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Top 10 Best Coffee Grinders 2019 Reviews

Coffee has remained a popular beverage the world over and is ingrained in every culture. Coffee boasts medicinal ability. It also helps to protect the body against type diabetes, protects the brain, boosts the reproductive system and helps the skin. Coffee is a valuable drink that has become a crucial part of our day-to-day lives. That explains why so many people are looking for the best coffee grinders to help them make the best coffee possible. A good coffee grinder will allow you to crush the coffee beans and hence, do not have to purchase processed coffee beans.

If you are coffee lover, why not consider ditching the pre-packaged coffee beans and start grinding your own coffee beans? Here is our selection of the top 10 best coffee grinders for the job.

10. Mr. Coffee Electric Coffee Grinder

Mr. Coffee Electric Coffee Grinder

With three different grinding options and effective designs that helps you reduce the mess, this tool is reasonably available at only $18.88. The Mr. Coffee Electric Coffee Grinder has a broad lid that allows you to easily transfer the grinds with minimal spills. At the same time, the chamber as a cleaning system that easily removes the grinds trapped on the sides, meaning you make the most of each grind.

9. Cuisinart DBM 8 Supreme Grind

Cuisinart DBM 8 Supreme Grind

With its controls allowing you to choose the grind texture and the mug amount, this coffee grinder is an affordably priced option in an appealing package. If convenience is your top priority, then the Cuisinart DBM 8 Supreme Grind is especially designed for you. It automatically closes immediately your preferred grind texture is realized. This is also helpful if you need to leave the house as it grinds your coffee.

8. Maxi-matic ETS 630B

Maxi-matic ETS 630B

One of the best features of this coffee grinder is the inbuilt switch that stops the tool from working if its lid is not fitted well. This is very convenient, especially when you need to grind your coffee early in the morning or late in the night when you are feeling sleepy. For its reasonable price, this grinder is a great choice as it works effectively and quietly.

7. Proctor Silex E160BY

Proctor Silex E160BY

A solid coffee grinder featuring a retractable lid, this make works consistently albeit its low price tag. This coffee grinder is easy to use and clean, and can also be used to crush nuts and flax seeds. If you are satisfied with a simple grinder in a nice package, then look no further than the Proctor Silex E160BY.

6. Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr

Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr

Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill is a very consistent grinder that operates smoothly and features easy cord storage to help keep it clean. Derive the best taste from your beans with the automatic burr grinding action of the Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill.

5. Hamilton Beach 80365

Hamilton Beach 80365

If you are on the look out for a handy tool that allows you great control over the roughness or fineness of your coffee, then the Hamilton Beach 80365 Coffee Grinder is what you need. Its easy controls allow you to choose the fineness and mug amount.

4. Hario MSS 1B Mini Mill

Hario MSS 1B Mini Mill

The Hario MSS-1B Mini Mill features a removable knob, making the solid tool portable. The device produces constant results, although when you require great fineness, you will need to grind for quite longer. It also has an easy system that allows you to choose your preferred fineness.

3. Bodum Bistro Electric Burr

Bodum Bistro Electric Burr

This grinder is quite expensive, but machine maximizes and protects the delicacy of your coffee beans. The borosilicate glass pot is static-free, which helps to prevent your grounds from spilling. If you are an enthusiastic coffee lover, then the Bodum Bistro Electric Burr is a worthy investment.

2. Kyocera Ceramic Coffee Grinder

2. Kyocera Ceramic Coffee Grinder

With a flat bottom for enhanced stability, this coffee grinder can also be used to grind nuts, seeds and grains with different fineness levels. The ceramic material is rust-resistant, doesn’t change the flavor of the beans and increases the lifespan of your grinder.

1. KRUPS F20342

KRUPS F20342

The KRUPS F20342 Coffee Grinder features a 200 watt motors that allows quick grinding action. The grinder grinds your beans at the same fineness. This grinder can also work well with grains, nuts and spices. The KRUPS-F20342 is a great addition to any kitchen since it is highly versatile and a worthy tool for its moderate price tag.

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