Top 10 Best Heart Rate Monitors in 2019 Reviews

The success of any workout depends on individual’s determination. Keeping a record of your workout progress and maintaining a target heart rate is essential while exercising. The target heart rate helps you determine your fitness level with accuracy because you will be able to avoid over or under training. It is therefore recommended to continuously, monitor the rate of your heartbeats throughout your workouts. Different types of exercises have varying efficiencies in burning those calories. However no matter the method that you are using, it is important to monitor your heart rate to achieve the most out of the workout. Gone are the days when one had to track the achievements of an exercise manually, today we have digitized machines called the Heart rate monitor which help to detect even minor changes in our heart rate with accuracy. They are more advanced and can do more tasks such as smart notifications and inactivity alerts and much more. They are quite some our markets today, but it is always advisable to go for the one that will improve your workout. To enable you to purchase the best, let us view the top ten best heart rate monitor in 2019 reviews.

10. Scosche Rhythm+ Heart Rate Monitor Armband

  • Brand: Scosche

This device is an all new workout machine that helps you manage the heart rate; calories burned, step rate, pace, and other processes with accuracy. It accurately records the intensity level and precision biometrics. It has a user-friendly interface that easily attaches into your forearm and is enabled with a wireless communication with your smartphone device. It is compatible with most health and fitness apps such as Digifit, Map My Fitness, Strava, s health and much more. The device comes with a dual mode processors and multi ANT displays and connects well to your favorite smartphone app.

9. Polar M400 GPS Smart Sports Watch

  • Brand: Polar

This one has been built based on GPS technology and keeps track of distance, altitude and pace of your workouts. It’s the finest fitness tracker because it tracks your workouts; calories burnt and even the quality of your sleep. With this device, you can train in all weather conditions because it is water and dust proof, therefore, you can keep a good record of your training cadence. This smart watch is compatible withH7 heart rate sensor; this ensures that you train at the right intensity to avoid injuries. Most importantly, you can socialize and share your training progress using polar flow app and the web service.

8. Jarv Bluetooth Wireless Heart Rate Monitor and Sensor-Compatible with iPhone Models, iPad and Android OS Phones and Tablets – Black

  • Brand: Jarv

This one probably has the most demand in that it is compatible with Android apps using Bluetooth low energy technology. Made of waterproof material, which is an adjustable soft fabric chest strap. It has an unmatched comfort and yet a secure fit.

7. Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor

  • Brand: Polar

This device gives excellent training program called the STAR training program which provides a personalized, easy to follow program which adapts to your mode of training and rewards you when you achieve them. Style of training has been taken to another level.

6. Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor

  • Brand: Garmin

It boasts a speedy wireless transmission of your heart rate to your smart device for instant feedback. Additionally, it has a soft and a more comfortable fit around your chest aided by a soft elastic strap. Another factor that makes it adorable is that it automatically recognizes your compatible device after the first usage. The adjustable sizing gives you an amazing feeling while wearing it.

5. Acc U Rate® Pro Series CMS 500DL- Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

  • Brand: Acc U Rate

This device is specially made for the sports enthusiasts such as the climbers, skiers, bikers or anyone interested in monitoring Spo2 and pulse rate. Your health is very crucial, and that’s why this device complies with CE and FDA standards and widely used by health professionals. The smart finger system accommodates all sizes and therefore suitable for all ages. The packaging includes the 2 AAA batteries which allow you to use the device anywhere, anytime. It comes with one year warranty and is based on USA technical phone support.

4. Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor

  • Brand: Polar

For those who need to monitor their progress in burning the calories anxiously, this machine is the ultimate prize for you. It includes the H1 chest strap that provides a comfortable fit. Even if it isn’t Bluetooth compatible it has the smart calorie feature and the energy pointer feature which provides accurate data on the calories burned.

3. Polar H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor & Fitness Tracker

  • Brand: Polar

This heart rate monitor is designed to provide live and accurate heart rate and works hand in hand with a compatible smartphone using Bluetooth technology. It is a fitness tracker that is waterproof and is compatible with Android devices. It has eased the training fitness by utilizing the calorie counter capabilities and that advanced gym polar heart rate monitors and ensures gym equipment compatibility. Click here to view it on Amazon

2. Garmin vívofit Fitness Band – Black BundleGarmin vívofit Fitness Band – Black Bundle

  • Brand: Garmin

It comes paired with a chest strap for fitness which is soft and comfortable on your body. It also features a moving bar that displays a red light after spending an hour of an inactive mode; this motivates you do engage in workouts for the sake of your health and fitness. Has a friendly interface where everyone can read and view the time of the day and the workout statistics right from your arm. With it, you will be able to achieve your goals quickly because the machine learns your activity level and it assigns a particular goal every morning. The device also monitors the quality of your sleep when in sleep mode. This machine is best for any particular workout.

1. Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband- Black Large

  • Brand: Fitbit

This heart rate monitor is an excellent device that has premium features to make your workouts efficient and enjoyable. It will track workouts, distance, heart rate, calories burnt, active minutes and even floors climbed. The device can sync and transmit your workout statistics wirelessly and automatically to your computer device. It is also compatible with over 150 leading smartphones. Besides, it has a sleep monitor which monitors the quality of your sleep and wakes you with a silent alarm.

Health and fitness of our bodies are very crucial. Therefore we can no longer overlook the importance having regular workouts which keep our bodies fit. However, accompanying the exercise with heart rate monitors yields more positive results. There are many heart rate monitors on the market today, but not all are fruitful. The above rankings are the best selection you can ever have. They are simply the best heart rate monitors for anyone who values their health and fitness.

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