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Top 10 Best Heat Press Machines in 2019 Reviews

Heat transfer business has gained popularity with time especially due to the increased demand for customized prints. As such, most people are migrating from the traditional ironing-on method to heat press machines. While the old way will save you some bucks, it won’t save you time. Again, it’s not versatile and restricts you to certain tasks only.

Heat press machines come in different sizes. The best thing about them is that they have versatile operations allowing you to make transfers on almost anything that comes your way. They are available in 2 broad categories; clamshell and the swing-away model. Clamshell designs open up vertically and are, therefore, real space savers. On the other hand, the swing away models allow you to rotate the upper platen 3600. These are way faster and produce more items.

Which are the best Heat Press Machines for this year?

10. Zeny Heat Press Pro 6 in 1 Heat Press Machine

  • By: Zeny
  • Product Dimensions: 20.4 x 19.8 x 19.1 inches

Our first contender on this list is this 6-in-1 high-quality press heat machine by Zeny. It’s a thoughtfully constructed device with every detail leading to easy use and versatility. Its design makes it an ideal tool both for the novice and experienced users. Its 12’’ by 15’’ heat element heats evenly. This coupled with its adjustable multi-spring balancer makes it a high performer you can’t regret investing in.

9. PowerPress 6-in-1 Industrial-Quality Digital Swing-Away Heat Press

  • By: PowerPress
  • Product Dimensions: 21 x 21 x 18 inches

It’s amongst the latest models on the market. Just like others from this manufacturer, this Power Press 6-in-1 is already causing a real buzz thanks to its versatility and functionality. It has a swing-away upper platen that allows you to move it to the left or right with much ease. This offers you a full view of the bottom platen and also lets you set your item, for instance, t-shirt with precision. Powerpress 6-in-1 requires 110v and has 280w-1000w operating power. From what other reviewers and users had to say about it, it’s very unlikely that you won’t find it worth every buck.

8. Best Equip Heat Press Machines

  • By: BestEquip
  • Product Dimensions: 17.7 x 16.5 x 15.7 inches

This Best Equip Heat Press Machine is amongst the few best deals which you should have closed by yesterday. It’s an advanced model and superior to the clamshell design. Its 11.5’’ by 9’’ element is large enough to transfer photos and words on cotton, metal, fiber, glass, ceramic and much more. It has a temperature range of 0-250 degrees. Its LCD timer allows you to preset your desired heat. This makes it easy to work of different items including t-shirts, bags, mouse mats, ceramic tiles, etc.

7. Mop Horn Semi-auto Heat Press Machine

  • By: Mophorn
  • Product Dimensions: 28.2 x 21.2 x 20 inches

If you’re looking for a machine that you can use in space-tight areas, this one by Mop Horn is a good bet. Its clamshell design aids in slashing the space required by the swing away machines by half. Even better, it has been designed to keep your arms away from the heated elements for your safety. This particular machine has a heat transfer element measuring 15’’ x15’’. However, do know that this model is available in different sizes. This means that you’ll get one within your budget and space limit.

6. Mophorn Heat Press 6-in-1 Multifunction Heat Press Machine

  • By: Mophorn
  • Product Dimensions: 21 x 20.5 x 19 inches

This is a medium to high end priced machine. It’s amongst the few that are more detailed for superior performance. Its operations are easy to understand and to use. It boasts an adjustable multi-spring balancer that contributes to even heat distribution on the heat elements. Its rigid steel construction makes it a great addition to your operation due to its durability and versatility. Unique from others, Mop Horn 6-in-1 press boasts a 2-in-1 LCD display for accuracy.

5. Share Profit 8-in-1 Heat Press Machine

  • By: ShareProfit
  • Product Dimensions: 20.5 x 19 x 18.5 inches

With all the versatile operations featured in this machine, there’s no way you shouldn’t be having it by now. Its price is a real steal given its applicability. Share Profit Heat Press Machine sports 8 Teflon coated elements for all your hat, mug, plates, latte mug, t-shirts, coaster, mouse pads and many more uses. It’s an intelligently constructed machine with an easy-to-set temperature and heat timer. The audible alarm will alert you once the transfer is done. Its 3600 rotating arm will make your operations faster, easier and on-point.

4. Gecko GK100 T-Shirt Sublimation Heat Transfer

  • By: GECKO
  • Product Dimensions: 25 x 15 x 16 inches

Gecko has designed this heat transfer machine for durability. Its 15’’ by 15’’ heat platen makes it one of the largest machines you’ll find on the market this year. What’s unique about it is the combined temperature and timer LCD display that enhances simplicity and accuracy. Gecko has a 0-435F temperature range and 0-999 seconds adjustable timer. It has a manual lift handle and a pressure knob fitted at the rear. These 2 help in accurate and consistent word and image transfers.

3. Promo Heat Swing-away Heat Transfer Machine

  • By: Promo Heat
  • Product Dimensions: 16 x 15 x 10 inches

Promo is a commercial-grade heat transfer machine with a 12’’ by 10’’ press element. This machine allows you to work on almost any type of flat surface. It has an aluminum lower platen featuring an onboard hi-temp silicone pad. This lower element is slightly elevated to make it easy to place or remove t-shirts. The element also comes with a Teflon coating that prevents scorching the materials. This machine has a swing-away design and comes fully assembled and ready for the task.

2. Promo Heat PRO-3804X Black 15 in. X 15 in. Clamshell

  • By: Promo Heat
  • Product Dimensions: 16 x 15 x 10 inches

If you enjoyed using 3801/02/03 and 3804 models by Promo Heat, then, their 3804X is way better and an advanced model. Its superiority is seen right from the heavy duty power input cord fitted with US-standard power plug. It’s a large clamshell-designed heat press machine with a temperature range of between 0-750F. Its top-mounted control is easy to access and to use. Its parallel arm handle is ergonomically designed and has a soft padding for comfortable use. Again, the arm is parallel and reduces arm-flexes which may cause fatigue and exhaustion with prolonged use.

1. PowerPress Industrial-Quality 15-by-15-Inch

  • By: PowerPress
  • Product Dimensions: 30 x 19 x 17 inches

This industrial quality heat press machine by Fancier is the best-selling unit on Amazon today. Its large heating element is a plus if you need it for commercial purposes. Power Press has a compact size and the clamshell design that make it excellent for use in tight spaces. It has an easy-to-adjust knob that allows you to adjust the pressure exerted and a timer to prevent over exposure.

At the end of the day, what helps you determine the press machine to go for is the type of work you need it for. Your budget and space available also play a big role.

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