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Are you in the market looking for the best wheelchair available on the market in 2019? Well, in this article we will take you through the top 10 best wheelchairs as rated by users and medical specialists. All factors have been taken into account from the ones that offer the best recovery services, most comfortable, most mobile and easy to store.

10. Drive Medical FW19BL Fly-Weight Transport Chair, Blue by Drive Medical

This wheelchair is made of an aluminum frame that weighs approximately 19lbs while the weight capacity of the wheelchair is at 300lbs. The wheel clocks are also made of a deluxe aluminum. The composite wheels making this wheelchair are also very light to reduce the weight of the entire wheelchair, and they are also maintenance free. The footrests are mobile such that they can swing away and make way. This wheelchair also comes with a seatbelt that is for safety purposes and a pocket at the backrest for carrying items. The back of the wheelchair folds down, and this makes it easy to store and transport the wheelchair.

9. Drive Medical Flyweight Lightweight Transport Wheelchair, Blue with Removable wheels 19 by Drive Medical

This wheelchair has eight wheels that can easily be removed without using any tools. The rear wheels are made of aluminum and come with a lock to help in movement. The wheelchairs weigh around 19lbs while the capacity is approximately 300lbs.

8. Drive Medical FW19GR Fly-Weight Transport Chair, Green, and 19 Inch by Drive Medical

The Weight capacity of this chair is 300lbs while its aluminum frames weigh 19lbs. The rear wheels are also made of deluxe aluminum and come with locks, and the lightweight composite wheels are maintenance free. The chair is tool-free, and the footrests are also movable to swing them sideways. This chair comes with a seat belt offering more safety, and the backrest has a pocket for carrying little materials. The foldable back also helps to make the chair easier to transport and store.

7. Flyweight Lightweight Aluminum Transport Wheelchair 19” seat, Blue by Drive Medical

The chair comes with eight wheels that are easily removable without the use of any tools. The rear wheels have deluxe aluminum locks. The chair weighs just 19lbs. It also has a back release and comes with a seat belt to offer more safety while the backrest has a pocket for carrying light materials.

6. NOVA Medical Products 352 Lightweight Transport Chair with Detachable Desk Arms, Hand Brakes and 12” Rear Wheels, Blue, 19” from NOVA Medical Products

This chair has an overall Weight of 300lbs and is only 19” high. The overall width while opened is at 25” while when closed it’s at 12”. The seat dimensions, on the other hand, are at 16”d by 19.5”w. Its footrests can also be swing sideways, and the backrest has a pocket for carrying light materials.

5. Drive Medical FW19DB Fly-Weight Transport Chair, Tan Plaid, 19 Inch by Drive Medical

The weight capacity of this wheelchair is 300lbs while its aluminum frame is 19lbs. The back of this chair can easily be folded down to make it easy to transport and store. It also has a footrest that swings sideways and comes with a seat belt for safety purposes. The rear deluxe aluminum wheels have locks, and the composite wheels are maintenance free and very light.

4. Freedom Transport Chair, Black by Medline

The back side of this chair features a key ring, a mobile phone pocket, an identification holder and a bottle holder. It 8” back wheels and a seat belt for safety purposes. The permanent armrests and handles on the seat are well positioned to make the chair comfortable. The back side of this chair also folds easily which helps to make it easy to store and transport this chair.

3. Red Medline MDS808200SLRR Ultra Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

This wheelchair is almost 25% lighter than other wheelchairs while its capacity weight is still at 300lb! The armrests are designed as a restaurant chair to increase comfortability. It comes with a seat belt to increase safety while the back side has multiple pockets for carrying identification tag, a drinking bottle, a cell phone, and key ring. The chair is easily folded down at the back to make it easy to transport and store.

2. Freedom Transport Chairs, Silver by Medline

The silver Freedom Transport Chair come with several pockets conveniently placed to hold a water bottle, cell phone, an identification card and a key ring. The chair has a seatbelt to for user’s safety. The footrests are movable to make it possible to swing them away while the armrests and handles have been well designed and positioned for optimal comfort.

1. Drive Medical Fly Lite Ultra Lightweight Transport Wheelchair, 19”, Black Frame from Drive Medical

One of the very best wheelchairs in the market with 8” caster wheels at the back and 6” casters at the front. The footrests can be adjusted to fit users of different heights and can also swing away to make it easy to walk away from the chair. The rear wheels also have aluminum locks. The back of the chair is also affordable to make it easy to transport and store.


With the above information, you can be able to see which wheelchair will best serve you interest hence you will be able to make the right choice when making your order. Just choose any of them and you can be assured that the chairs quality and comfort will impress you.

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