Top 10 Best Garage Door Openers In 2019 Reviews

The importance of a garage at home cannot be underestimated; it is normally the haven for the vehicles and other personal assets that cannot fit in the house. Additionally, a garage provides a very good place where one can set up an entertainment system. Therefore, a garage should have an easy access but more importantly, secure, to protect the assets stored. The only way to achieve and balance security and ease of access is by getting a good garage door opener. When buying a garage door opener, you should be very careful so that you get value for your money and at the same time get a quality product. Important considerations when buying a garage door opener includes performance and installation requirement of the garage door opener. We have compiled the top 10 best garage door openers in 2019 reviews for you.

10. Asante Garage Door Opener

This Asante Garage door opener that has an easy setup process and direct installation, something you can do by yourself. With this opener, you can monitor and control the garage door from your smartphone. Additionally, you get unlimited cloud access when you are using the opener free application. It has night vision infrared lights, which you can turn on and off manually. You can also link it with a sensor and be receiving notifications anytime the door is opened.

9. SOMMER 1052V000

Sommer 1052V000 is built to lift the heavy garage doors that measure up to 8 foot high. This heavy-duty opener has a 1.0 hp. rating, while the design is compact, hence easy installation. It is powered by a heavy-duty electric power, which adds to its durability and power. It is very quiet courtesy of the chain drive system, so people won’t wake up when you are leaving in the morning and arriving late at night. Other features that make it effective is that it has very few moving parts, two transmitters and interior wall station that is tamper proof.

8. Genie 2042-TKC QuietLift

This is one of the super quiet garage door openers on sale on the market today; this is attributed to the fact that the opener is belt driven. It comes with a secure wireless keypad making it easy to access and enter the garage. It has a tamper proof wall console, which with the other quality components adds to its dependability and performance. It has a 1.2 HP electric power giving it the power to lift doors of up to seven feet. It has 2 3-button remote and will work well with every sectional resident door.

7. LiftMaster 3800 Garage Door Opener

Looking for the best garage door opener to use on a sectional garage door that measures up to 180 sq. ft. or 14 ft. high? This is our recommendation. It is a torsion bar type, so be careful before buying to ensure it is compatible with your system. It is very quiet, courtesy of the 24 volts DC motor performance. It has a battery backup that is very useful when there is power outage so that you will not have to control it manually. So when you are a looking for a garage door opener that won’t allow installation of traditional openers, then try this one out.

6. 1042V003 Direct Drive Garage Door Opener

If you want the most useful and efficient garage door opener to use on your residential garage door, this is would be a perfect pick. It is very quiet, and has very little vibrations, so if you hate the noise that is produced by regular garage door openers, you will love this one. The secret in the quiet nature is that this garage door opener has only one moving part. It has rails that make it usable on doors that measure 7 to 8 feet. When you buy you get a lifetime warranty; an indication is very sure of the opener’s quality.

5. Chamberlain PD210D

Chamberlain PD210D features an advanced technology and a 1/2 horsepower chain drive system. It is beautifully designed while the white and blue color blend well in different garage door themes. It has an industrial strength chain, which is durable and contributes to its superior power. This opener can easily support doors that measure up to 8 feet tall. It has a multifunctional controlling panel that is easy to install and set up.


Chamberlain WD832KEV uses the MyQ technology, which defines the functionalities of this garage door opener. The MyQ technology that makes it compatible with Myq smartphone allows you to open, monitor and close the door, using your smartphone. However, you will have to buy the Internet Gateway and smartphone monitoring and controlling tool, because they are not included when you buy the unit. It works on a 1/2 hp. Motor, which is durable and a steel reinforced belt drive, which is very quiet. When the garage door opens, there is a 200-watt bulb that lights, adding to its safety, reliability and convenience.

3. Chamberlain PD612EV

Chamberlain PD612EV also uses Myq technology that adds to its convenience, reliability and ease of use. To control or monitor it with your smartphone, you need to get the Smartphone Monitoring and Control, which has Myq Gateway, however, because they are sold separately; you will have to incur some extra expenses. It has a 1/2 hp. motor and a chain drive that provides it with a steady and continual performance. When you buy it, you get a 2-3-button remote and a wireless keypad. There is also a 200-watt light that lights up when the door opens, for added safety.

2. Chamberlain WD962KEV

Chamberlain is today one of the most reputable garage door manufacturer, explaining why most of its garage door opener models are best sellers. This WD962 is enabled to use the MyQ technology. It has a powerful3/4 HPS, belt drive system to offer you a superior and quiet performance. Even when there is power outage this garage door opener, is not affected as it has a built-in battery, which supports it, when there is no power. When you buy it, you also get a control system, wireless keyless entry system, and 3 button remote controls.

1. Chamberlain Group PD220 Garage Door Opener

The PD220 garage door opener by Chamberlain Group is simple and easy to use kit. It is has a 12 volts DC motor with a ½ hp. power rating, making it perfect for 7 feet sectional doors. It is made from polypropylene and polycarbonate housing that defines its light, durable and strong nature. It is easy to install, offer you better performance with minimal interference.

After reading the above top 10 best garage door openers in 2019 reviews, we trust you understand these devices better. Just as highlighted, the best garage door openers are judged by, the noise they produce, the security technology, battery backup, the presence of overhead lights, the size, and power.

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