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Top 10 Best Golf GPS Rangefinders in 2019 Reviews

When it comes to golf, accuracy is the determinant. Nobody would ever put any chances in winning those grand prizes in golfing. This is the main reason why you need to dial in distances and swing confidently with the best range finder. After all, you won’t be able to hit the target on the green without knowing exactly how far it is away from you.

You might have used a golf range finder and realized the impact it has on the scoring results. Thus, you may have become addicted and realized you couldn’t do much without it. Yes, this practical truth to some gamers. But, this shouldn’t be the case. A golf rangefinder should help you determine distance with the highest precision and consistency. No matter whether you are a hard knock gamer, you will find that a rangefinder will change your gaming experience. For you to choose the best rangefinder, you have to consider every quality and features. But, having a great variety to choose from may overwhelm you. But, not any more as there’s a lasting solution. Here’s a list of the top 10 best GPS golf rangefinders in 2019 reviews.

10. Callaway 300 Laser- Rangefinder W/ Power Pack

  • Brand: Callaway

It boasts a maximum range of 1000 yards with 6 X magnification. The in acquisition technology lets you lock into the flag quickly up to 300 yards even with background objects. This device helps you scan distances of multiple targets at a go. Besides, it is lightweight thus, no big deal in carrying it throughout the game. The package includes extra items such as three sleeves of Callaway Chrome golf balls, divot repair tool as well as two packs of 3v batteries.

9. Leupold Gx-4Ia2 Rangefinder

  • Brand: Leupold

It has a quick set user menu that will not waste any minute during the game. The digitally enhanced accuracy in marriage with pin hunter and prism lock makes this device a real game changer. Besides it conforms to the USGA rule 14-3. The design looks rugged and compact to withstand the harshness in the gaming environment. Optimum accuracy is displayed within 10 yards, but the range can go up to 700 yards. The combination of laser technology and other property features makes it the best can be customized to your personal ball striking skills.

8. Bushnell Hybrid Laser/Gps Rangefinder

  • Brand: Bushnell

The key here is a hybridization of a rangefinder and the GPS. The package is incredible as it includes USB cable and charger as well as a carrying case and strap. Range performance is 300+-one yard accuracy and furthest range is 1000 yards. The GPS package comes with free preloaded courses. Besides, it provides distance to the front, center, and the back of the green. Other outstanding features include an auto-hole advance and auto-course recognition. Also, you are assured of one-year limited warranty.

7. Bushnell Pro X7- Jolt Slope Rangefinder

  • Brand: Bushnell

You will never miss the target when you use this device effectively. It combines pin seeker with jolt technology to give extraordinary accuracy. The ranges are 5 yards to 1 mile and 550+to the flag. Accuracy is 0.5 yard between 5 to 125 yards. You will ever miss as it has been equipped with slope tech that caters for the compensated distance based on the holes gradient. Besides, the optics is excellent as they provide 7X magnification. The combination of ESP and vivid display tech improves the overall clarity and light transmission.

6. Laser Link Red Hot- 2 Rangefinder

  • Brand: Laser Link Golf

Just using a simple touch of a button, every detail between you and the target becomes vivid. It assures you of the highest level of accuracy even at long ranges. The red dot aiming system features a zero in alignment aid ensures every hit becomes your best. They have a more compact body than the previous models thus portable for added comfort in use and convenience. The range is 1000 yards maximum. Also, it has a splendid user -interface with a large LCD.

5. TecTecTec VPRO 500S Slope- Golf Rangefinder

  • Brand: TecTecTec

This is a 2019 tournament, legal golf range finder. It boasts a pin slope technology that gives you the actual distance with or without a slope. This is a high-quality range finder that boasts long measurement range of 540 yards. The flag seeker is helps you to measure overlapping subjects in both horizontal and vertical. It is made of high-quality optics that has a 6X magnification. The optics is rainproof by having multilayer coatings. The package includes additional items include microfiber cloth, bag, battery, and straps.

4. Bushnell Tour v3 Slope- Laser Rangefinder

  • Brand: Bushnell

This is a single -hand operated X magnification high-performance range finder. The ranges are 10 to 1000 yards, 300 yards to flag and +- one accuracy. It works on the concept of pinseeker technology combined with jolt vibration activated technology. One the pin seeker is activated, it scans the whole landscape, and you can pan on the landscape on your LCD. Slope compensation calculates with accuracy so that you can adjust the swing yardage depending on the extent of the slope.

3. Bushnell Tour V3 Rangefinder- Standard Patriot Packs

  • Brand: Bushnell

This is yet another impressive rangefinder from Bushnell. It boasts an ergonomic single-handed vertical operation. The optics has 5X magnification. Ranges are 10 to 1000 yards, 300 yards to flag with +- one-yard accuracy. The pin seeker together with jolt vibration scans the whole landscape, and the results are displayed on LCD. Also, the measurements are shown instantaneously as yards and meters. The other merits include a carrying case and battery. It comes with one year warranty.

2. Bushnell Tour V3- Rangefinders

  • Brand: Bushnell

This one from Bushnell has a compact ergonomic design. The features are classy. These include high ranges and magnification. The ranges are 10 to 1000 yards, 300 yards to the flag and 300 yards +- one yard of accuracy. The magnification of the lens is 5X. Its operation is based on the pin seeker technology and jolt vibration. With these incredible features, you will never be limited by a slope or any other obstacle. The LCD allows you to explore the results and make a quick, accurate swing.

1. TecTecTec VPRO500- Golf Rangefinder

  • Brand: TecTecTec

After a careful analysis, this ranger finder takes the top rank. They have taken step by step instructions in molding this masterpiece. It looks simple by the functionality is sophisticated. It features a pin sensor technology base on the laser concepts. It can measure up to54o yards using the scan mode to give the highest accuracy. Beside it is comfortable to use as it weighs as less as 185g. It is a perfect device for use in wooded areas, measure golf flags and overlapping subjects. It is also durable water resistant enough to handle the harsh terrains of golfing. It provides instant measurement with one-yard accuracy. The package is a good deal as it comprises of microfiber cloth, CR2 battery, pouches and a start manual. This is the dream of any dedicated golfer.

Golf is a tricky game to many people. To some, it even tends to be challenging. But, this shouldn’t be an obstacle anymore. With the list of rangefinders above, you must upgrade your game. They are indeed the top 10 best Golf GPS rangefinders in 2019 reviews.

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