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Top 10 Best Golf Shirts For Men in 2019 Reviews

Being a newbie in golfing field sometimes brings memories some embarrassing and some just laughable. Of course, you would not want to be remembered for wearing heavy and marching confidently into the golf course. Here, the idea that I am trying to put across is that you need to be in a light shirt and this article, you have the best coming as top 10 best golf shirts for men in 2019 reviews.

10. Under Armor UA Team Rival Golf Shirt Men

 Under Armor UA Team Rival Golf Shirt Men

  • By: Under Armour

If you are looking for the best golf shirts men type, then you are already dealing with one that comes with the best features. Of course, you will want to have a shirt that comes with the best materials and with the capacity to last. Here, this type comes with 95% polyester and 5% elastane materials and hence is the best shirt that you can have as a golfer. The shirt is just worth its value and you can find it at an affordable cost.

No matter where your workout takes you, this is the best shirt that suits not only the golfers but also the best for workouts and other kinds of exercises. When it comes to the value of the same product, you can rest assured that the product will work for your needs. On the other features, you will find the shirt featuring breathable materials and hence making them comfortable at all times. The other features that you should know are the UA Tech fabric that comes with an ultra-soft nature for great feel and comfort.

9. Nike Men’s Victory Long Sleeve Golf Shirt

Nike Men's Victory Long Sleeve Golf Shirt

  • By: NIKE

This is another of the best golf shirts men types, and you should get one of the same if you are looking for quality and for a product that can last. The product comes from high-quality polyester, and that is the material design, and that is why you will find this product durable. The Dri-fit technology is helpful in keeping you always comfortable and dry. Therefore, there is nothing to worry when you are using the same for your golfing or any other exercises.

The standard fit that comes with the same product is the best for keeping yourself comfortable and hence you can enjoy your golfing or any other kind of activity without any hassle. The short comes with a ribbed collar and hence preventing curling making it always to look smart and fit. The other thing that you can see is the three-button placket that is essential for adjusting the shirt to fit your needs and size. Another great feature or benefit is that the product is affordable and you can manage it easily.

8. Jolt Gear Men’s Dry Fit Golf Shirts

Jolt Gear Men's Dry Fit Golf Shirts

  • By: Jolt Gear

The first feature is that the shirt comes with a short sleeved feature and if you are a lover of the short sleeves, then you can get to own this great polo golf shirt. The four-way stretch fabrication is another feature that you should take note of if you are looking for the best golf shirts men type. Here, the feature that we have just mentioned is the best when it comes to athletics as it enhances loose performance fit that is the best for mobility. Of course, the shirt is the best for any other sport, and hence you should consider that.

The moisture-wicking fabric technology is another feature that we can mention with this great product. With that, you can enjoy all your sports and since the shirt helps in keeping the sweat away from your skin and hence spreading them into your dry shirt areas. The anti-odor technology is another feature that is helpful in preventing the bacteria from forming up and hence keeping your shirt safe for use always. The other thing that you must know is the fact that the product or rather the shirt comes with an additional laundry bag for travel purposes.

7. PGA Tour Men’s Golf Shorts

PGA Tour Men's Golf Shorts

  • By: PGA TOUR

This brand comes with a short sleeved shirt that you will find it the best for your golfing and any other outdoor activities. The product comes from 100% polyester and hence is the best when it comes to durability. That means if you are looking for the best golf shirts men type that will stay for long, then you should at least check out this excellent option. Of course, there is nothing to bar you from getting this affordable shirt that comes with excellence and value.

When it comes to caring for the same, of course, there is nothing hard since the shirt comes with the ability to be washed by machine. Here, you just need to acquire the shirt and enjoy its value. The three-button placket is another feature that allows you to adjust the buttons to suit your taste or needs. The benefit or rather the feature that makes it suitable and good for golfing and other sports is the moisture wicking and ventilation feature that makes the shirt to absorb sweat and hence making it good for its purpose.

6. Nike Men’s Victory Golf Shirts

Nike Men's Victory Golf Shirts

  • By: NIKE

One thing that we should start with about this great shirt is the color, and here, you have a great variety to choose from and to get the best color that fits your taste. The other second feature is the tri-fit fabric that always helps in keeping you dry and comfortable. Remember, golfing is just like any other sport and you will have to sweat at some point. Here, the shirt helps in absorbing the sweat and hence making you feel comfortable at all times.

When we dive into the core of its features, you will find that this golf shirt is the best and comes to give you the value that you want for your golfing. The stretch fabric and the rolled shoulder seams are present for enhancing mobility. When it comes to size, here, the product comes with a standard fit design and can fit most of the medium aged and sized men. With the placket, the fitting can be adjusted and hence make it the best shirt for your choice. Of course, you will get it at a fair price.

5. Under Armor Men’s Tech Polo Golf Shirt

Under Armor Men's Tech Polo Golf Shirt

  • By: Under Armour

If you are looking for the best golf shirts men type that comes with cotton material, then this is it. This comes with cotton material and hence is the best for your golfing and any other activity related to the same. Just as you can have a look at the same, you will agree to the fact that the shirt is the best in style and design. The good thing is that you will get it at an affordable cost and hence you should make it one of your choices to make.

When it comes to the other features, the product comes to make you comfortable, dry, and cool at the same time. In addition to that, the shirt is light, and hence you will find it easy to use it for golfing. Therefore, there is no need to waste your time on the market that is full of all sorts, yet you have this excellent golf shirt for men, and you will come to like it due to its design and other quality features. The fact that it comes from cotton as we mentioned before makes the product durable.

4. Jerzees Men’s Jersey Golf Shirts

Jerzees Men's Jersey Golf Shirts

  • By: Jerzees

These shirts are the best not only for the golfers but for everyone who wants something quality, light, and comfortable especially for a workout, exercises, and any other outdoor activity. When it comes to the quality and material construction, you will find it the best and durable as it comes with 50% cotton and 50% polyester. With the stain resistant finish, you will never find it bearing stains of any kind. Therefore, if you need one of the best golf shirts men’s type, then this is the best option to go.

The other core details that make up the product is the spot-shield fabric that repels water and the oil-based spills. The other thing is the welt knit collar that resists curling and hence is the best shirt not only suitable for golfing as we mentioned but also for normal wearing and other outdoor activities. The other feature that we have to mention is the durable cross-stitching, hemmed bottom, and other features that work to enhance its quality. Therefore, you will always find this shirt adorable and of value. That means you need to get it for yourself and for sports activities such as golfing if you are not going to use it elsewhere.

3. Nike Men’s Short Sleeve Golf Shirts

Nike Men's Short Sleeve Golf Shirts

  • By: Nike

This shirt comes with 100% polyester and hence its quality is just exceptional. That means you will find it durable and with other features that make it suitable for sports such as golf. Of course, the product comes with Nike tags, and that is the mark that differentiates it from the rest of the brand’s types. In addition to that, the shirts are available in different colors of your choice. Therefore, you are free to choose the color that you think is the best for your taste and preference.

Of course, the shirts come with standard sizes and with the capacity to fit standard size men. When it comes to comfort, the shirt comes with a moisture wicking feature that is helpful in pulling the precipitation away and leaving you comfortable, cool, and dry. Therefore, if you must enjoy the same value, then you ought to make a choice and get one of this product. The other thing that we should not fail to mention about this shirt is that of the lightweight design and for that matter, you will find the shirt light for your golfing activities and other sports.

2. Amazon Essentials Men’s Golf Shirts

Amazon Essentials Men's Golf Shirts

  • By: Amazon Essentials

Here is another one of the best golf shirts men type from the Amazon essentials, and you should then consider the product if you want the type that will give you the best value for your money. Apart from the value of money, you need a shirt that you can feel comfortable while wearing it and with this, I am sure that you will enjoy it. The material design here is polyester, and that come to last you for a long time.

The product comes with no closure, machine wash ability, and other qualities that make it an excellent golf shirt on the market. The lightweight feature is what makes the shirt enjoyable and you will always find it suitable and the best for golfing among other needs. Of course, there is a great variety of colors for you to choose the best color according to your preferences. Therefore, I can assure you that any of the shirts that you choose here is worth and will always serve your needs. Apart from that, the price is something that you will easily manage without straining on your budget.

1. Under Armor Short-Sleeved Golf Shirts

Under Armor Short-Sleeved Golf Shirts

  • By: Under Armour

This excellent golf shirt comes with 100% polyester material and hence making it one of the top quality choices that you can make if you are looking for the best golf shirts for men. With the quality of its material design, the shirt come to last and hence you will have to enjoy it for the longest span of time. Of course, you will also find this awesome shirt with an affordable price, and that means you can acquire it without feeling the pinch on your finances.

The UA tech fabric is another feature that makes the shirt more comfortable than you could ever imagine. The design is meant to wick sweat away and hence to leave you with the dryness and cooling that you can enjoy while doing your sports. The feature that we have just mentioned makes the shirt to dry fast, and that is what you would want to achieve with your golf type of a shirt. If I am not blind to the color, then I can say the shirt comes with blue color or something close to that. Therefore, if you find it suitable, then do not hesitate to make your purchase.

Golf shirts buying advice

Just like any other product, buying the best golf shirt for men requires the understanding of the product specs and features. Here, you should know what makes up the shirt regarding material and its quality among the other things that you should know. In this case, some of the factors that we have captured as necessary for your consideration include the following:

  • Sleeve and color
  • Placket design and buttons
  • Ease of caring
  • Durability features

Sleeve and color

Are you looking for a long sleeve or a short sleeve shirt? Depending on your preference, you can either go for the short or the long-sleeved shirts, and you have all to choose from the above list. Another thing that you must check is the color so that you can get your taste or the color that will match your needs. With the variety of the golf shirts on this guide, you can choose the one that you think is the best for you.

Placket design and buttons

The placket design and the buttons are the other considerations that you would want to make. Do you want to have a short that comes with a placket and buttons? If that is the case, then you should check the best placket design that suits your needs. Of course, plackets are important and so to the buttons that come with it hence is an important consideration that you can make.

Ease of caring

Caring is mostly washing, and your consideration should be how easy will you find the shirt washable and here lies mostly in the type of material that makes the product. If you want the shirt that you can easily care for, then you should go for the one that allows for machine washing.

Durability features

The other factor worth your consideration is the durability that comes with the shirts, and for that matter, you should check on the type of the material that makes the product so that you can know whether the same material is of quality that lasts or not. Of course, getting a shirt that is durable is an asset that you will need for your golfing and hence is an important consideration that you ought to make. Therefore, you should not underrate this factor as it tells you on the lifespan of the product and hence the value.


Concluding on these golf shirts, I can say that this guide is all that you need for making your choice right. If you were looking for the best golf shirts for men, then I am sure that you have met one option that you admire. What remains of you is to place your order on Amazon through the link that you have just seen alongside that product you have already decided to acquire.

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