Top 10 Best Erlenmeyer Flasks in 2019 Reviews

Erlenmeyer flask also called a conical, or titration flask refers to a laboratory flask that has a flat bottom, tapered body, and a cylindrical body. It is used in laboratory experiments involving solutions and liquids because it features tapered sides that allow the contents to swirl well. They are mostly used in titration and crystallization experiments among other lab activities. Our review captures the best conical flasks in 2019 reviews. In fact, Erlenmeyer flasks are designed to last for a long time while delivering high performance and accurate experimental data. No standard laboratory would function without them. Indeed, they are among if not an essential set of equipment in a lab. Since many manufacturers have joined the business of making these conical flasks trying to portray their dexterity; we’ve to be keen when buying a set of this glassware. Our article aims at giving you insightful glances of the top best Erlenmeyer flasks in 2019 reviews.

10. MHB- Erlenmeyer flask – with Stopper

  •  By: MHB

You can trust on the quality of your results when you use this flask. It boasts laboratory grade borosilicate glass which can be heated over a flame without cracking. It has a large capacity of 2000ml, giving you a broad area for mixing more solutions. The construction comes along with a rubber stopper that allows you to heat incline and even shake without the fear of the spillage of the solution. It is specially designed for boiling, titration, and storage of solutions. The flask features a white calibration scale and white marking spot for accuracy.

9. PyrexPYREX Narrow Mouth Erlenmeyer Flask – 250mL

  •  By: PYREX

The heavy duty construction featured in this conical flask together with the ergonomic features makes it the best. It boasts thick rims that prevent chipping. The wall thickness gives it the best thermal and mechanical shock resistance. So, it allows you carry a different type of procedures without fearing any incidence accidental breakage. It guarantees the most accurate results you can ever get. It boasts lab grade borosilicate material and dual graduation.

8. Karter Scientific – 213G22 /1000ml

  •  By: Karter Scientific

You will never miss any experimental data analysis when you collect the raw figures using this Karter conical flask. It boasts high-quality borosilicate glass that is resistant to thermal injury. It has enough capacity of 2000ml eliminating the need to do a particular experiment severally. It also guarantees correct readings, as it features an extra large marking spot and clear calibration. The neck measure 33mm in diameter, large enough to allow easy addition and retrieval of solutions.

7. Karter Scientific 2000ml – 213G15

  •  By: Karter Scientific

Another conical flask by Karter, it has various to quality features that make it stand out from the rest. It boasts a 3.3 borosilicate glass quality and an ASTM specification E960. The glass material is easily washable and doesn’t stain easily. Also, it is resistant to thermal damage giving you the freedom to carry out the required test without hesitation. Unlike other ordinary conical flasks, this flask is made of quality and clear glass that lets you read the meniscus with ease. The height is good, and the neck diameter is ideal to allow insertion of other equipment such as the throttle and tubes that go hand in hand with titration.

6. 2000ml – Narrow Mouth Erlenmeyer Flask

  •  By: American Labs

It doesn’t matter the field of science in which you are researching, but one fact remains, this flask will not only get the job done but will deliver high precise and accurate results. Whether you are in the biological sector doing yeast culturing, or you are in the chemistry thesis, the flask delivers excellent results all the time. It boasts one the highest grade of glass in the world, the 3.3 borosilicate glass. It cleans with ease and resistant to heat damage. It features a single scale that is clearly visible for easy reading.

5. PYREX Narrow – 500mL Mouth Erlenmeyer Flasks

  •  By: Corning

Everything about this conical flask is superbly designed to produce super quality results. It boasts outstanding strength and stability needed for most chemical reactions. The brilliant transparency of this flask ensures that you there isn’t any reading error. Its superiority in designing provides that it is resistant to corrosion by chemicals and even the drastic thermal changes of reactions. Pyrex conical flasks are perfectly adapted to the severe laboratory conditions. All these fundamental properties make it an invincible partner in education and advancement.

4. PYREX 2L – Narrow Mouth Erlenmeyer Flasks

  •  By: PYREX

This set of Erlenmeyer dedicates all its might to letting you become the hero of the day and scoop all the experimental awards that come across. It has a robust body that doesn’t break with ease to ensure that you finish the experiments successfully without facing any problems. It features heavy duty rims and uniform wall thickness. This rigid design is resistant to mechanical and thermal shock. It doesn’t stain easily from any chemical thereby giving easy time in all your endeavors. Besides, it features a dual graduation and a large capacity of two liters for added convenience in every step of your project.

3. Karter Scientific Glass Erlenmeyer Flask #213B2 – 5 Piece

  •  By: Karter Scientific

This product outshines all other labware in existence just because of its rigid and reusable design. The product comes as a package that contains 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500 and 100 ml. These pieces enable you to do an integrated experiment faster and accurately. The items are designed from heavy duty borosilicate glass. The glassware is reusable in the sense that it doesn’t stain easily from the toughest chemicals.

2. PYREX 1L Narrow Mouth Flask Heavy Duty Rim

  •  By: PYREX

This conical flask guarantees that you’re the experimental values, you get correlates with the theoretical values perfectly. It gives no rooms to errors and ensures a hassle free way of doing an experiment. It boasts a clear graduation with a 50ml interval that is clearly visible from a distance. The durable body construction features thick and uniform walls made of borosilicate material ensures that the drastic thermal change and pressure don’t ruin your experiment. The material is highly resistant to heat and mechanical shape.

1. Glass Erlenmeyer Flask – 3Set Karter 214U2 (Best Seller)

  •  By: Karter Scientific

This set of Erlenmeyer flask becomes your partner when you get into the lab and wonder what to do. It doesn’t relent in giving you an extended time of excellent service. It contains three pieces of 50ml, 150l, and 250ml respectively. It features an elegant design made from class A high-quality borosilicate glass. The flasks are reusable because they don’t stain easily or get shocked by thermal changes. Besides, the set features ASTM Specification E960 to guarantee you super quality. Indeed, this conical flask set or rather an Erlenmeyer flask deserves this top rank.

Quantitative and qualitative experiments in the lab mostly rely on Erlenmeyer flasks. Also, most of the experiments involve mixing varying volumes of samples to test and get absolute values. It is proper always to use certified and renowned types of conical flasks to attain the objective of the projects without hassles. The top best Erlenmeyer flasks in 2019 reviews pass the test and fit in any experimental procedure.

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