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Top 10 Best Dartboard Cabinets in 2019 Reviews

Having one or more dartboard cabinets at home is one of the best ways to avoid the smoky and noisy pubs. Again, it lets you enjoy with friends and family members who’d find it hard going to pubs. These gaming accessories can be added to the game room or installed in the basement or T.V room. Wherever they are to be used, one thing is sure; they’ll be mounted on a wall. Stray darts causes a considerable amount of damage to the walls if no protective measures have been put in place. That’s where cabinet sets come in place.

These accessories are designed to cover the dartboard as well as protect the wall from stray darts. When purchasing a cabinet set online, it’s important to ensure that it will go well with your room’s décor. Secondly, you’ll have to make sure that your dartboard fits in well. You may also want to consider its size when open and see whether it offers your desired level of protection to the wall. Moreover, enquire about the extra features that come with the cabinet. For instance, others offer storage for the darts. You may also benefit from scoreboards from some cabinets. Lastly, consider the amount that you’re willing to spend on a cabinet. They range from around 40 bucks to over 1000 dollars.

Buyer’s guide to Dartboard Cabinets

There are just so many types and styles of dartboard cabinets available in the market. Before making a choice to buy one, let us go through some useful tips below.

  • Know your board type: The type of dartboards ranges from a traditional to a very modern one, and of course there are hundreds of variety to choose from. However, there are only several types of dartboards that are most commonly used: Bristle, Magnetic, Electronic, Coiled Paper, Wooden, and Children Dartboard.
  • Materials: Mostly, dartboard cabinets are made from wood since it is more durable and does not tip your darts. There are also some other available materials such as carpet or dense foam. Steel dartboard cabinets are not usually recommended.
  • Storage room: The roomy your cabinet, the better it would be. In other words, you can easily store more darts and some other related materials.
  • Scoring panel: You wouldn’t want to make your own scoring sheet while you can have one enclosed within your dartboard cabinets. The electric dartboard type also has an automatic scoring system for you.

10. Goplus Professional Dartboard Cabinet Set (Electronic)

  • By: Goplus

Though it hasn’t been on the market for long, Goplus is already leaving a buzz amongst dart enthusiasts. This set could be an incredible addition to your game room because of its unique functionality. The cabinet comprises of hardened plastic and has enough room to accommodate all your dart game accessories. The best part about Goplus is its LCD display powered by 4 AA batteries. It requires a dart throw action to restart from its sleeping mode. This professionally designed set is ideally suitable for 1-8 players at a time. The package includes 1 13.5’’ electronic dartboard, a cricket scoring LCD display, 12 darts, and a plastic cabinet. You also get 12 soft tips for replacement.


  • It’s electronic
  • It’s aesthetically appealing and has lots of games


  • You need batteries for the LCD to function

9. American Heritage Athos Complete Dartboard Set

  • By: American Heritage Billiards

American Heritage Complete Dart set is designed and crafted in Cleveland, Ohio. The cabinet has been thoughtfully engineered from solid pine with a nice touch of rich sierra stain finish. Its stylish molding on it is sure to add a decent look anywhere it is positioned. Uniquely, the cabinet is self-healing. This means that it won’t get riddled even after numerous shots. Consequently, this cabinet will take you for quite some years. Notably, each door of the cabinet has chalkboard scoreboard for easy scoring. This set comes complete with the dartboard and 6 steel-tip darts.


  • The cabinet is long-lasting
  • It has a superior design


  • Its price tag is on the high end at over 200 bucks

8. King’s Head Dartboard Cabinet Set

  • By: TG

This dartboard set is a unique unit, especially for the starters. Its low-med price range makes it affordable for anyone who wants to try their luck in this game. The cabinet is made of self-healing dark wood. It a stylish vintage art emblazoned on the front side. It will doubtlessly complement any room’s décor. The doors of this cabinet open to a chalkboard scoreboard which makes scoring not only quick but convenient. This package also includes 6 high-quality steel tip darts and an eraser. Even better, you also get an entire installation kit to have it mounted on the wall with much ease.


  • The cabinet is stylish and durable
  • The set has everything you need to get going


  • The dartboard is cheaply made

7. Viper Hudson Sisal Dartboard Cabinet

  • By: Viper by GLD Products

This cabinet is what you need for tournament level fun at your home. It features 100% pure pine wood construction for extreme durability. The doors feature strong and sturdy hinges that don’t require replacement. You also benefit from a viper outcharts board attached on one of the doors. This offers the players a quick reference on shots and scores. The other door is fitted with a dry erase scoreboard for convenient scoring. Again, Viper Hudson is fitted with a soft felt backing where the dartboard is to be mounted. It complements the whole set. In addition, the cabinet also offers storage slots for the darts.


  • It has a long-lasting construction
  • It’s eye-catching


  • The dartboard is sold separately

6. Hathaway Centerpoint Dartboard and Cabinet Set

  • By: Hathaway

The Hathaway Centerpoint Set features a professionally designed cabinet, a dartboard, and 2 sets of darts featuring American and British flag colors. The cabinet is made from Poplar hardwood found in North America. It has then been finished with an appealing dark cherry finish. Opening and closing is made possible by 2 stainless steel hinges on each door. In addition, the cabinet brings 2 pub style scoreboards. Hathaway Cabinet Set also offers 2 installation options. You can either hang it on a wall or have it permanently drilled.


  • It’s reasonably priced
  • It has elegant colors


  • Some feel that the colors are wrong

5. Triple Out Darts Dartboard Cabinet Set

  • By: Triple Out Darts

The great craftsmanship featured in this Triple Out Dartboard and Cabinet Set makes it a must-have for a family of dart game lovers. Amazingly, this set comes at a very incredible and friendly price. Again, you get everything you require to have tournament level fun. The set includes 6 high-quality steel tip darts, a dartboard, a cabinet, and chalk and an eraser. Again, you also get the installation hardware to have everything set. The cabinet is made of hardwood with a generous Walnut wood-like finish. The dartboard is 18’’ in diameter. It’ made of high-quality sisal fiber and doesn’t chip or leave holes.


  • It has fair pricing
  • The cabinet is stylish


  • Concerns about some cheap parts

4. DMI Bristle Dartboard and Cabinet Set

  • By: DMI Sports

Are you tired of cheap cabinet sets that never meet your expectations? Well, you might want to try this one. This is a stylish cabinet which has been crafted from oak wood. It measures 18.5’’ by 20’’ by 2.5’’. It also offers storage for the 6 darts. The cabinet has an appealing and attractive design and will surely be a unique addition to your basement, cave man, or game room.


  • This set comes ready for gaming
  • The oak wood has a decent appeal


  • Concern about a chemical smell

3. Viper Metropolitan Dartboard & Cabinet Bundle

  • By: Viper by GLD Products

This is another unbeatable cabinet set you should consider ordering. It’s made of solid pine and fitted with self-closing hinges. When open, this cabinet measures 42″ (L) x 27.5″ (W) x 3.5″ (D). This is doubtlessly enough space to protect your walls from any stray darts. The dartboard is staple-free and features a generous amount of self-healing sisal fibers compressed together.


  • It has excellent build quality
  • It mounts easily


  • It’s expensive

2. NFL Dart Cabinet Set

  • By: Imperial

Though pricier than other cabinet sets, this American-made NFL is a reliable bundle that you can rely on. This cabinet is made of solid pine wood and has the NFL logo to add to its profile. This set also includes an 18’’ dartboard, 6 darts with NFL logo on the flights, 2 chalkboard scoreboards, chalk, and eraser.


  • It’s made of high-quality pine wood
  • It’s attractive


  • It’s pricey

1. Viper Hudson Bristle Dartboard & Cabinet Set

  • By: Viper by GLD Products

This Viper Hudson by GLD Products is our #1 cabinet set on this list. This cabinet has an appealing mahogany finish that will surely add a luxurious finish wherever it is placed. The package comes complete with an 18’’ dartboard and 6 starter darts. The cabinet is 41.5″L x 21.25″W x 3.5″H when open and 23.25″L x 21.25″W x 3.5’’D when closed.


  • It has a luxurious design
  • It’s durable


  • Concern about the quality of darts

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