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Top 10 Best Hiking Backpacks In 2019 Reviews

Choosing the right backpack for your hiking activity is an essential part. This is because the backpack will go a long way towards ensuring that you are able to carry all the products that you will need while at the same time, the backpack should be able to guarantee safety to these products not just from theft or similar activities but also from environmental surroundings. This is why you need to take a lot of features into consideration while choosing a backpack, and through this article, we will go through the ten best backpacks from which you can choose the one that will fit your needs and requirements sufficiently.

10. 8848 Unisex’s Travel Hiking Backpack by 8848

The 8848 Unisex backpack is a popular bag among people of different sexes. The body is made of a polyester fabric with a nylon webbing which is water resistant. It has a laptop sleeve pocket that is fleece lined and fully padded. The closures of the minor pockets have magnetic straps while the main compartment closure has a Cinch Top.

9. Rush MOAB 6 Backpack by 5.11

The Rush MOAB 6 backpack is made of nylon. It has external and internal organization pockets and a quick stash pocket at the back. It has a Tier system connection hence, can attach to DC Roller and the RUSH packs. It has one handle that makes it easy to quickly grab the bag to wear it. The handle is also adjustable to choose how tight you would want to tie the bag.

8. Osprey Men’s Raptor by Osprey

This is synthetic backpack has been installed with various features to make it light and comfortable for hikers. It has three exterior zipper pockets for carrying different materials. The back panel has a cushion which offers good comfort when walking around while wearing it. The Raptor also has hip belts on the sides which help in keeping the pack stable while walking. The lid-lock clip on the hand enables one to easily secure a helmet.

7. Bago Lightweight Backpack by Bago

The Bago Lightweight backpack is made out of a waterproof material which therefore means that it protects your stuff against any spillage! The backpack has 2-way high-quality zippers that are easily movable to enable easy closure and opening of the backpack. It has a large see through pockets at the front made with a mesh while on the sides there are bottle pockets. It also has a sturdy carrying handle at the top to allow for easy one-hand carrying.

6. Kelty Redwing Backpack by Kelty

This Polyester backpack is designed with a hybrid U-zipper which enables it to work as both a panel loader and top loader, therefore, making it easy for you to access your gear. The backpack has hip belts straps, load lifters, waist buckle, and sternum straps all which help to move the load of the gear you are carrying closer to your gravitational center to help the pack be lighter and easy to carry. The Redwing suspension has been designed to offer comfort throughout the day while carrying the bag.

5. CamelBak ThermoBak 3L Hydration Pack by CamelBak

This is an upgraded and improved version of the CamelBak backpack. It has been redesigned and tested in tough battlegrounds by many troops worldwide and the results have shown that it is up for the task. It has the QL Hydrolock adapter and the Quick Link exiting port. The tube normally clicks off for quick refilling and then the auto shut off helps to close it once done. The shoulder straps usually unclip easily for faster and easy removal of the backpack. The 7mm cell foam also means that the reservoir is fully insulated hence protecting your gear from environmental factors.

4. 20L/30L Most Durable Packable Lightweight Backpack by Outlander

This one of the best backpacks available in the market. It is very light and compact hence very convenient and comfortable. It has multiple compartments to enable its user to be able to organize his or her materials well in the different pockets. There are two side pockets for holding water bottles, two zippered front pockets for holding small accessories and another internal zippered pocket which helps to secure valuables.

3. Camelbak HAWG 100-Ounce/3-Liter Mil Spec Antidote Long 621 Hydration Pack by CamelBak

The hydration capacity of this backpack is up to 3L/100 oz. The backpack is very light for easy carrying and the front panel gussets are fabric in nature while the back side of the shoulder is made of high-quality density nylon.

2. Campleader Ergonomic Internal Frame Pack by Campleader

This backpack is made of a professional fabric that is waterproof protecting your gear from any liquids. The fabrics are also anti-vibration and resistant to high temperatures hence the surrounding environment will not limit you from enjoying your venture. The backpack is also light and compact to enable you go to higher grounds with more ease.

1. Tactical Rush 72 Backpack by 5.11

The tactical rush 72 backpacks is arguably the best backpack in the market at the moment. It has a large exterior shove it pocket, another two exteriors zippered pockets at the sides and an external crescent shaped pocket for organization. The main body has been coated with a water resistant 1050D nylon. It also has an easily accessible non-scratching sunglass pocket at the top. It has a hydration pocket with two closely pull tabs with zips.


Therefore, if you were looking for the right backpack to suit your hiking needs, then the above list should be able to suit you. You can choose any of the above-reviewed backpacks and you can be assured that the bags will give you a very exciting experience during your hike.

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