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Top 10 Best Gaming Mice in 2019 Reviews

Not every gamer can use the office mouse when it comes to gaming. It sometimes gets confusing than when utilized in the office. The gaming mouse is the suitable option for all first-time shooters. While gaming mice have somehow endless range of choices to choose between, It is vital that you have the right mouse under your control. It will make gaming easy and comfortable for you.

Good mouse features, among other, sheer ergonomics and five to ten programmable buttons. Don’t struggle with your old three-button mouse; go for the new and improved one. To make choosing easy for you, below is a review of the top ten best gaming mice in 2019.

10. TeckNet Raptor

  • Brand: TeckNet

It has a 6D optical mouse with a wave sensor that gives high-accuracy cursor control. It features, high-quality component, comfortable and gives a unique soft feeling to the hands. It has an adjustable dpi setting for precise control. With its contoured curves and ergonomic design, it fits all sizes. It also gives complete comfort throughout the session. With a USB port and large mouse gliders, there is no a driver software.

9. UtechSmart Venus

  • Brand: UtechSmart

This is a high precision laser sensor mouse with 19 optimized buttons. The smooth surface gives it a feel good touch and helps with the navigation faster. Its driver software has character abilities which help in efficiency throughout the gaming. The micro-switch provides firm clicks with its series of keys. It is durable due to the fiber cable with gold coated USB connector. Led color customizing options give a unique feature.

8. SteelSeries Sensei

  • Brand: SteelSeries

With the configured options, this mouse comes in handy for right and left handed gamers. With its ergonomics features, the mouse gives more sense, aim and free move. It helps to control the performance. The precision and sensitivity desired is underneath the menu system on the mouse. Unique with programmable macro buttons it fits all genres of players. The gold plated USB connector enhances massive signal accuracy.

7. Razer Mamba Professional

  • Brand: Razer

This gaming mouse is an engineered masterpiece. It has customized color option for that extra fun as you maneuver your way to victory. It has a personalized illumination of the scroll wheel and side strips as the gamer would prefer. Its unique lighting effects give an impressive style. The ergonomic form factor provides comfort and reduces unnecessary stress on the hand. With the wireless capabilities be sure to have an excellent experience.

6. Razer Naga Epic Chroma

  • Brand: Razer

This incredible high- performance gaming mouse has lovely lighting effects. They fit the gamers’ personalized preference. It is ideal for many profiles. It’s has 19 programmable buttons layout. They are instant and classic giving you the freedom of outstanding performance. This mouse has one of the best wireless capabilities. There is no need to lack power since you can charge it while playing. It is thus more efficient and gives you the convenience you need. Choosing it will not be a wrong decision.

5. Razer Naga (RZ01-01040100-R3U1)

  • Brand: Razer

With a 4G laser sensor, this is no ordinary mouse it will deliver precision and complete victory. It has powerful customized features such as mechanical switches to give ultimate feedback. The device has customized buttons to a personal level. Its ergonomic form fits the palm well for comfort. The scroll wheel has tilt-click feature for lengthy navigation. It comes with 12 mechanical thumb grid buttons that offer quicker click.

4. Redragon M901 Perdition

  • Brand: Redragon

You will like the features of the Redragon M901 Perdition. Has high-end fiber cable with USB connector that enhances signal accuracy. Fitted with durable, smooth feet pads and a shapely body this mouse is a definition of class. It gives most control over the game. You can switch the distinct colors of different profiles using the customized buttons. It comes with 19 programmable and mechanical side buttons. This makes it one of the ultimate best gaming accessories to choose.

3. Logitech G700s 910-003584

  • Brand: Logitech

Pre- configured button settings on this mouse do not need any software. It is feature rich where you can set and save unique profiles without configuring them. The design is comfortable, well-curved grip for uninterrupted gaming. The non-stick surface coating on the surface makes it advanced and dynamic. Its ultra- durable and comfortable design is just fantastic. Full speed, 13 programmable buttons, and rechargeable feature make it outstanding.

2. Anker 2.4G Wireless

  • Brand: Anker

This mouse is sleek, classy and comfortable. It has five easy accessible buttons that improve the control of the system. It has a high-quality gear making it capable of changing the sensitivity levels. The optical tracking technology enhances the sensitivity for smooth and precise accuracy.

1. Razer DeathAdder Chroma

  • Brand: Razer

Whether playing at low or high speed, this gadget will keep you in control. Its ergonomic shape fitted well with rubber side grips fits well in the palm. It thus gives an amazing gaming experience. It is one of the best mice and has unique illuminating themes on the scroll wheel set fast as the gamer would want. The well equipped optical sensor gives you incredible acceleration and accuracy.

If you are a gamer, you don’t need to struggle again when choosing the right gaming mouse. This review is a guide to help you choose the one that best fits your needs. There is nothing as good as shopping for the right product and from the right manufacturer. Since most of the mice come with five to ten programmable buttons, it is good to be careful always when purchasing the product.

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