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Top 10 Best HairBrushes in 2019 Reviews

The only way to have the best hair care is to have the best hair care tools. The reason behind getting the best hairbrush is to make it happen for you to have your hair smooth, shiny, thick, and to create the wave curls that suit your needs. If it is for the salon, then you can use the same to achieve different results for different customers. To make the best choice, below are the top 10 best hairbrushes in 2019 reviews:

10. Eco Tools Cruelty Tools Hairbrush

 Eco Tools Cruelty Tools Hairbrush

  • By: EcoTools

Here is one of the best hair brushes of the year with high quality with the ability to give your hair the organization they deserve. The product is the best for healthy and beautiful hair, and if you want to achieve that elegance, then you need to consider having this fantastic option. Of course, before you can make any move on this product, you should understand all aspects to do with the design and the quality of its materials. Here, the hairbrushes come with the best and sustainable bamboo handle among other excellent quality features.

On the other features, this product comes with the ability to dry faster than other similar products by 20% and hence making it avoid heat damage. The reduced time that it takes to dry is the best since it is helpful in reducing the electricity use. The bristles is another consideration to make, and for this type, the product comes with cruelty-free synthetic bristles of high quality. Therefore, this is the best hairbrush among the ones that come with high value.

9. Conair Gel Grips Hair Brush

Conair Gel Grips Hair Brush

  • By: Conair

This is an all-purpose hairbrush that comes with the best quality and is affordable for you to make it happen for your hair to receive the elegance that they deserve. The hairbrush is the best for styling and for a blow dry among other things that you will find useful for your hair. In addition to that, the product is the best for all the hair lengths and types. The soft gel grip as the name puts is one of the best features that accompany this hairbrush and hence making it conform to your hand.

When it comes to using this hairbrush, you should know that the purpose is to make your hair smooth and elegant. In this case, the hairbrush gently detangles dry or wet hair and hence as we mentioned, is suitable for all hair types and lengths. When it comes to the bristles, the design for the same is such that it does not pull or snag and hence making this hairbrush the best for its work. If you want to add soft waves and curls to your hair, then this is the right hairbrush that is suitable for the purpose.

8. BIBTIM Round Curling & Straightening Hairbrush

BIBTIM Round Curling & Straightening Hairbrush

  • By: BIBTIM

Here is one of the best hairbrushes that are useful for both curling and straightening. Therefore, if you are a salon owner and you do not have this great and excellent product, then you need to hurry and get one for yourself. When you have it, you have credit for your salon, and hence you should not underrate the power that comes with this excellent hair brush. There is no need of not having the product since the price that comes with it is something that will not strain you financially since it is affordable.

Of course, you should always stay informed that the quality of the hairbrush is directly proportional to the value and health of your hair. Therefore, when checking the market, you should always find the best that guarantees the best results. This type comes with natural boar bristles for burning, grinding, and for touching hence making your hair smooth, thick, shiny, and flexible. After looking at this product, I can recommend it for your hair care or your salon needs, and when you have it, you have the right tool for making your hair shine.

7. Conair Professional 80064Z Hairbrush

Conair Professional 80064Z Hairbrush

  • By: Conair

This is one of the best hairbrushes designed for blow dry purposes and hence you should acquire the same for your salon needs. If you are looking for better results for your customers, then you must test this excellent hairbrush that has gained popularity on the market. The reason behind getting this product is for straightening coarse hair and hence creating waves and adding thickness and adding glitter and shine to your hair. Apart from all the features mentionable, this product is just affordable since its price is something that you cannot feel as compared to the value that you will get from it.

The features that come with this product are just incredible, and here, you will have a hairbrush bearing the best metal barrel that retains heat and hence making the hairbrush efficient and faster. When it comes to the bristles, the product comes with the best ball tipped bristles that will not snag or pull out hence making this product the best for your salon needs. The soft rigged grip that comes with the product is the best for comfortable hold and control purposes. Therefore, this is one of the best hairbrushes for your choice.

6. SUPRENT Velvet Touch Hairbrushes

SUPRENT Velvet Touch Hairbrushes


The purpose of this hairbrush is to straighten and to smoothen the hair and is suitable for both wet and dry hair. Therefore, if you are looking for the best hairbrushes for your salon, then here comes the best choice that you should never hesitate. First, looking at the ratings, that will be enough to tell you how the product is the best for its work and excellent performance. Here, if you want to impress your clients, then this hairbrush is the way to go.

Again, the demand for the product is impressive, and that should also put something in your head. All these translate into the best results that you will get using the hairbrush. The softball bristles that come with this awesome hairbrush makes it possible for you to massage your scalp without any hurt. The product lets you relax and to relieve your fatigue and at the same time to achieve your goal of smoothening and beautifying your hair. The other thing to note is the fact that the hairbrush is suitable for both dry and wet hair as well.

5. Sosoon Boar Bristle Hairbrush

Sosoon Boar Bristle Hairbrush

  • By: Sosoon

Here come another one of the best hairbrushes of the year. This hairbrush will make you enjoy the best hair care, and hence you will need it either for personal use or your salon. The boar bristles are one of the features that come with the product, and that makes it effective for excellent performance and results. Therefore, if you must have the best hair care tools for your salon, then this should be the first. Of course, the product is the best for all hair types and will then make you have the best and smooth hair that you want.

From the scalp to the tail of the hair, this is the best hairbrush since it comes with boar bristles that work to make your hair healthy and shiny. The idea here is that the hairbrush is the best for having the dry hair, for removing excess oil and for improving the hair texture. The other quality feature that makes this hairbrush to rock is the suitability that makes it effective for all hair types. The natural boar bristles are the best for stimulating the scalp without hurting.

4. Denman Cushion Nylon Hairbrush

Denman Cushion Nylon Hairbrush

  • By: Denman

This product comes with high-quality features that make it natural and suitable for its work. Here, the product comes with anti-static features with the smooth nylon pins. Therefore, if you want to have one of the best hairbrushes for your salon or your personal use, then this hairbrush is just that option you need to make. The product is the best for smoothing, polishing, and for shaping the hair. As you can see, the bristles come in 9-rows and hence is effective for all hair types.

When it comes to the features, this brush is something that we need to analyze so that we can know whether it is the best for our hair care needs or not. For that matter, when it comes to the bristles, the nine rows of bristles with the nylon pins and the anti-static rubber pad are the features that you should get to consider. On purpose, this is the best hairbrush for smoothening and for other hair care needs that you will find. The hairbrush is the best and ideal for thicker and long hair.

3. Wet Brush Pro Paddle Hairbrush

Wet Brush Pro Paddle Hairbrush

  • By: Wet Brush

This hairbrush is one of the best that you can use for detangling your hair easily and without feeling the pain. Therefore, if you want the best hairbrush for your salon, then you must get this wonderful type, and I can assure you that your clients will always feel happy and satisfied. The product is the best for both all including men, women, and children. That means it can work on all hair types.

On the hair condition and performance, this is a beautiful product that will suit both wet and dry hair and hence effective for the same. The bristles, in this case, come with high quality and with the capacity to glide through any of the hair types and for combing out tangles effortlessly. When it comes to the condition, the product works best on the extension and the wigs, and hence, you should have it for your salon if you are looking to achieve the same for your customers. With just an affordable price, you will not have a reason to hesitate to make it your favorite option.

2. SUPRENT Nano Thermal Hairbrushes

SUPRENT Nano Thermal Hairbrushes


The first feature that perhaps seems different from the other products that we have mentioned is the NANO-ionic technology. This is the feature that is helpful in reducing the breeze and in adding the shine to your hair. Here, the cuticles are sealed and hence is the best product with the best bristles and effectiveness. The other noticeable feature is the round barrel and the boar bristles that come with the design. All these features work to boost the performance and hence offer the best protection for your hair.

Since we have mentioned some of the iconic features that come with this product, you should note that the same works to better the performance and to enhance hair protection. In this case, if you want to add value to your salon, there is nothing that should bar you from getting this excellent hair brush. The ergonomic design, the heat-resistant nylon yarn, and the best round design brush are all the features that form this product. Therefore, if you want the best value product for enhancing the hair shine among other needs, then this is the best hairbrush to have.

1. Crave Naturals Detangling Hairbrush

Crave Naturals Detangling Hairbrush

  • By: Crave Naturals

This is an original glide-through hairbrush that works to make your hair care easy and natural. With this brush, you can detangle your hair without feeling the pain due to the nature that comes with its bristles among other design features. When it comes to the same nature of the bristles, the firm nature makes them strong and at no point will they lose their shape. Therefore, if you want the best product that is effective in removing the tangles and knots on your hair, then you have to settle for this beautiful hairbrush.

When it comes to performance, effectiveness, and the suitability, this hairbrush is the best, and you can use it for any hair type for both adults and children. The painless soft plastic bristles that come with the design for this great brush is what makes it pain-free for detangling the hair. In addition to that, the hairbrush is the best for both wet and dry hair. One other function that we need to mention here is that the brush is the best for messaging the scalp so that you can grow hair. With all the value, this is the best hairbrush for your salon needs.

Hairbrushes buying advice

Buying the best hairbrush is a matter of understanding the different aspects and product types. Of course, if you are doing it for the first time, then you might need to dwell on analyzing every feature among the products that we have listed since going out of the list is agreeing to confuse yourself with the vast variety that is available on the market. Therefore, some of the things to consider should include the following:

  • Hair condition and type
  • Nature of the bristles
  • Purpose of the hairbrush
  • Cost of the hairbrush

Hair condition and type

Hair condition means either the hair is wet or dry. Therefore, you should consider this aspect so that you can know the suitability of the product in handling the different conditions of hair. When it comes to the types, then you should check to know the effectiveness of the product in handling the different types of hair that include the thick, long, and other hair types.

Nature of the bristles

The nature that comes with the hairbrush bristles is a major consideration that you should. You do not want more fuss or pain, and hence, for you to enjoy or make your customers enjoy the scalp messaging, you should get the hairbrush with high-quality boar bristles. If not the bore, bristles, you should get any other type that comes with the best bristles such as the one with glide-through bristles. Therefore, this is a must feature that is inevitable if you are to experience pain-free detangling of your hair or that of your clients.

Purpose of the hairbrush

The other consideration to make is to identify the best-suited purpose of the brush that you are to choose. You will find different hairbrushes with different functions. Some are the best for detangling while others are the best for smoothening, straightening, and for curling among other hair needs. Therefore, you need to identify the purpose that the brush is best suited so that you can make the right choice with ease.

Cost of the hairbrush

Here comes the budget. Of course, every other product that you find on the market comes with its price and is up to you to go for the one that you can easily afford. However, you do not have to settle for the hairbrush that does not perform to your expectations for the same of the budget. The good thing is that all the products on this list are affordable though with different prices.


Of course, you have full control to make any choice that you want on this list. After getting one of the best hairbrushes herein, you can proceed to Amazon, and from there, you can make your order and wait for the product that you have paid purchased to arrive at your destination of choice.

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