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Top 10 Best Crepe Makers in 2019 Reviews

Crepe makers are one of kitchen companions. They are necessary appliances for the general pastry. There are numerous brands of crepe makers in the market. However, the majority will end up frustrating due to their low quality. When going to buy, it is important to bear in mind that the key factors to consider are the price, material of construction (quality) and the brand. You will find there is a considerable price variation across the brand. To help you chose the correct appliance with ease, we are going to carry out a review of top 10 best crepe makers in 2019.

10. Morning Star – Crepe Maker Pro

The crepe maker is large enough to allow cooking bigger crepes and blintzes. It enable faster and efficient cooking and fully of pastries. The cooking is further enhanced by the presence of temperature control knob. It allows regulation of cooking temperature thus improving efficiency. It features a non-stick plate that is ideal for cooking eggs and other general fryings. This appliance comes with batter spreader upon purchasing. The batter is used in producing thin crepes. As one regulates temperature, the indicator notifies when the pan is ready for cooking.

9. Maxim CM5 Crepe Maker

This crepe maker resembles a pan; in fact, one may confuse them. The top side is bulging outwards to assume a convex shape. The top plate is non-stick to ensure that no disturbances while cooking. The plate is wide enough as it is 7.5 inches diameter. It comes with an indicator which signals when the cooking temperatures are attained. The cookware uses electricity; It uses 640 watts. To assure you of the quality, after the purchase you are entitled to a one year warranty.

8. Waring Commercial Electric Crepe Maker

Waring Commercial Electric Crepe Maker is for commercial purposes. It is made of a heavy stainless steel. It features heat-resistant handles for ease to carry. The cooking plate surface consists of heavy-duty non-stick cast iron. The cast iron increases heat efficiency, and at the same time maintaining a clean surface. There is an adjustable thermostat enabling it to attain 570 Fº. The power adjustment is made easier by the presence of LED indicators which will indicate when the plate is ready for use. The plate is 16 inches in diameter.

7. Electric Crepe Maker with a Silicone Basting Brush bonus

This cookware is designed to offer an easy and faster cleaning. The cooking plate is coated with a material that prevents sticking while cooking. It is simple to use. The handle is firm and comfortable to offer an enjoyable cooking session. Overall weight is light but with efficient heat retention. The power usage is 1000 watts and comes with adjustment thermostat. When you buy it, you are awarded a bonus of silicone brush.

6. Eurolux Cordless Crepe Maker

Eurolux Cordless Crepe Maker is a cordless electric crepe maker. The surface features a 7.5inches plate. If you like paper thin crepes, this cookware is perfect for you as it takes less than a minute to cook them. To ensure nice looking crepes the surface is non-sticky. It features a switch on the handle and indicators that show it has attained cooking temperatures. The handle is firm, and the plate is cordless. The surface diameter is 17 inches.

5. Elementi Cordless Electric Crepe Make

This crepes maker is easy to use. The handle houses a switch which is used to control electric current. There is also an indicator to show when the appropriate cooking temperatures are attained. You need to put the batter and wait. When you buy, it comes with other bonus components like dipping bowl, stainless steel whisk, and a spatula. The surface is very heat efficient allowing you to prepare crepes faster. The crepe batter is controllable through te lack o cords. Storage of this appliance is enhanced through base coiling of cords.

4. Electric Crepe Maker 13.74 inches

When working on this crepe maker, you are assured of a comfortable working environment. It comes with wooden scrapers and turners. These wooden apparatus prevent the cook from conduction heat. There is a cleaning brush provided when you buy. Cooking with it is fun as there is no sticking up of crepes or eggs. Indicator lights indicate the heating temperatures. On the other hand, the thermostat ensures regulation of heat through the use of a cursor. The cooking surface measures 13 inches.

3. Eurolux Original French Style Electric Griddle and Crepe Maker-12 Inch

Cooking thin, delicate pastries has never enjoyable than when using Eurolux Original French Style Electric Griddle and Crepe Maker. It offers a friendly cooking atmosphere due to an existence of 5 modes of temperature adjustment. It comes with extra thin batter for extra thin crepes. The frying plate is 12 inches and is made of aluminum. Besides being efficient in frying, it is non-sticky. Therefore, this appliance is suitable for making pancakes and bacon. The base has sturdy rubber stands and a switch on the handle.

2. CucinaPro Cordless Crepe Maker

The crepe maker is just a fantastic. It is very easy to use. There are indicators to signal the beginning of cooking. It comes accompanied with dipping bowl and batter for the preparation of extra thin crepes. The base features a cord wrap to facilitate easy storage. You are going to enjoy cooking as it is 100% non-sticking surface. There is a bonus of cooking recipe that accompanies the cookware when you buy it.

1. CucinaPro Crepe Maker and Non-Stick 12″ Griddle

This crepe maker is the most popular and among the best in the market. It is designed for cooking thinnest crepes and blintzes. The cooking surface is non-stick and measures 12 inches. Additionally, it is made of aluminum. Rubber legs ensure total stability Upon purchase, there is a recipe bonus of how to prepare different types of crepes.

As we have seen above, various crepe makers have different efficiency rates. Majorities are multipurpose and can be used to cook various pastries. Therefore, there is no reason to move out of your house without taking a mouthwatering breakfast.

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