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Top 10 Best Chromatic Xylophone For Kids in 2019 Reviews

Xylophones are vital instruments in the entertainment industry, particularly in music. They consist of metallic bars that produce a sound of different pitches when struck using the mallet. Having the needed skills required to play the equipment comes hand in hand with the level of experience. Though it may seem like a simple instrument, it takes time to learn. These days, there are smaller versions of chromatic xylophones designed for children, they are meant for education and entertainment purposes. They are lighter and produce great sound to keep your kid engaged. In the list below, we are going to analyze the top 10 best chromatic xylophones for kids’ in 2019.

10.27 Key Chromatic Glockenspiel Xylophone –Yellow

Featuring on this top ten lists; this xylophone is going to give your kid a busy time. It is equipped with 27 keys Chromatic Glockenspiel. The arrangement makes sure that there is a wide variation in sound. The keys run from G to A featuring sharp and flat tones. All notes are attached to metal keys aligned in Do-Re-Me structure. The gadget comes with two mallets and measures 37cm length, 22cm breath and 4cm height. The base is made of a yellow plastic base.

9.Colorful Children’s Toy Glockenspiel Xylophone with Free Beaters

This beautiful xylophone is designed to be useful to both children and adults. It is very simple to play and feature colorful bars and base. The gadget has 10 notes starting from C to E. these notes have no sharps of flat thus ideal for C tunes. Keys are beautiful as they are of different colors and have carved notes. They are also firmly fixed on the base to ensure the safety of the user. The xylophone comes with two plastic beating mallets.

8.Ravel GLOCK25 for Kids-25 Note Glockenspiel

This instrument is very reliable due to its effectiveness in teaching children. It has 25 keys arranged in piano style to ease the kids’ mastering. It enables the player to remember the previously played tone easily through the variation in keys colors. The 25 notes allow various sounds; hence, it can play any song. It features a chromatic scale which has flat and sharps key signatures. The base is stable with legs hence more loud sound. It has two plastic beating mallets.

7.D’Luca 13 Notes Children Xylophone Glockenspiels-Music Cards Available

Teaching your child music has never been easy like when using this instrument. It is carefully made to ensure that kids gain the mastery skills. It is possible to create a real song as it has 13 keys each placed individually. It is possible for kids to create up to 10 songs, this is possible through the music cards that comes with the xylophone. The frame is made of wood. Hence, it is not heavy. Kids over two years are eligible to use the instrument.

6.Rolimate Wooden-15 Key Notes Chromatic Glockenspiel Xylophone for Kids

Children with a strong foundation in the music field end up becoming great musicians. Thus, with an excellent xylophone you are assured of a music prowess. This instrument is for kids who are one year and above. It has a range of notes and comes with 15 colored sounds. The xylophone is robust and can withstand kids’ environment. Additionally, both bars and base are aesthetically designed. The beating mallets are attached to the gadget hence, cannot get lost.

5.Glockenspiel Xylophone-Musical Instrument for Children, Educational, and Fun for All Ages

This xylophone is a perfect gift to your child so as to equip him/her with a firm foundation in playing other related instruments. Apart from strengthening music muscle, it is useful in improving math reasoning ability in a child. Also, the general coordination of body organs is significantly boosted. The equipment comes furnished with metal keys that are non-removable. The kid gets a color-coded printed music book that is 12 pages. The gadget comes with durable wooden mallets.

4.Red 27 Key Chromatic Glockenspiel Xylophone (Notes Engraved into Metal Keys)

This red 27 Key Chromatic Glockenspiel Xylophone is going to instill experience to your kid even to play even a piano. The notes are incised in metal keys. Keys are running from G to A with sharp and flats signatures. The engraved notes run in Do-Re-Me format, thus by mastering this instrument, the kid will have an advantage as learning other instruments will be easy and faster. It features a sturdy red plastic base and comes with two beaters.

3.Trophy T1727 Xylophone

The mobility of equipment is crucial. It determines whether kid can move with it while traveling. The Trophy xylophone is built on a hard permanent case. The keys follow piano format; hence, it is ideal for kids aspiring to play a keyboard. With 27metallic chromatic keys running from G to A, it produces a high-quality sound. The instrument comes with two plastic mallets.

2.Xylophone Glockenspiel – Hand-Held, Perfect Musical Instrument for Children

This handheld xylophone is always available for children to play. It provides both music experience and educational benefits. Buy buying your child this instrument they will benefit from promoted creativity, improved concentration and general body has great features such as a stable wooden base to ensure durability and safety. The high tuned pitches offer a fine sound. Sound bars are made of aluminum, and they are beautifully colored. Also, there is a comfortable handle. The gadget comes with a wooden beater.

1.Glockenspiel Xylophone, Best First Musical Instrument for Children, Fun and Educational for All Ages-Music Book included

This xylophone is among the best in the market due to its premium services. Its construction is aimed at improving the wellness of your child musically and educationally. The bars produce a clear tone making it possible to create a song. The color coded music book also eases its operation; the book has 12 songs. The eight marked Keys run from C to C, and they are non-removable. They are colored to ensure that kid can repeat same quickly, making learning process simple.

It is has been proven that when a child participates in various activities besides education, helps in balanced development. A xylophone is one of the instruments with many benefits to the kids. Learning how to play it, one has an upper hand when he/she will be practicing other musical instruments.

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  1. Erm… not that this is your fault as all of these products are daftly named, but not one of these is a xylophone. Xylos is the Greek for wood (in reference to the sound of the part you hit, not that frame), and these are all metallic. These are all glockenspiels!

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