdy and high-performance mountain bike could find this as a superb option. It comes with a durable aluminum suspension frame that guarantees your comfort and a high-performance out there. It provides excellent services even on the toughest roads. Its element suspension fork is there to facilitate easy control when moving past bumps and challenging surfaces. Its gears alternate without hesitation thanks to its 21-speed Shimano derailleur on its rear position. To provide extra convenience to its enthusiasts, it comes with high-grade rear and front brakes.

1. Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s mountain bike

  • Brand: Schwinn

The manufacturer of this mountain bike targets bike riding enthusiasts operating on small budgets but with an aim of getting a unique and a high-performance bike. It’s specially made for men. It comes with a dual suspension frame for enhanced performance on the roads and durability. Its 26-inch wheels provide a broad surface area for better stability on all surfaces. The handlebars on this bike come to facilitate gear shifting and to enhance your comfort. It also comes with bladed spokes and a high-grade alloy rim for more power and compactness. The bike also features Shimano trigger shifters and accommodates 24 speeds. You can stop quickly at any time thanks to its disc brakes.

All these bikes are made with a primary aim of bringing affordable products to the average people without neglecting quality and durability. The choice you make from above remains with you. Consider your budget and go for a bike that suits your needs best.

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