Top 10 Best Finishing Pads in 2019 Reviews

Almost everyone is familiar with polishing or finishing pads. They provide a vital function in protecting and boosting your car’s appearance. Nevertheless, you might be having the best polisher and still don’t get satisfying results. The exact problem is because you do not have the right polishing pad for your equipment. But, you shouldn’t buy a finishing pad blindly. You must have a careful thought of what an excellent finishing pad possesses. It must pass the test. It must have the aspects of durability, quality, and versatility. This means that it must work well with different polishers without clogging and with consistency. Also, it should be environmentally friendly and must leave a flawless shine. Nevertheless, there are several brands of finishing pads out there trying to prove their prowess. This is quite overwhelming for the buyer. Therefore, to relieve you, we have the top 10 best finishing pads.

10. Green Polishing/Finishing CCS Smart Pads

  • Brand: Lake Country

This sturdy finishing pad uses a CCS technology to give your car a flawless shine. It works without a hassle with a 5-inch buckle plate. It has a Velcro brand hook and loop that fastens it well onto the buckle plate. This enables you to service your cars appearance with ease and with consistency. Unlike the convoluted pads, the CCS technology functions excellently with a variety of polishes and paints to give you the best results. It is a perfect pad for all in one product application.

9. 3M – 10144 Between Coats Finishing Pads

  • Brand: 3M

It has an elegant design that enables it to remove bubbles, dust bibs, and blemishes. The result is an ultra-smooth shine of your car. Unlike the traditional steel – wool finishing pads, this particular pad do not shred or rust. Per package, you will find two pieces of pads. Boasting a compact line of stripping, they can handle any complex stripping activity. Ranging from indoor tasks with limited ventilation to the hardest multilayer varnish stripping problems, this is the ultimate product to make the job easier and safer.

8. 8″- Black Extra Fine Foam Finishing Grip Pad Final Buff Polish Wax

  • Brand: TCP Global

This is a professional grade made finishing pad. It is made of light and ultra-soft foam for applying finish waxes, paint sealants and polishing products. It is well -built to withstand excess pressure during final finishing while giving you a super soft, swirl- free finish. It guarantees you of no cuts and an even thin coat of waxes, paint sealants, and car glazes. For a firm attachment on the buckle plate, it features a grip attachment and a curved plastic backing. Also, the foam pads boat an open cell design for improved airflow.

7. Cyclo White Foam Finishing Pad with Loop

  • Brand: Cyclo Toolmakers

You need to get the job done right by having the right finishing pad. Our product here is the must have for finishing your detail work. You can use it for extreme shine, final wax buff, and metal sealant application. It has an excellent design for use on metal, paint, fiberglass and acrylic surfaces. They are genuine and premium grade finishing pad that features a loop and hoop. Each pad measures 4 inches and therefore fit most standard sized plates. The reticulated polyester foam enhances air circulation giving a safe and top performance.

6. Chemical Guys BUFLC_106_6 Lake Country Ultra- Light Finishing Pad

  • Brand: Chemical Guys

You need to get things right. For a paint to benefit a longer working period, the applicator pad should be slow in absorption. Therefore, this pad here is slow in absorption, and it’s also true for liquid waxes and sealants. The CCS pockets ensure that there is an operator control. Since they don’t absorb the paint, they act as reservoirs unless the excess paint is needed. This CCS pocket also breaks up the smooth surface of the foam and prevents the skipping and sticking that occurs when two perfectly flat surfaces meet. It offers ease of application as there is little or no heat generated. This is because the paint isn’t completely touching the pad. It passes the OEM test and performs better than the convoluted pad design.

5. Griot’s Garage Black 6.5″ Foam Finishing Pad

  • Brand: Griot’s Garage

It features a robust and elegant design. It boasts a reticulated open cell foam design that not only distributes the paint evenly but also resists tearing. This design offers one of the industry-leading performance and durability. Multipurpose foam is ideal for a compound, wax or soft paint. Its rigidity ensures that it leaves no micro marring and gives a perfect finish. The reengineered shape features chamfered edges guarantee a superior and an even paint coverage. It is suitable for a compound, cleaner, wax and sealant. Additionally, it comes with a lifetime

4. Chemical Guys BUFLC_105_6 Lake Country Finishing Pad

  • Brand: Chemical Guys

It boasts strategically positioned pockets. This ensures that the more paint is left on the surface. The polish-saving design that also polishes an extended lifetime. It has no cut and thus applies thin coats of waxes and even sealants. After being tested and approved by the OEM, they have a low rate of polish absorption, thus an improved operator control. It prevents sticking and skipping, giving your car a sparkling and flawless shine.

3. Griot’s Garage 6.5″ Micro Fiber FAST- Finishing Pad

  • Brand: Griot’s Garage

It earns its name by having an excellent design. It features a plush, high-grade microfiber that enhances the effectiveness of waxes, sealants, and polishes. The reticulated form enhances the conformity the conformity to body contours. The chamfered edge increases the footprint and gives a flawless shine eventually. The thermoset bonding increases the durability of his particular finishing pad. This guarantees you of extended enjoyment of a quality service.

2. Chemical Guys BUFX_106_HEX5 HexLogic Finishing Pad

  • Brand: Chemical Guys

This is indeed a professional grade pad. It boasts a Hex-logic laser cut surface. This feature gives you faster and precise results. It is perfectly centered to ensure that it does an exquisite finishing job. The ring is flexible and bendable to enhance easy wash and reusability.

1. Meguiar’s WRFF7 7-inches Rotary Foam Finishing Pad

  • Brand: Meguiars

This s the best on our list, and the features reveal every reason for our decision. Having the right finishing pad is necessary. It boasts a superior foam technology that prevents minor surface defects giving you a premium gloss finish. The perfect size eliminates chatter, resulting to a smooth and easy buffing. Additionally, it features a recessed backing for easy centering. The combination of these outstanding features ensures that you get a flawless shine on your car surface.

From our rankings above, we can see that there are some brands with outstanding features. It is a mere fact that your cars beauty condition reveals much more of yourself. Thus, no need of taking chances anymore. Select the one for you from, the top 10 best finishing pads in 2019 reviews.

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