Top 10 Best Home Security Systems in 2019 Reviews

How often are you away from home? Whether you are usually away from home for half an hour each day or a number of days, several weeks or even a month, you should be in touch with your home security. When you are updated and aware of your home’s security, you will always have a guarantee that your valuables and children are safe. This is one of the surest ways of getting a piece of mind, allowing yourself to concentrate on what you are doing. Luckily, it is now possible to be kept abreast of your home security with a home security system. The system will also get you live updates, on when your children get at home, and in the case of unfortunate incidences such as fire, floods, human intrusion, natural gas or carbon monoxide, you will be alerted immediately and call for help will be made. To help you understand more about home security systems and the available options, below are the top ten best home security systems in 2019 reviews.

10. GE Personal Security Alarm Kit

This is one of the superior home security systems that is easy to install and requires no wiring. It has a door alarm that uses a 4-digit keypad, so you can set a security code for arming and disarming. The security kit has a door alarm and three independent door and windows alarms for added property security. The system is battery powered, so you need to ensure the batteries are fresh, and your security will be enhanced.

9. Amcrest 720P Tribrid HDCVI 4CH 1TB DVR Security Camera System

This Amcrest is designed to enhance your home security while you are within or away. It includes four bulletproof cameras that capture videos of up 1280 x 720 pixels; this makes it very hard for anyone to dismantle the cameras. Even when you are away, you can record or view what is happening in your home using any standard browser, either on your Android, iPhone, iPad, personal computer or MacBook laptops. It has a USB backup feature to give you a piece of mind.

8. iSmartAlarm iSA3 Preferred Package Home Security System

This IsmartAlarm homes security is another system that has unique features. First, this system is Android and iPhone smartphones enabled, making it easy to use and get notifications even when you are away. When you install this system, you will be getting free phone alerts, push notifications, text message alerts and email alerts when there is a need. When you install, you won’t be paying any monthly charges, as there is no contract established after installation. It is open to any future automation features that you can bring on board in you home.

7. Home Security Camera System and Motion Detection By Blink From Immedia

This is a combination of motion detector sensor, cameras, and alarms made to help you beef up security in your home. The system cameras are wireless and are powered by lithium batteries that you buy later. It captures an HD motion detector and when the detector is triggered the system will send you a video clip of the event. It has a live view feature, so you can steam anytime and check the situation on the ground. After buying and installing, you won’t be paying any monthly charges.

6. Fortress Security Store (TM) S02-B Home Security Alarm System

Elevate your security by buying this Fortress Security Store security system. It comes with the main unit that is fully programmable and sensors. It has an auto-dialer that calls up to six phone numbers that are linked to it, and anytime there is a security breach around your home. It has an outdoor alarm that is very loud and motion sensor that identifies any suspicious movement in the home compound.

5. Touch Screen, LCD, Wi-Fi, Mobile App, Home Security System

This system is designed to offer you the highest security surveillance and in the case of a security breach, you get the fastest response and notification capabilities. It has a GSM alarm system, which is anchored on Internet technology. It works well with IP camera, and notifications are delivered to you via GPRS in case there is no Wi-Fi. There is a smartphone application that you will install on your phone, making it easy to manage and monitor the systems. The application is available for both Android and iOS operating systems phones.

4. Fortress Security Store, (TM) S02-A Wireless Home Security

There are enough reasons that explain why this home security system by Fortress Security Stores is a best seller. First, the system comes with programmable main unit and sensors. Additionally, it has a passive motion sensor, which has the capability to trace to any suspicious activity and movement in your home area. There are also door and window contacts that detect any authorized or forceful break in. When there is a security threat, the system will dial up to 6-phone numbers that are linked to the system.

3. Pisector Professional Wireless Home Security Alarm System

Are you looking for the perfect security you can use either at home or in shops? This is our recommendation. In the case of an alarm, the system will automatically call up to 6 phone numbers that are linked to it. You can name each of the sensors with a unique 28 characters code, which will make it easy to identify the specific sensor. The sensors employ a high technology to minimize false alarms. For example, pet movement is not reported. It has a loud alarm to alert even neighbors who can help avert potential intrusion.

2. Canary All-In-One Home Security Device

With this Canary home security system, you will hear and see, what is happening in your home anytime. You will also be able to stream videos in real-time and see what is going on around your home. The system comprises of 1080p high definition camera, wide-angle lens cameras, high-quality audio and night vision. The system also records what is happening at home, and you will also get access to the local security agencies. Through the HomeHealth technology, you shall monitor, temperatures, humidity, and air quality, using the same system

1. Simplisafe2 Wireless, Home Security System

It is rare to find a home security system that has more than 7,000 reviews and still manages to score an excellent rating of 4.3/5 from genuine customers reviews. This is a strong statement that this bestseller homes security system is a cut above the rest. It is a wireless system, which is easy to install and operate. It comprises of preprogrammed sensors that are integrated well. It comes with fair monthly charges, and your home will be under check every second by specialists, and when there is a danger, the alarms will ring, and the police or any relevant government agency will be notified.

There is no good feeling that when you are away from home and you are up to date with the security issues at home. Luckily, with a good home security you can stream live and see what is happening, and get alerts as things happen, either through a call, text or message. Some systems have professionals that monitor the systems on your behalf but at a fee.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this list. With so many options on the market for home security (especially with criminals also developing new ways to get into other people’s stuff), it helps to have a list of better options to work with. I certainly wouldn’t want to risk going in blind and picking a system that doesn’t work very well.

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