Top 10 Best Cordless Rebar Cutter In 2019 Reviews

Are you looking for the best cordless rebar cutter in the market and you are wondering where to start? We know it can be a challenge, and that is why we have got you covered in this article.

It can be confusing to any rebar cutter buyer, with or without some basic rebar cutter basic information, because of the many brands available in the market; all of them purporting to be the best. The best rebar cutter should help you cut and shape structures easily. We know it not possible for you to test all the brands, and to make your shopping easier, we assessed the different brands available in the market and considered genuine customers reviews to prepare the Top 10 best Cordless Rebar Cutter in 2019 reviews.

10.0.63″ Cordless Rebar Cutter

It is advertised as the best cordless rebar cutter usable during emergencies. And true to the manufacturer word, it fits the bill to be among the best cordless rebar cutters. So if you are looking for a cordless rebar cutter to use during emergencies such as fire, rescue squads or by law enforcement agencies, consider this product. It’s cutting head rotates up to 360 degrees, allowing the user to adjust the cutting direction as they wish. It can be used even in tight areas, using one hand and the cutting speed is very high. Another unique feature is its fast charging capability, as it only takes 14 minutes to be fully charged.

9.Greenlee/Textron – ESG45L11 – Cordless Cable/ACSR/Rebar Cutter Kit, 18Volts

Another top seller and positively reviewed rebar cutter is this one by Greenlee. It is one of the cheapest rebar cutters but with incredible performance. It uses batteries. However, the manufacturer does not give them after you purchase. Therefore, you will have to buy them separately. It can cut guy strands and grounds rods, wire rope and steel bolts. It is a high-performance tool that is also easy to use and control when using it.

8.Bosch RC2124 3/4-Inch by 12-Inch SDS + Rebar Cutter

This is not just a rebar cutter but also a tool for drilling. It is cheap and manually operated. It is small in size, has a shank body design and comes with a rotary Cambridge giving it high quality and long drilling life. Despite being cheap, it is not the best tool to use when the rebar is big in size. It comes in different sizes so that you will choose the appropriate size for your task. Its uniqueness is in its design and the high-quality material.

7.JET 220019 RCB-16NDLX 5/8-Inch Capacity (Manual Rebar Cutter and Bender)

This is a dual-purpose tool, designed both as a bender and rebar cutter. It is manually operated, and you can bolt it on board or on the floor. Its handle is 52 inches long, and its cutting capacity is 5/8 inches, it is not the best when the rebar is big in size.

6.Gowe Battery Powered Cordless Rebar Cutter

This is another powerful and cordless rebar cutter that can cut all types of rebar. It is designed to make the cutting of a rebar easy, fast and convenient. It uses batteries making it usable in areas that are far from AC power sources. It is a compact unit designed to rotate up to 360 degrees, enabling the user to tilt or change the direction of cutting easily. Its cutting frequency is high, explaining its high cutting speed. Its cutting maximum diameter is 16mm and weighs 8.5kgs. It uses batteries that you will get after buying it, together with an additional battery, spanner, oil bottle and certification.

5.DEWALT Bare-Tool DC411B 4-1/2-Inch 18-Volt Cordless Cut-Off Tool

Without a doubt, the DEWALT DC411B is among best cordless rebar cutter in the market today. It is defined as no-nonsense and tough rebar cutter. If you are looking for a rebar cutter that can withstand any metal, be it rusted, angle iron, steel I-beams to the threaded rods, which are known to be resistant to cutting, this is what you should go for. It is a combination of performance, power, comfort and convenience. It is very fast to cut and leaves the cut surface clean, using its 4 and a half inches diameter cutting wheel. It is battery powered and has a three years warranty.

4.RC-16B Cordless Rebar Cutter (hand-held Rebar Cutting Machine with 2 cutting blades)

A dual-purpose tool designed to make rebar cutting even easier. It is designed to cut between a rebar of between 4 mm and 16 mm. its cutting speed is between 4 to 5 seconds while its gross weight is 11.5kgs. It is has a good design making it easy to hold and control when using it. It is battery powered, its blade made of steel and its wattage set at 140 watts.

3.Max PJRC160 Cordless Re-bar Cutter

Another top seller and positively reviewed cordless rebar cutter seller is this one by Max. Its cutting speed is 3.3 seconds and you are guaranteed of more than 170 cuts after charging the cutter. It is easy and fast to charge as it only takes you 35 minutes. It is designed to a rubber grip, giving the user a firm grip. It has a trigger lock and the head can rotate up to 360 degrees adding to its ease of use. It uses batteries. When you purchase you get a plastic carry case and a battery charger.

2.Makita SC190DWDE 18-Volt Ni-Mh Cordless Rebar Cutter

This is another rebar cutter from Makita that is designed to take rebar cutting to a whole new level. Not only is it fast but also effortless when using it. It is powered by 2.6Ah, 18 volts hydride battery. Just like many other rebar cutters, its head rotates up to 360 degrees, giving the user the ability to shift to different the cutting positions. It comes with an ergonomic pistol handle that adds to its control and comfort during use. It is specifically made to cut various steel rods and rebar. It has a push and forward button and a control trigger. When you purchase you get two batteries, a charger and battery cover. For easy maintenance, it has external oil ports and accessible brushes that are designed to extend its life.

1.Makita XCS01Z 18V LXT Cordless Rebar Cutter

The Makita XCS01Z 18V LXT is a strong and one of the rebar cutters to watch out in 2019. The product stands out from the rest as it powerful and a spark free cutting rebar cutting solution. Its cutting head has the ability to rotate 360 degrees making is simple to use. The blade is long lasting and you are guaranteed up to 4,000 cuts before you replacing the blade. It is designed to be usable in remote areas that are far from power sources since it uses lithium batteries. The XCS01Z comes with star protection controls that mitigate chances of the blade destruction from overheating, overloading or over discharging of the cutter when the is being used.

With the above Top 10 best Cordless Rebar Cutter in 2019 reviews, we hope your shopping experience will be easier. The rule of the thumb when buying a cordless rebar cutter is “do not have the price as the determining factor” go beyond the price and assess the reliability, quality and ease of use of the rebar cutter.

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